dr. hojo

“Don’t come any closer,” she screamed. Hojo froze where he was between Lucrecia and Vincent in his comatose state.

“Turn around, get out of my lab, never speak to me again,” she raised the gun to her temple, trembling as the cold metal brushed her skin. “Do it or I’ll kill myself.”

Tears poured down her cheeks but her expression was hard and cold as her husband slowly backed away. “He should have died, Lucrecia. He needed to be made into something better. Something useful.”

“Get out,” she brushed the safety with her thumb. If she killed herself he would kill Vincent anyway but she was counting on him to remember why he married her. “He won’t die. This isn’t an experiment. It never was. You took everything from me,” she whispered the final words in a voice thick with vehemence. “You won’t take him.” She turned the barrel of the gun until it aligned perfectly with his heart. “Now get out of my lab.”

RUN lonely wolf(closed with gopinkglasses)


   Why…why did they refuse to just let them go? for 5 years they had been subject to horrible experiments, cloud practically in a coma the whole time. Mako poisoning was hell to deal with, especially when you were the one to take care of the victim. They had long since abandoned the truck they were in, zack having been shot in the thigh and side. He was bleeding, but couldn’t give up. Cloud was precious to him. and he most deffinately was not going to let shinra and Dr. hojo get their slimy hands back on him. He was tired, the loss of blood making his head rush. He couldn’t fail; he WOULDN’T FAIL.

   a sudden wave of nausea swept over zack like a steamroller, causing him to ungracefully fall to the ground, landing on top of a still comatose cloud. 

   “shit…shit…SHIT!” he tried to struggle up but was too weak. It was only a matter of time until the two runaways were caught; caught and killed.