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Bad RHPS Song Descriptions
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature: idk here's a bunch of random words and film references put together
  • Dammit Janet: I brought my own ring to somebody else's wedding so here you go
  • Over At The Frankenstein Place: This is the only place around for miles and its a castle, which means it must be safe
  • Time Warp: The best time filler in history
  • Sweet Transvestite: WHAT'S UP FUCKERS
  • Sword of Damocles: I have been alive for literally 30 seconds and i already hate it
  • I Can Make You A Man: You gonna be so fuckin hot bro
  • Hot Patootie Bless My Soul: Fuck you and your lame ass party
  • I Can Make You A Man reprise: So now that *that's* over...
  • Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me: Bitches be 3 hours old-- be lookin 23
  • Eddie: My nephew is a dick
  • Rose Tint My World: We're doomed
  • I'm Going Home: Man fuck this planet
  • Super heroes: idk why they called us hero and heroine in the beginning credits because we are far from that
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature reprise: That whole thing reminded me of Macbeth,,

The Reddie Horror Show

Aka. The high school IT au featuring Richie being a musical nerd and dragging all of his classmates with him that nobody asked for.

—In high school, Richie realized that he liked both boys and girls and started these jokes of being a stereotypical gay guy (even though he’s actually bi).

—He used to watch musicals as an ironic liking and had fun making all the losers watch Grease with him and randomly screaming the lyrics of the most iconic musical numbers.

—But then The Rocky Horror Show appeared, and Richie truly loved it. Like, for real. He fell in love with the story, the characters and the songs.

—He got so obsessed that, everytime Eddie got carried away by angriness towards him (or anything), he would start singing “when Eddie said he didn’t like his Teddy you knew that he was no good kid” just to make him angrier.

—Sometimes, the losers club would be waiting for Eddie to get ready outside his house and, when he finally came out, Richie would make his most ridiculous Dr. Scott voice and go “from the day he was born… he was trouble…”.

—Everyone would be sick of all his references (specially when he would act like Frank N Furter or use “hot dog” as an insult) if he wasn’t good. But the thing is that Richie is awesome at singing and acting and everyone is amazed by it.

—So, when one of their teachers asks the classroom to produce a musical as an important study project, of course Richie will suggest Rocky Horror.

—And, like the diva he has been becoming since he found this new passion and started to get all the cool parts at the drama club, everyone agrees that, no matter what the school may think, Rocky Horror is the best option.

—The auditions starts. Bill’s stutter, instead of giving him troubles, makes him the perfect Brad. Beverly originally wants to play Columbia, but she has such a sweet voice that Janet becomes the ideal character for her to portray.

—Mike gets to play Rocky, basically because he is the one in better shape in the whole classroom. And Stan gets the narrator part.

—Our Dr. Frank N Furter is, surprise surprise, the superstar Richie Tozier, who accepts the honour like this is Broadway.

—Eddie and Ben aren’t such good actors and singers, though. Actually, they kinda suck. Ben has troubles learning the dance routines and can’t hit any note, and Eddie thinks this is stupid, anyway. (He’s just so done with Richie making jokes about his name and that character who is called the same).

—So they take the parts of two random extras. They do the Time Warp in the background, sing “that ain’t no crime” like it wasn’t their only line in the whole thing and, even when Ben is upset because he has to watch Bev singing Dammit Janet with another guy, they try to do their best (failing comically).

—The problem starts when weeks go by and Eddie realizes he really appreciates Richie’s efforts. Like, this is no joke for Richie. He actually takes it seriously, practices day and night (even while just hanging out with the losers), works hard to reach those notes and takes all the important creative decissions of the play.

—One day, he gives the classroom a heart-felt discourse about what “Don’t dream it, be it” means and everybody just sits there and listen in an understanding silence.

—Then it hits Eddie. He likes Richie. He respects his passion, he admires his talent, he… he’s kinda in love. He always has been.

—But this revelation doesn’t hits him as much as finding out that it’s the worst moment possible for being in love with Richie.

—Because Richie is now Frank N Furter. The dirty transvestite alien who rocks those heels and flirts with every fucking character.

—A horrified Eddie gets to watch the new found love of his life doing sexual disgusting moves, sitting on other people, running his hands all over Mike’s chest/arms/legs, getting in a fake-bed with Bev and Bill, walking around in ridiculously sexy outfits and practically making out with EVERYONE but him.

—It gets even worse because, artistic or not, he’s still Richie. So he will make jokes on his free time and won’t shut up about how good that random girl’s kiss was or how Mike carrying him bridal style was one of his personal goals. And, of course, that Bev and Bill thing won’t get pass the radar.

—"Like, I know that they’re the cutest couple ever and everything, but, man, it was fucking hot. Of course I’d rather be Rocky if Eddie’s mother was Janet and she’d make me touch her juicy tits while singing Touch-a, touch-a…“

—"Beep beep, Richie”, everyone says, but Eddie says it louder, and that comment about his mother isn’t what bothers him the most.

—Ben is so sad about the Brad and Janet thing that he’s secretly trying to write his own musical about her. Even if it’s not that good and it’ll never get done, he really wants to make it like he was Richard O'Brien himself.

—If he wasn’t so busy trying to create this thing, he would have overheard one of those million of conversations between Bill and Bev, when they talk about how Brad would rather have the narrator and Janet is kinda starting to see Transylvanian #8 (Ben) with love eyes.

