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I’m sorry…wait, no I’m not sorry. Quick, unfinished sketch. I’m going to finish this and color it. I also have a little mini comic that will go with it. XD 

Headcanon: Newt works such erratic and long hours that he tends to eat lots of junk food and fast food, not giving a damn. Hermann seems like the sort to either forget to eat entirely or like someone who is super picky and is disgusted by meat and repulsed by fast food. He probably eats the most boring concoctions imaginable, like salad with no dressing. Anyway, he knows how to get under Newt’s skin. 

But later he shows Newt that actually, he likes it. Nevermind that Newton’s tattoos stretch a little bit.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)
Directed by Steven S. DeKnight. With Adria Arjona, Scott Eastwood, Tian Jing, Charlie Day. Follow-up to Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim'.

lookit that beautiful cast list filling in =D


Also, Burn got an upgrade.  Hermann is now credited as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb instead of just Gottlieb as he was (at least on IMDB) for PR1


They need to update the poster, though. But I imagine that’ll be a while still

List for the Future - Newton Geiszler

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: violence, war, death, angst a lot of angst

Summary: You and Newt had been together for years. When you get recruited on a mission last minute, it changed both of your lives forever.

Word Count:3725

Newt and you were inseparable.

“I swear, I will die of sweetness,” Gottlieb had told the both of you several times.

You rolled your eyes. “What? You want kisses, too, Herman?”

Newt pulled you into his side. “Why are you offering that?”

You shrugged. “Just cause.” You kissed his nose. “Don’t worry, you’re the only one for me.” You pulled him by his tie and planted your lips right on his.

Newt blushed before closing his eyes and kissing you back. He sighed and kissed you again. He pulled you in by the waist and moaned against your lips.

Dr. Gottlieb threw his calculator on his desk. “I’m done with this nonsense!”

You laughed and pulled away from your boyfriend. Newt gazed at you, trying to form words, but it just came out as stutters. He gave up and tried to focus on his work. That tingling on his lips was distracting, though.

You patted Dr. Gottlieb on the back. “Don’t worry. I’m off. Reports are calling me.” You kissed Newt on the cheek and skipped off. Once you exited the lab, you leaned against the closed doors and smiled. Yes, there was a war. Yes, you have witnessed death before. Yes, you weren’t satisfied, but you had Newt. He made up for everything with his goofy smile and genius plans and predictions. And he was yours. And you were his.

It was more than you could ask for.

The room grew hotter, and you covered your cheeks and mouth to hide the blushing and smiling. If it was like this during the war, how would it be after?

You and Newt had talked about it of course.

You had been sitting on Newt’s cot. Newt had been lying down with his head in your lap as the two of you watched the news.

Newt groaned and turned off the tv. “No more of that.” He gazed up at you. “Have I ever told you how much you mean to me?”

You giggled. You leaned down to kiss his nose. “Many times, genius.”

He averted his gaze as a blush dusted his cheeks and fiddled with his tie.

“Have you ever thought of life after the war?” you asked absentmindedly.

Newt stiffened. “Uh…I mean, maybe. I mean I, of course, had thought about it. I would like to have you in my future.” He paused. Then, he shot up to sit next to you. “I mean, if that doesn’t sound creepy or anything. I mean, I know-”

You laughed and brushed his wild locks out of his eyes.

Newt froze. Then, he sighed and placed his hand over yours.

You gave him a short kiss and rested your forehead against his. “I’ve thought about it.” Blood rushed to your face, and you weren’t sure if Newt was looking at you or a strawberry. “I’ve thought about life after the war. WIth you.” You giggled. You didn’t want to say marriage. That scared people off. But, you have thought about it.

Newt beamed. “I would like that, too. Very much. Yeah, very much, and a small wedding or big.” His eyes widened. “Or none at all. I mean, I don’t mind.” He laughed a little. “I actually have a list of what I want in the future.”

You smiled. “Really? I should do that some time. What’s on your list, Newt?”

He took a deep breath and kissed you. “You.” He kissed you again. “As long as I’m with you, I’ll like life after the war.”

You giggled, and Newt leaned in to kiss you again.

You didn’t notice. What if… What if that wasn’t possible? Life after war and Newt’s list of the future. You stared at your thumbs and gulped.

“(Y/n)?” Newt placed his hand on yours.

“Sorry,” you muttered, “I just… what if one of us-”

He pursed his lips stroked stroked cheek.

