dr. kerry washington

To me the measure of a Genius is one who is not only Extremely smart but knows when to listen to other smart people: My thoughts on Scandal..

I love Shonda Rhimes. She has worked hard to get where she is. I believe though that she could even go further up if she took constructive criticism in consideration.

1) Nobody can be right all the time even when what their doing was created by them. So when you have Judy Smith to give you tips on how to improve plots and Dr. Kerry Washington & Actor/Director/Producer Tony Goldwyn (two awesomely Smart Talented people) as friends you can only benefit from listening to the insight they provide

2) Am I the only one who thinks SR never really looks happy when people express their love for the show because they LOVE Olitz (which is more  than ½ the viewers and the most vocal ones LOL). Her demeanor on The View appearance before the finale aired made me wonder what was up. In hindsight, I think she probably decided to mess us the last 5 minutes right there coz Olitz Terry (excuse my messiness) was glowing brighter than thousands of sun (even Sherri who criticized the show prior almost passed out from being touched by  TG LOL.)..Watch the tape again when SR is on the screen. Betsy always seems to be enjoying everything while SR just looks a little uptight instead of glowing in the success of her show..

3) The fact her main actors, those who sent her show into the stratosphere so to speak, are voicing their opinion of what Fitz & Liv have had to do or say at times in Season 2 can only mean that they had talked to her about them and she ignore them on what they think are valid points. Still I am sure the actors know it is her show but if she starts “lying” (I know it is a strong word but that’s kind of what happened) to them such as when she changed the 5 minutes of the finale or when she weakens Fitz at the end of the season after having told TG that Fitz’s behavior in 2x13 (Nobody Likes Babies, the infamous game changer SMH) was not going to last for long, made him regain his balls and then lose those said balls in the finale.. that is so not cool. I remember her tweeting during 2x20 “Watch Fitz be Boss” or something similar, and then she “de-bosses” him real quick like that in 2 epis?? Jesus!!  

4) Still love SR though just wished she would listen more coz people only make constructive criticism when they care about the success of a project and we care because we want her to be even more successful along her awesome cast…..


Kerry Washington at yesterday’s George Washington University Commencement ceremony, If you haven’t seen her speech make sure you watch, it was amazing and really inspiring. 

“It’s an invitation out of your comfort zone and into your strength. Because by definition, being a hero means pushing beyond the bounds of what’s comfortable.”

                                                   -Kerry Washington