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An Incoherent Rant on Jetsy (long overdue)

I’m an irregular watcher of The Mindy Project for various reasons (namely lack of time), but whenever I do catch up, I invariably get more impassioned about minor characters and minor ships rather than big ones, like Mindy and Danny.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy the ballsiness of Mindy and Danny as a tongue-in-cheek When Harry Met Sally couple. It’s a satirical, nuanced, but still heartfelt relationship.

But I think it’s a shame Mindy Kaling is ignoring a major possibility for subverting worn-out TV romance tropes (isn’t that a mouthful!) that’s right under her nose (and with Zoe Jarman’s departure, she will probably keep ignoring it).

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Zoe Jarman and Ed Weeks are so cute!