“(Y/n),” he whispered, “we can’t-”

“No, no, we do need to talk about this,” you insisted.

Newt’s eyes shimmered with tears, and it made you regret what you said. But, you had to talk about this. You had been with Newt for years, and the war had been going on for more than that. Your friends were either away or dead. You couldn’t help but wonder if that could happen to one of you.

Newt stared at his arm and took off one of the many leather bracelets. “A promise that we’ll be together.” He wrapped it around your wrist with shaking hands. When it was finally secure, he smiled.

Even when his smile was small, it still made you feel better. The thoughts of death and war and separation disappeared. You giggled. “I have nothing for you, Newt.” You pursed your lips.

Newt beamed and kissed your forehead. “I have your heart, don’t I?”

You shoved him away with a laugh. “You are too cheesy!” After a pause, you grabbed his tie, pulled him close, and kissed him again. “I love you, my Newton Geiszler.”

“And I,” Newt kissed you, “love you, my (Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

The two of you had remained in that position in comfortable silence. Thoughts had floated around in both of your minds, of marriage, of home, of love.

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n), please, report to the loading dock. Report to the loading dock, (Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

You shook yourself out of your stupor and jogged to the dock. You asked one of the commanding officers where you were supposed to be headed.

Marshall met you in front of a helicopter. “Ms. (Y/l/n), good to see you.”

“What do you need me to do, sir?”

He sighed and said, “This is last minute, but I need a Jaeger pilot.”

Your eyes widened. “I haven’t drifted with anyone for years, sir. WIth all due respect, there must be more experienced pilots.”

“There are not.”

You grit your teeth. What had happened to the other pilots? “Sir, I have no partner to drift with.”

“We’re desperate. They need back-up.”

“I need gear.” You needed to tell Newt. But gear was important, too.

“We have your gear in your new Jaeger.” Marshall almost smiled. “I will inform Dr. Geiszler of your new mission.”

You gulped. “Fine.” You licked your lips. “Wait. Sir?”


You took off your bracelet and handed it to him. “My promise to Newt that I’ll be back.” Then, you stepped into the helicopter. You were handed a tablet that had your new partner’s information as well as the mission at hand. A lieutenant gave you more details. The location. The status. The monster.

“A double Category four?” you gasped. “Two of them? We’ve had one category three and one four, but this.”

The lieutenant shrugged. “Guess that’s why he wanted the best for the job.”

You gulped. You weren’t the best. You were retired, just helping the base whenever you can and trying to keep Newt sane. You hadn’t been in a Jaeger in years. You were being shoved into one of those with a new partner that you should’ve known for months through training. It was…

Sobs rattled your chest.

No, you were coming back. There were two Jaegers on the ground already. Maybe three could stop the double category four. Yes, three could stop a double category four. You had to.

You rubbed your wrist to make sure it was still there. A part of you was missing.

You shook hands with your partner, a girl built for war. Greta told you that her partner was still in a critical health condition. You two talked a bit. She was a child of two war heroes, and she was continuing their legacy. She didn’t like it at first, but she did it because she knew she had to do something.

You shared your story. Your upbringing, your downfalls, and your successes. Being a Jaeger pilot meant no lies. It would be pointless and just caused more pain when the two Jaeger pilots drifted.

Then, you were drifting with her.

After drifting, you checked your nose. Not bleeding. Your head wasn’t too bad. Your stomach wasn’t coming up your throat. So, you were ok.

“Newt’s a nice guy,” your partner commented with a sly smile.

You blushed. “Yeah.” You licked your lips. “Now, time to kick some ass.”

You and your partner fought with all you could. You fumbled a bit, forgetting a few key actions and controls, but your partner must’ve done this before. She stayed calm and instructed you to do things quite easily. The other Jaegers were a lot of help as well. They used simpler words that you have forgotten and explained complicated plans clearly. You really were thankful. They probably saved your life.

Right as one of the category four’s went down, another appeared, seemingly bursting from the ocean in an unneeded splash of waves accompanying it.

Your brain already ached like you had taken all of your subject’s finals in one day. Too many protocols crashed in your head like equations and acronyms.

Sensing your distress, your partner reminded you with a slight frown. “We can’t retreat.”

“I know.” You grunted. “We have to beat them.”

Meanwhile, Newt was searching for you.

“Dr. Geiszler,” a voice boomed.

