dr. j.s. steinman


people of rapture: dr. j.s. steinman (partly inspired by x)
“my darling doctor steinman,” said aphrodire. “to create like the gods is to be a god. can only a god fashion a face? you have done it again and again - you have taken what was lumpen and made it exquisite; you have taken the medicore and made it the marvelous. but in every man and woman’s face a secret is hidden. the lost perfection - masked. under the face of a woman whom low, vulgar people regard ‘beautiful’ is another face, the perfect face, the platonic ideal - hidden under the surface beauty. if you can liberate the perfect face from the almost perfect, you become a god. what is more important than beauty? it was i, aphrodite herself, who inspired the poet keats. truth is beauty; beauty is truth! the hidden symmetry underlying the ugly irregularity of surface reality. and there is a paradox: only by passing through the dark gate of chaos. through the shadowy valley of so-called ‘ugliness’, is the quest at last completed and the hidden perfection found!”

Dr. Steinman's Audio Diaries: "Gloating Without Permission"

“A little birdie told me a man actually declared the following to her whilst trying to make romantic advances on her:

‘Dr. Steinman told me he uses my picture to judge facial symmetry’.

…My mind absolutely reels with the sheer amount of fallacies crammed into one sentence. Firstly, I have been for some time trying to eliminate symmetry totally from my practice. I understand given the…nature…of our society’s thought processes, this is going to take some time so the going has been…glacial, to say the least.

Secondly, how dare anyone have the utter gall to elevate themselves as such without my permission?! To drop my good name in such a vile and insulting manner?! I have never once approached any patient of mine with such intentions. Between me and this recording Rapture, although filled with the 'best and brightest’, is also a dump for the plain and the homely! Were I to use anyone for such a purpose I would no sooner turn towards the mirror myself!

It’s going to be a very dark day when I catch the worm who declared such. I’m compelled to offer the lady…monetary compensation…for a name.”