dr. kang

2009 car accident

I knew this a really long time ago… but somehow I feel, that I have to tell you this story. maybe because Daesung talked about it? here is what he said recently:

yes, its pretty long, but read it. if you need, go on wiki and read even more.I’ll add just two details about todae, of course.

TOP visited junk yard to take Daesung’s personal things and then he visited Daesung’s house, but didn’t come in. 

authorized persons say that the tallest BIGBANG member have visited junk yard with YG Staff. k-news 

TOP visited Daesung’s family house during his recovery, but TOP couldn’t meet Daesung, because he hesitated to go into the house. 

so, I know, these details are nothing special, but my heart was broken at the same moment when I read it, cause I realized, that TOP saw destroyed car not just in news, and the fact, that here is only 2 new details and I already lost myself in thoughts… I mean no matter how many times vips are talking about what BIGBANG went through — we will never actually understand how hard it was for them to become who they are, even if we know something. 

BIGBANG is my everything forever.


Dr Kim Seokjin

Dr Min Yoongi

Dr Kim Nam Joon

Dr Kim Taehyung

Dr Jeon Jungkook

Dr Choi Minho

Dr Lee Jinki

Dr Lee Taemin

Left: Dr Lee Jung Shin, dr Lee Jonghyun

Right: Dr Kang Minhyuk, dr Jung Yonghwa

Dr Lee Jooheon

Dr Lee Minhyuk 

Dr Lim Changkyun

Dr Shin Hoseok

Dr Son Hyunwoo

Dr Yoo Kihyun

Dr Chae Hyungwon

Dr Wang Jackson

Dr Lee Sungyeol

Dr Byun Baekhyun

Dr Lee Donghae

So many doctors!!! Who is your favourite? 😊