dr. kang

The RFA as doctors

Yoosung (Pediatrics)
- He’s always had a way with children.
- He keeps a jar of different flavored jelly beans on his desk.
- The nurses always call him when they’re having trouble calming down a particular child.
- He makes the funniest faces when he’s trying to make his patients laugh. The kids love him for it.
- He has a weakness for babies. Especially their feet. “OMG look at his feets! SO CUUUUTE”
- He once convinced Dr. Choi, Dr. Kang, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Han to dress up as the Avengers with him on Halloween, to cheer up the kids at the Oncology Ward. He hangs a large photo of them during the said event in his clinic.
- He’s currently on his first year of Neonatology fellowship.

Jaehee (Psychiatry)
- Her clients are mostly overworked employees who are under extreme amounts of work-related stress.
- She just recently published a self-help book entitled, “F*ck You, Boss! - How to Cope with Stressful Working Conditions”.
- She also regularly visits the local mental health facility, where she manages one of her long-term patients, a blonde-haired schizophrenic young woman.
- When she’s not seeing patients, she operates a small online baking business. Her chocolate cinnamon rolls are divine.

Seven (Forensic Pathology)
- They call him “Eagle Eye” for his unparalleled ability to spot the most minute details. Nothing ever escapes his scrutiny.
- This also makes him the best in his field.
- He works closely with law enforcement, often handling the most confidential as well as high profile cases.
- He has a habit of pretending he’s in some primetime crime drama.
- He often talks to the dead bodies that he’s examining, which creeps the hell out of the rest of the laboratory staff.

Zen (Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery)
- His good looks serve as advertising for his practice, despite them being all natural. He just rolls with it.
- His incredible patient transformations have been featured in numerous TV spots.
- He’s highly sought after and has pretty much reached celebrity status.
- However, Zen still operates pro bono on patients who have been victims of hate crimes, as well as disfigured veterans.
- The public is so interested in his romantic status and he’s been asked numerous times in interviews if he’s still single.
- He just smiles and jokes that whoever holds his heart must have hands that are more gifted than his.

Jumin (Trauma Surgery and Emergency Medicine)
- He’s the youngest doctor to ever complete both fellowship programs.
- The ER staff affectionately call him “Dr. Robot” because of how calm and precise he is at all times, that and the fact that he never even naps during his 24-hour shifts.
- He owns a sizable amount of shares at the hospital, and his father is the chairman of the hospital board.
- Yet he refuses to take on administrative duties full time, preferring to work at the chaos that is the Emergency and Trauma Department. It makes him feel alive and fulfilled.
- The only time he’s ever showed any emotion while on duty was when a 5-year-old girl died at his table. He’d been too late to save her. It was his first year as a resident then.
- He has pretty much been working miracles since then. Saving even the most hopeless of cases.
- He hates taking credit for it though and brushes off most praise as him only doing his job correctly. But he allows a rare smile whenever a patient thanks him for saving their life.

I wonder if this means we’ll actually get some Secret Wars style superhero action in this issue instead of having to watch the Beyonder pick his butt and be emotionally insecure for 30 straight pages. I’m not getting my hopes up. (Secret Wars II #7 – Jan 1986)