dr. brown bottles


Our little R is almost two weeks old already! Since stealing baby snuggles and staring at his perfect little face is way more fun than Tumblr, this post will be brief.

Little R:

  • Sleeps in 2-4 hour stretches at night
  • Lost his umbilical stump on day 11!
  • Does NOT like to be naked
  • Grasps our fingers
  • Makes little noises in his sleep
  • Is not picky about bottles or diapers. He loves the Dr. Browns bottles and we’ve switched to Target diapers because of quality and cost, and so far have had no issues.
  • Has beautiful, blue-grey eyes
  • Has his daddy’s mouth
  • Likes to pop his arms out of his swaddle and sleep in the Rocky pose
  • Either loves or DESPISES his paci, depending on the day
  • Is on formula. We had difficulty breastfeeding in hospital and the staff didn’t have the time to help us work around the issues, and my very limited milk supply is now totally gone. I’ll be honest, this has been the hardest damn thing for me. We had one good latch at the hospital and 2 OK latches, and those experiences were irreplaceably wonderful, but in the interest of his health, we went the formula route. I went to my OB for reassurance that we were doing the right thing. At the end of the day, his overall health–emotional health included–is my foremost priority.
  • Has had one of 3 hepatitis-B immunizations. Until his 3rd and final shot, we’re avoiding places like restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Is very much loved! ❤❤❤