dr. jimmy

After my first album came out, Dre would always say things to me like, ‘You’ve gotta work hard to get it, and you gotta work twice as hard to maintain it.’

-Eminem on Dr Dre

Zeller: Behold! My latest attempt to end this stupid “Who does Will love more: Chilton or Lecter” debate once and for all. I fed all of Will’s letters, memos, and diary entries into a program and generated…

Zeller: *flips cardboard*

Zeller: …A word cloud. This is how we can settle the argument, by finding out who he mentions the most: Chilton or Lecter. The more he’s mentioned a word, the larger it appears.

Katz: It looks like “Lecter” and “Chilton” are both here about the same size…

Prize: …And much larger, “dog.”

Katz: He definitely loves dogs.

Winston: Aww!