dr. comics and mr. games


“Thief’s Tale” comics, issues 1-3, are now available in three new locations in the Bay Area! 

The Escapist, 3090 Claremont Ave, Berkeley CA

Dr Comics and Mr Games, 4014 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

Mission Comics, 3520 20th Street, San Francisco, CA

They also still have a few issues left at Blue Moon Comics (1560 4th Street, San Rafael, CA) and as always you can get them on etsy :)

BACK IN STOCK: a host of amazing comics from Vertical Inc! Check out all of these fantastic titles in our highly recommended manga section.

5 Centimeters Per Second
Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha
Drops of God
Flowers of Evil
Lychee Light Club
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Peepo Choo
Tropic of the Sea