dr. goran


Pairing: Sonja Sullivan/ Dr. Joel Goran

Song: How Does A Moment Last Forever By Celine Dion 

Fandom: Saving Hope

Actors: Erin Karpluk/Daniel Gillies

Guys, I just wanna see Holtzmann bang all the girls.

Including Dr. Goran (Sigourney Weaver) and the Mayors PA (Cecily Strong)

Actually that would be pretty hot. Someone do a fic with Holtz getting it on with the PA.

So I guess I’m just saying let’s not do this ship wars thing. It never ends well and never changes anyone’s ship they feel most affinity with.

It just creates a cycle of negativity.
Just look at the 100 fandoms clexa/bellarke shippers for an example on what you do not want your fandom to turn into.
Actually maybe that’s a bad example cause they’re ALL white, young and slim.

Watching the film I totally got vibes for Holtz with every buster. And if a sequel made any of them canon I would be ecstatic. I just want my gayby to get a girl, regardless of race, dress size or age.

Just give Holtzmann a girlfriend.