Your boyfriend froze. He slowly turned around and greeted grandly, “Marhshall, sir! How are you?”

“Doctor, Ms. (Y/l/n) has left for a mission and will be back by tomorrow morning.”

Newt tilted his head. “With all due respect, Marshall, my girlfriend would’ve told me she’s going out of base. She’s just tricking me and playing hide-”

“I requested that Ms. (Y/l/n) return to her position of a pilot temporarily.” Marshall showed him your bracelet. “She told me to show to you as her promise to come back.”

Newt scrutinized the bracelet. He snatched it from the Marshall’s hands and felt it between his fingers. “No.” He heaved. “Wait a minute, you took a retired pilot and forced her to drift with a stranger? Even I think that’s crazy!” He laughed. “And I know crazy.”

The Marshall stayed stoic. “She knew the risks and took the mission.”

“Then why didn’t she tell me?”

“Because the mission was urgent. She had to leave immediately.”

Newt gripped the bracelet. “How many Kaijus were there?”

“Doctor, that information-’”

“I am one of two scientists that helps figure out what the Kaijus are and what they want. What was her mission, Marshall?!”

“There were two category four’s on scene. One had just been defeated, and another category four appeared.”

Newt’s eyes widened. Kaiju biology and fascination was overcome with fear. You were in a Jaeger with a pilot you met that day with a double category four situation. You gave him back his bracelet… Newt’s voice didn’t shake. “I need to talk with her.”


He growled and shouted in the Marshall’s face, “You will not have a Kaiju biologist in this base if I do not speak with my girlfriend!” Newt shivered as the anger was once again replaced by terror. “Sir, please,” he begged.

Marshall nodded. That was all Newt needed to run to the control room. He grabbed the microphone from an unsuspecting soldier. “(Y/n), please, are you there? (Y/n)!”

You heard Newt’s voice through your earpiece. “Newt?” You smiled. “Newt!” You pushed the monster off your armor with a groan. It was getting tiresome.

Newt sighed with relief. “Thank God! (Y/n), I’m going to get your through this, ok? I know those bastards better than-”

A soldier tried to swipe the microphone away.

Newt hissed. “Back off! That’s right, that’s my girlfriend in that Jaeger. Come close and you get-”

“Newt,” you warned. You reached behind your back for the sword, despite the pain that struck your shoulder. “Ready?” you asked your partner.

She winced as she reached behind her back. “Ready.”

The two of you brandished the sword and jumped on the Kaiju. However, the monster swiped the two of you away like flies. You crashed right into the ocean. You felt something crack, like a twig. You screamed.

“(Y/n)!” Newt ran to check your vitals. Both you and your partner were not in good shape. He gulped. “Ok, (Y/n), I need you to not put your weight on your right. Your partner, too. Sorry, what’s your name?”

“Greta,” the two of you responded.

Newt nodded. “Both of you, keep weight off of your right as much as you can.” Newt racked his brain. “Stay in the ocean. The water will take away a bit of your weight. Get the Kaijus to the ocean. Then, fight.” Newt inhaled deeply. “Does anyone have water for crying out loud! I am helping Greta and my girlfriend!”

Even with a broken leg, you laughed. “Newt!”

Right then, the kaiju leapt onto you. You pushed back, but your leg was crumpling under the weight. You reached for the cannon, but it was swatted out of your hands. Your partner swung the sword, but the kaiju decided it was a good meal. “We’re losing weapons!” you shouted.

“Really?” your partner remarked.

You buckled under the kaiju’s weight and fell to the ocean floor.

“(Y/n)!” Newt shouted. “Marshall, don’t they have any other weapons? Rockets? Another secret arm? More cannons? Marshall-”

“They’ve exhausted all of the weapons given,” the Marshall gravely stated.

Newt shook his head. “No, no. (Y/n)!”

“Newt?” you breathed. The suit felt like lead, and you were going down. It felt hard to breathe.

“(Y/n), retreat. Get back to base. Now!”

You pressed your palms against the monster and pushed as hard as you could.

Then, your left side burned. Your eyes widened. “Greta!” You glanced at the woman next to you. She wasn’t moving. “No!” Suddenly, the kaiju felt heavier. You felt like you got shot right in the head. The bad part was you were still alive to feel the burn of the bullet that passed and the hole it left in your brain. With no partner to drift with, the pain you and Greta shared crashed onto you.

