dr. blount

I was reading the other day about a missionary to the Zulus in Africa. When you’re born a Zulu, you are nursed at your mother’s breast and carried on your mother’s back with bare skin against her warm body for two years. You have more physical contact and physical love and affection than most children receive. Each of the children are told they are very beautiful, because they were uniquely created by God. So, Zulus grow up knowing that beauty doesn’t have anything to do with their hair or their clothes or their figures. They are beautiful - period.
In this country, we spend billions on make-up and dieting and gimmicks to look younger. We refuse to believe that wrinkles have a unique beauty. No matter what our age, we need to know we are beautifully made and that the human body is the greatest piece of artwork in the world.
—  Dr. Henry Blount