dr. grace holloway

I guess this dude forgot about Susan, Barbara Wright, Vicki, Katarina, Sara Kingdom, Dodo Chaplet, Polly, Victoria Waterfield, Zoe Heriot, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, Peri Brown, Melanie Bush, Dorothy “Ace” McShane, Dr. Grace Holloway, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Astrid Peth, Donna Nobel, Amy Pond, River Song, Clara Oswald, the Master/Missy, Bill Potts, and Hermione Granger in the Prisoner of Azkaban…. but hey, time travel is for “men only”. 🙄🙄🙄

“It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy, the Master, was finally put on trial. They say he listened calmly as his list of evil crimes was read and sentence passed. Then he made his last, and I thought somewhat curious, request. He demanded that I, the Doctor, a rival Time Lord, should take his remains back to our home planet — Gallifrey. It was a request they should never have granted.”

Doctor Who: The Movie.

Dr. Grace Holloway

Doctor Who Review - Dr. Grace Holloway

Okay, so this is my first review of a companion. I feel like the format may change in time, so please take that into consideration if you’re reading this awhile after it was written.

The Great

She was Eight’s first companion. That’s… All the really spectacular stuff I’ve got to say about her.

The Good

Dr. Grace Holloway was a competent Doctor and surgeon. She even understood dimensional transcendentalism… Somehow. Not quite sure why, but hey. She was a worthy person from an intellectual standpoint for the Doctor to travel alongside. She also had a real American accent, which was a distinct plus.

She shot that police’s motorcycle. Boy is she going to get in trouble for that later, but it was still cool.

The Bad

Boy was she shallow. Her live-in boyfriend broke up with her and then, within the confines of an hour or two, she finds a guy that she described as “the right man.” She never even got terribly worked up over it.

She also wasn’t as competent at her job as one would hope. Really, it should have been obvious when she went in that she wasn’t operating on a human and the fact that all the doctors around her, including herself, disregarded the scans as simply not logical enough to exist is kinda… Derpy.

The Ugly

One-liners. Oh dear lord so many one-liners. “I’ve finally found the perfect man and he’s from another planet” is the one that sticks out. Also, the fact that she insisted on listening to opera music while she operated. And the terrible “running in slow-mo out of the opera house” thing is just… Awful. Operating in an opera dress too? Wow.

Also, turning down all of time and space for… What, exactly? She never really gave much of a reason for turning down the Doctor. If she had, I would have respected her and totally listed this as a plus, but as it is it seems sort of… Questionable.