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vigilante!AU Lance Headcanons

So I wrote a superhero/vigilante AU for a Klance fic called Of Lions and House Cats and posted it here on AO3. At the end notes in chapter three, I mentioned that Lance and Spider-Gwen shared a couple of similarities, and 1sakichan2 had asked me to elaborate on those similarities. I just got super excited to the point where I took a break from writing and actual work just to gather my thoughts and explain why I think Gwen Stacy (of Earth-65, namely) and my Lance have some similarities.

I love Spider-Gwen and think that she’s one of the cutest and most badass people in fiction ever. Her character ended up inspiring a lot of Lance’s character in my story, and I’ll go into more below the cut because there will be spoilers for Spider-Gwen.

Warning: There may be spoilers for any readers of the Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen II, Spider-Verse, and Spider-Women Alpha and Omega serialisations. There won’t be any for my story if you’re reading it, so no worries!

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