Newt looked at your vitals. You were dying. Greta was dead, and the weight was too much for you. “(Y/n), leave the suit now! You’ll have a better chance swimming! Get out!”

You pushed against the kaiju once more. You had a few precious seconds to dismantle the suit that held you to the Jaeger. You unbuckled on thing. You took off one strap.

The kaiju jumped on top of you. Your arm was pinned down, and the other burned. “Newt!” you screamed.

Newt scanned the Jaeger plans and muttered under his breath. There was nothing. No emergency protocols. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. He ran a hand threw his hair, and he desperately tried to pull at its roots. Maybe an idea would pop out and he could save you. “(Y/n), please, you’ve got to try. Please, please.”

You lifted your arm, but the monster banged its head against your arm. Then, it cut the robot right in half.

Everything below your waist went numb. Your legs hung limply from wires. You couldn’t jump or run or even crawl. Water poured into the robot, and it was going towards you. “Newt,” you whispered, “Newt, I love you.”

“No!” Newt shook his head. “No, you are going to get out of this and get back your bracelet and we’re going to live to see the end of this war. We will get married and have kids and pets and visit Hermann and grow old-”

“Newt,” you said softly with a small smile. “I’m sorry. I should’ve-”

You stopped. Then, radio silence turned to static. Newt blinked. He gulped and tried to smile. “(Y/n), come on. You can do this. Come back.” He licked his lips and waited. “(Y/n),” tears dropped from his chin and he quickly wiped his eyes, “come on. I know you’re there.”

Marshall patted Newt’s shoulder. “Doctor-”

Newt slapped his hands off of his shoulder. “Get off of me,” he sneered. “(Y/n)!” he shouted. He looked at your vitals. There was nothing… No heartbeat. No breathing rate. No brain activity. “She disconnected from the Jaeger. That’s why.” Newt nodded and gulped and wound up his tie.

The Marshall opened his mouth.

“No! You do not get to speak. (Y/n)!”

Marshall whispered, “Please, escort Dr. Geiszler to his lab.”

Newt felt arms on his shoulders. He turned back and swatted them away. “Let go of me. I am the only biologist in this base, and I deserve to be here!” When the soldier tried to grab him again, Newt punched him in the chest twice and pushed him away. “Get away from me,” he muttered lowly. He rubbed his bracelet, your bracelet. It was still your bracelet. You were alive. You had to be alive. You had to be-

Two soldiers dragged him out of the room. “No! (Y/n)! Give her back to me! Give her back! I need to tell her! I had plans! I had everything!”

Then, he had nothing.

He had grown tired of screaming and fighting and even experimenting. He sat in the lab while Dr. Hermann Gottlieb tried to work. There was a thick air, full of unsaid things and painful memories. Newt could barely look at the floor, let alone the chair you used to sit in.


“Don’t, Hermann,” Newt spat. “Don’t.” He stared at your bracelet, his bracelet, as tears slid down his cheeks. He sniffed. His chest shook with silent sobs as he continued to stare. The scientist wanted to stop staring at that damn bracelet, but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t bare not to look at it. It was yours. The one thing he had from you. He needed to look at it. He needed to make sure you were real, that the love you two shared was real and…

Newt cracked and fell to the ground with a thump. He held onto to his empty dissection table and wailed. His empty chest kept on shaking, and he held his bracelet, your bracelet, tightly in his fist.

Hermann ran to his side, but he wasn’t sure what to do. He awkwardly reached out his hand, but Newt pushed him away. “Don’t,” he cried.

“Newton, (Y/n)-”

Newt sobbed. “Don’t say her name!”

Hermann pursed his lips. He really didn’t know what to do. The mathematician grabbed a blanket and threw it on Newton. Newt didn’t even bother wrapping it around himself, so Hermann did it for him. Newt shook his head and pushed both the blanket and Hermann off. “Stop it.”

“Newton, you are in bad shape.”

“Why does it matter?” Newt whispered. “I don’t deserve. I don’t deserve anything.”

“Don’t be ridiculous-”

“I couldn’t save her!” Newt yelled with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose. “I have Ph.D.’s a-and experience with some of the most terrifying monsters in the universe. I-I graduated from MIT, and I-I got excellent recommendations, and now it means nothing.” Newt jammed his finger into his chest, as if he was trying to pierce flesh or bones. “I couldn’t save the woman I love.”