—On Eddie’s side, he’s getting so angry about everything that he barely wants to speak to Richie. And he knows he has no right to get angry because Richie’s not actually his man but that’s his man.

—When Richie notices that he’s been avoiding him and comfronts him about it, Eddie plays dumb in a very resentful way and Richie, who is kinda stressed because the play is in two weeks, won’t take it. So they have a argument that makes Eddie confess his feelings and run away.

—After that scene, Eddie doesn’t show at the rehearsals again and teacher gets so mad that she writes him out of the play. (Not that his character had any line, anyway…)

—But the losers are furious. They were supposed to be all together in this. And he even stops hanging out with them. He won’t pick up the phone and always success to avoid them.

—The day of the play, Bill gets to talk to him leaving him with no chance of scape. He asks why is he acting so weird and Eddie finally tells the true. He declared his feelings to Richie and he assumed Richie would reject him.

—Bill makes the biggest facepalm of history. Richie likes him back! Stan told him that Richie told him that he was scared because Eddie was so ashamed of liking him that he had run away inmediatly after confessing and that maybe he was disgusted by all the sweet transvestite thing.

—Eddie feels so stupid. He wants to go and tell Richie that he’s the most cool guy ever and he loves him. But Bill convices him that the best thing he can do is wait after the play.

—And the play starts. Eddie is sitting there in the front row, ready to watch his future man giving the best performance ever.

—Bill and Bev totally kill it as Brad and Janet at the beggining and the middle and the end.

—Stan is the best telling the story and showing everyone how to do the Time Warp. And Ben isn’t that bad either.

—Then our dear Frankie appears. Fabulous is an understatement. He’s absolutely amazing. The heels, the clothes, the walk. His voice does things that Eddie didn’t even knew that it could and he just takes over the stage.

—You really can feel Mike’s Rocky’s torment at the “Sword of Damocles” number and there’s something about Richie with a corset on teaching a Mike in golden underwear how to apply Charles Atlas’ plan that is fucking hilarious.

—Ben’s powerful “that ain’t no crime” and his screams when Frank kills fake Eddie are amazing, and real Eddie can’t help noticing the way Bev lowkey stares at him.

—The bed scenes are annoying, as always, but Eddie just smiles because his crush is such a good actor and he will get the real thing as soon as he solves what he caused.

—Bev and Mike’s Touch-a, touch-a, touch me is closer to funny than to sexy.

—The Janet, Dr. Scott, Janet, Brad, Rocky thing is funnier than ever.

—The floor show starts. Mike, Bill and Bev? Stunning as always.

—RKO tower. Richie up there. Omg. Whatever happened to Fay Wray? Eddie can barely breath. He’s so in love and Richie is so cool and everything is so perfect.

—Don’t dream it, be it. Eddie finally gets the meaning of that. He always had been dreaming about things that he thought he couldn’t have, that he didn’t deserved. Health, real friends, real love. And now he seems to get it. It’s always been there. And while Richie makes out with Mike, Bill and Bev at the same time (wearing women clothes, btw), Eddie starts to cry because, God, amazing. Best feeling in the World.

—I’m going home. At last, Richie looks to the audience and he seems to see Eddie. He’s too focused on his big number, but their eyes meet anyway, for a few, subtle seconds. Eddie wonders if Bill had the chance to tell Richie that the feeling is mutual.

—Frank and Rocky get killed as, with great sound and light effects, the castle flies away into space. The whole room is in complete silence.

—Bill and Bev do an amazing closing number and Stan’s acting as the last character who says something as the light fades away is tears worthy. At least that’s what Eddie hears the next day.

—He doesn’t gets to see it himself because he’s too busy getting behind the stage into the changing room, where Richie is sitting, waiting for his last appearence at the very end.

—Richie looks so surprised that is obvious he didn’t expected Eddie being there. Not with a bouquet of roses for the play star.

—"Eds, what are you doing here?“

—"Don’t call me that, hot dog”, he smiles.

—A second later, they both run into each other arms and share a kiss that’s even better than any make out scene in the play.

—When all the actors get back to stage for a final bow, everyone is surprised to see Dr. Frank N Furter showing up carrying a boy who abandoned the play with one arm and holding a bouquet with his free hand.

—But he doesn’t even care. He just throws kisses all over the place and says thanks and pecks on real life Eddie’s lips again and again.

—People is even more surprised when Janet lets go of Brad hand and reaches back to hold Transylvanian #8 arm and bring him to the front of the stage, kissing his cheek and whispering something about winter fire and things that no one gets to understand completely.

—Brad doesn’t look too shock. He seems more interested in the narrator, who just smiles and waves at him from the opposite side of the stage.

—Everybody lives happily ever after, until, a few years later, at Eddie’s 22th birthday party, Richie sings a weird thing called Dammit Eds and drops the ring more times than what the musical number demands because he’s too nervous. Eddie blushes and begs him to stop and gets super angry, but he says yes anyway.

Because I keep thinking about it…

Rocky Horror Picture Show x Gotham

Dr. Frank n’ Furter: Jervis

Rocky: Barnes

Riff Raff: Zsasz

Columbia: Edward

Magenta: Barbara

Janet: Valerie

Brad: Gordon

Dr. Scott: Hugo

Eddie: Harvey

Edit: Criminologist: Alice