dr. charles montgomery

The signs as AHS Murder House characters

Aries: Constance Langdon

Taurus: Vivien Harmon

Gemini: Chad Warwick

Cancer: Nora Montgomery 

Leo: Hayden McClaine

Virgo: Ben Harmon

Libra: Moira O’Hara

Scorpio: Tate Langdon

Sagittarius: Larry Harvey 

Capricorn: Billie Dean Howard

Aquarius: Adelaide “Addie” Langdon

Pisces: Violet Harmon


American Horror Story S01E01 (Pilot), S01E03 (Murder House) and S05E06 (Room 33)

The Murder House of the first season returns in the prologue to Room 33, set in Los Angeles in 1926: Mrs Johnson (Lady GaGa) goes there to ask Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) to have an abortion.

The shot outside the house, the operating room in the basement and the surgical instruments on a tray perfectly mirror what we saw in the prologue to the pilot, set in 1978.

In the first season, the Doctor and his family make their appearance in a flashback in the third episode.

the signs as characters from AHS: Murder House

aries: chad warwick

taurus: larry harvey

gemini: moira o'hara

cancer: hayden mcclaine

leo: constance langdon

virgo: violet harmon

libra: vivien harmon

scorpio: tate langdon

sagittarius: dr. charles montgomery

capricorn: dr. ben harmon

aquarius: addie langdon

pisces: billie dean howard

Signs as AHS: Murderhouse characters

Aries - Tate Langdon
Taurus - Larry Harvey
Gemini - Moria O'Hara (young)
Cancer - Vivienne Harmon
Leo - Dr. Charles Montgomery
Virgo - Nora Montgomery
Libra - Moria O'Hara (old)
Scorpio - Ben Harmon
Sagittarius - Addie
Capricorn - Constence Langdon
Aquarius - Hayden McClaine
Pisces - Violet Harmon


The opening credits for American Horror Story never fail to set the mood. But, is it just me or does the last fetus in the jar (shown after all the pictures and fire) look like it moves momentarily?