“You could save the world, Newton. You’re a-”

“She was my world, Hermann! Don’t you get that!” New shrunk back into himself. “I don’t have anything. Not without her.”

Days, weeks, months passed. Newt had been given what was left of your things. A small box with a few photos of family, of the two of you. You had a few trinkets from travelling during the war. You had one medal for defeating a few kaijus way before you were with Newt. Newt was given another medal. One in honor of your death. He didn’t really look at that one that much.

There was no letter. Newt dug through box for some sort of closure. More than a shaky i-love-you and a broken sentence. Marshall told him that you had written a letter, but many things were lost when you stopped piloting Jaegers.

So, Newt searched for the letter. He kicked out the soldier who moved into your room and searched. There was nothing to find. He found one of his ties in the back of your closet. Newt cried for a long time until he couldn’t find any more tears.

Then, Hermann found something. “Newton, I found something.” He handed Newt a folded up piece of paper. “It was taped to your board in the corner. I thought it was yours, but it had better handwriting.”

Newt stared at it. Tears came and silently fell from his cheeks. He wiped them and unfolded the piece of paper.

It wasn’t a letter.

It was a list. He vaguely remembered telling you that he had a list of what he wanted in the future the day he gave you a bracelet. You wanted to make one, and you did. That list had a few things scratched out and erased. It had doodles of his glasses and his tie. His name was on the list. Newton Geiszler. However, what got him the most was the last thing on the list.

Newt’s smile. You wrote those two words as the last thing on your list. You labelled it as the most important thing on your list, indicated by words, arrows, and different colors.

Newt pressed your list to his chest and cried.

Hermann brought over a chair and led Newt to sit.

Newt doubled over, and, and when he saw his tears fall on your list, he wiped it off the paper and dried his eyes. Then, he did something he hadn’t done since you’ve died. He smiled. He laughed. Out of all things to put on your list, from peace and him and marriage and stability and happiness, you thought that the most important thing was his smile.

Newt held up the list to his eyes and beamed. Well, if he couldn’t give you peace, marriage, stability, your happiness, or even life, he could smile and think of you. It would be hard, but if that’s what you really wanted, he would try his damned hardest to do so.

SOOO MUUUCCCHHH ANGST!!!! I love angst. Writing it! I mean! I hope you all enjoy it!


Sporting a beard, Dr. Newton Geiszler went on The Colbert Show to talk about some of his latest work. It’s been 3 years since The Breach was sealed but PPDC’s work is far from over. Dr. Geiszler has become a meme phenomenon and is best known for his long and sometimes unintentionally humorous personal rants on public talk show appearances. Dr. Geiszler resides in Germany with his partner, Dr. Hermann Gottlieb.

I screen capped a brief introductory segment where Dr. Geiszler went a liiiittle off topic. He certainly is a ham! :P

Closing time

((alright. So I wrote this last night on the prompt that I thought up. Hermann finds a cd of newts old band and like it so here goes forgive me I hardly ever write fanfiction))

That was it. It was over. And just because they were the reason that the whole ‘canceling the apocalypse’ thing actually, you know, WORKED, didn’t mean that Newt and Hermann got any down time. They had to immediately begin lab clean up because the Shatterdome had been decommissioned. 

So Newt and Hermann made there way to the lab and found a shit ton of boxes waiting for them. “Well,” Newt exhaled, “I guess we should… Ya know…” he said swinging his arms wide and gesturing to the entirety of the lab. 
Hermann hesitated before answering. “Quite right. No sense in wasting time. Not that I will need much seeing as I keep everything organized… I cannot say the same for you Newton. You had best get to work.” Hermann huffed and limped his way over to his desk trying and very nearly succeeding in not looking for all the world like someone had just killed his puppy.

About an hour passed in silence. Both men were still a bit bloody and dejected, and working diligently to get packed when Newt, who was carrying a smallish but heavy box, tripped over a wire sending himself, the box, it’s contents, and his glasses flying in various different directions. 

“Shit..” Newt cursed as he scrambled to pick up the spilled contents of the box. 

“Sakes alive, Newton! Do be careful. Are you alright?” Hermann said limping over hurriedly to help him. 
“I’m fine Hermann-”
“Dr. Gottlieb” The other man scowled.
“Dr. Gottlieb, I’m fine. I promise. I ’ve got this. Re- what are you doing.” Newt paused as Hermann picked up an old CD player and examined it. 

