dr. kang


Dr Kim Seokjin

Dr Min Yoongi

Dr Kim Nam Joon

Dr Kim Taehyung

Dr Jeon Jungkook

Dr Choi Minho

Dr Lee Jinki

Dr Lee Taemin

Left: Dr Lee Jung Shin, dr Lee Jonghyun

Right: Dr Kang Minhyuk, dr Jung Yonghwa

Dr Lee Jooheon

Dr Lee Minhyuk 

Dr Lim Changkyun

Dr Shin Hoseok

Dr Son Hyunwoo

Dr Yoo Kihyun

Dr Chae Hyungwon

Dr Wang Jackson

Dr Lee Sungyeol

Dr Byun Baekhyun

Dr Lee Donghae

So many doctors!!! Who is your favourite? 😊


“One thing that I loved about Descendants of the Sun was that the heroine was just as talented as the hero. Usually (but of course not always), the girl fails a lot, is unemployed, or the guy simply breezes through what the girl has been trying to do for a long time. But Dr Kang is talented, ambitious and just as awesome as the lead guy with all his talents. It was a refreshing dynamic to watch :D”

Always // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: can you do jaehyun song based scenario with Disenchanted-MCR??

words: 3330

category: song rec + angst

warnings: attempted suicide + mentions of depression

author note: i couldn’t figure out this song so i looked up a bunch of theories and one was about depression, so i took that and ran with it. I’m a bit hesitant about this, since it’s a very serious topic and i don’t known if i did it justice. feel free to give me any constructive criticism if i didn’t portray depression correctly. please enjoy this anyway.

- destinee

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