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Reverse Falls DipWill Thoughts: dANCE WITH ME

☆~At a party or something like that that the twins have to host because of another one of Grunkle Gleeful’s plots to get money~☆

D: *Standing in a corner, smiling at everyone but secretly wishing to murder someone out of boredom*

W: *Also bored, spots Dipper and walks over to talk, hopefully about something entertaining* “M-Master, are you bored as well?”

☆~Around this moment a typical slow song begins to play~☆

D: *Smiles slightly, glad to hear from someone who’s not a complete idiot* “Ah, Cipher…” *About to try to make conversation when he suddenly senses an approaching hoard of female admirers planning on surrounding him so he can’t escape their pleas to dance for the rest of the evening, quickly grabs the dream demon and hisses into his ear* “Cipher, dance with me!”

W: *Eyes widening and a slow blush spreading across his face, he makes a futile attempt to stammer out a protest* “B-but Master Dipper..! I-I..! I’m j-just..!”

D: *Is having none of it and practically carries the flustered mess onto the dancefloor, simultaneously grinning at the anguished whines he is leaving in his wake and holding his escort back from making a run for it, leaning in to forcefully whisper to Will* “Hush, Cipher, it’s just until the song ends!”

W: *Continues making small fearful noises until well into the song, when he begins to calm down* “Master Dipper, this isn’t dancing, this is hugging in a circle…”

D: *Grins wolfishly* “Would you prefer some more emphasizing moves, ‘Crypher?’”

W: *Quickly looks down at the floor, feeling sorry he spoke up* “N-no thank you!”

D: *Pokes fun* “Are you suuure?”

W: *Vigorously nods*

D: *Instantly goes cold again* “Then keep quiet.”

☆~This ends up happening for every slow song that is played that night~☆

★~Dipper Gleeful: I think we both had a pretty good time.~★