“I haven’t seen one of these in years! Does it still work?” Hermann wondered aloud, turning the slim but still uncouth and outdated piece of tech over in his hands curiously looking for the play button. “Ye- probably but, Hermann give me that please I- please Hermann, come on!” Newt all but whined while trying desperately to swipe the artifact from his colleague. 

“Oh, honestly Newton! Quite being such a child! It isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just a silly ol- oh!” Hermann exclaimed as the CD door popped open and the CD inside nearly fell out “Well now. There’s still a disc inside.” Newt’s hands flew in to action attempting to find his glasses “What CD? Led Zepplin? AC-DC? Journey? What.” Newt stalled knowing good and well what was probably in there. 

Hermann clicked the cd back into the player and adjusted his glassed on his nose so he could see what was written on the disc. “It says Black Velvet Rabbits. What an atrocious name." 

Hermann didn’t see the hurt expression that flitted across newt’s face as he slid his glasses back onto his nose, and he didn’t see the determination that set in Newt’s eyes. "Hey that’s a great name for a band thank you very much.” Newt retorted as he snatched the player from the other man and plugged a small speaker into it. “I’ll prove just how good we were, too.” Newt hit the play button, not altogether shocked that the batteries were still good and turned up the volume. The first chords of a biting melody traveled through the speaker and Newt grinned. 

“Wow. Brings back some great memories." 

As the words came from the speakers, Newt began singing along much to Hermann’s apparent displeasure. "Whats'amatter? You don’t like it?” Newt balked.

“ I should think not! The music is every bit as atrocious as the name. Shut that infernal racket off and get back to work, Newton!” Hermann turned around and hobbled quickly back to his desk. 

Newt frowned but left the music on and after he totally doesn't stick his younger out at Dr. Gottlieb’s retreating back, he continues working.

A few songs later, Newt turns to find his colleague cleaning off his white board, and to Newt’s utter shock, sees the man nodding his head to the beat. Newt just smiles and begins to file through papers on his desk. “See you love it.” he said just loud enough to be heard over the music.

Dr. Gottlieb risks a quick glance over his shoulder at Newt before responding. “I have no idea what you are talking about Newton. That you would even insinuate that I find this music appealing is absolutely… ” Hermann trails off a bit and smirks as he finishes his sentence, “preposterous." 

Newt scoffs, still grinning from ear to ear but doesn’t look up from what he’s doing. "if you say so Hermann.” he reply cranking the speakers volume as loud as possible. 

Dr. Gottlieb doesn’t protest and even though he hates when Newt calls him by his first name, he doesn’t correct him. He looks over at the other scientist who is still grinning and thinks that he can let it slide just this once because it isn’t every day you cancel the apocalypse and who knows how much longer they will be together. Just this once, he thinks, he will let his friend, his constant companion of the last 10 years, call him by his first name and if Hermann secretly enjoys it, well, no one has to know about it but him.


((Well there it is. Please message me with typos, grammar issues, characterization help, etc. All criticism and help is welcomed! Thanks for reading!))

it’s kind of a running joke to make fun of hermann for correcting newt’s ‘hermann’ to ‘dr. gottlieb’ in the elevator scene and i know it’s all in good fun but tbh i often think a lot of people really don’t understand why that’s so significant to hermann

like, it’s not the fact that he’s being snooty and just randomly wants to shove his doctorate down people’s throats, is what i’m saying

it’s not an obsession with politeness or manners or the proper form of conduct because he very clearly tells newt “i’ve asked you not to refer to me by my first name in front of others”, meaning he doesn’t mind what newt calls him in the privacy of their own lab, he only wants to be introduced as dr. gottlieb in front of strangers

the thing is, we’re all invested in making a good first impression? most of us dress a certain way, wear our hair a certain way, surround us with certain things and people because we want to portray a very specific image of ourselves that we’ve built up in our heads

of course we do! it’s important to us how other people see us, that’s normal

only, when you’re a visibly disabled person you kinda just don’t get to do that. when i have to use my cane it really doesn’t matter how i dress or what colour my hair is, the first thing people will see is that i’m disabled and they’re gonna immediately categorize me and treat me accordingly (and by accordingly i mean condescendingly and like shit for the most part)

getting taken seriously by anyone when you’re disabled is like running against a rubber band and, quite frankly, if hermann gottlieb wants to cling to what small shreds of dignity and respect that doctorate affords him then i really can’t find it in me to mock him for that