dr. chakwas confessions

Fic: Gossips (Mass Effect)

Characters: Kasumi Goto and Karin Chakwas

Summary: Dr. Chakwas has excellent taste in liquor, and Kasumi stocks the best. A friendship is born. From a suggestion by pandasize a couple weeks back. Hints of Shakarian.


Kasumi looked up from her book when the doors to the observation deck whooshed open, and immediately broke into a smile. “Come in and take a load off, Doc,” she called.

Dr. Chakwas surveyed the lounge. “So this is where you’ve taken up residence, Ms. Goto. An excellent choice. You seem to have made yourself at home.”

“No sense in roughing it if I don’t have to,” Kasumi said, glancing at the bookshelf and artwork and other things she’d put out to make the space a little more lived-in. It hadn’t needed much. The lounge was remarkably comfy, really, and the view out the observation window was unbeatable.

“I’ve never served on a ship with a full bar before, I confess,” Dr. Chakwas said, moving toward the bar. “On most ships you can’t do better than an illicit still or two.”

Kasumi grinned. “You sound like one who knows, Doc.”

The older woman snorted. “More like I’ve had to deal with the aftermath. Now this—“ She surveyed the collection of softly glowing bottles and tubes of liquor and let out a soft sigh. “This is more like it.”

“More to your taste?” Kasumi asked, smiling to herself.

“Mmm.” She took a bottle off the shelf and poured herself a small glass before joining Kasumi on the couch. Kasumi recognized the somewhat floral aroma of one of the asari brandies she’d picked up after overhearing a thing or two about the good doctor’s preferences. It was simple courtesy, really. Snooping was by far the easiest way to find out what other people might like.

Dr. Chakwas took a sip and sighed in pleasure, stretching out her legs. “Very nice.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Kasumi said.

“I’m nearly sure that wasn’t there the last time I perused the supply, though.”

“We must have taken more supplies on at our last stop,” Kasumi said vaguely, flipping a page in her book. She wasn’t really reading it, but she didn’t need to; she must have read this one four or five times already.


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