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FGO一周年! by もにのら

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Are you confused after 6x20? You’re not alone.
I think I have solved the entire show. Everything.

In this master theory post, I explain:

- who is Mary Drake?
- was CeCe lying in 6x10? To what extent?
- did CeCe know she is adopted or did she think that was her immediate real family?
- who killed Jessica?
- why was Jessica killed?
- who killed Charlotte?
- why was Charlotte killed?
- who is Bethany Young?
- what is Rollins up to?
- who is Uber A?

This took forever and a day to prepare. I came across so many plot holes when writing this that contradict me, but I worked a way around them ALL. I think this is a very consistent and possibly true theory. 

WARNING: it is VERY, VERY long. But it’s ALL relevant; answer after answer after answer.

Not going to waste anymore of your time. Please, ENJOY!

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