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Initial Thoughts: Doug Out

I’m rather glad that what I’d predicted for Doug Out came to be. You can tell very early on in the episode that Mr. Maheswaran isn’t used to “exciting” things happening in his job.

At least twice he was caught off guard as strange things happened around him. And it’s a perfectly understandable reaction. Even Steven had to adjust to the things going on around him.

But what he says at the end, about wanting to be taken seriously and wanting to be more than just the goof in Connie’s life really puts his actions into context.

The foreshadowing with the clown nose was especially telling.

But little things before that, such as when he asked Steven and Connie if they wanted to join the stakeout. In hindsight, all of it appeared very planned.

Even his driving up to the two now seems like a deliberate attempt instead of a chance encounter. I mean, he probably wasn’t expecting a job in Beach City, but once he knew he’d be assigned there, he probably started formulating a way to spend time with his daughter.

But I really enjoyed the way his talking about his feelings wasn’t contrived. It felt very organic that he was vocally disappointed that something “cooler” didn’t come up (at the very least a teen using some strong language). And this prompted Connie to ask him what was really wrong.

And I liked how Doug didn’t make a big show out of feeling like he wasn’t cool enough for his daughter. He wasn’t blaming her for whatever feelings he thought she might have for Dr. Maheswaran. He wasn’t asking her to choose him.

I feel the episodes with Connie’s parents always stand in stark contrast to the episodes that focus on the relationships between Steven and the Gems or Steven and Greg, or Greg and the Gems, where often, Steven must act as mediator (Mr. Greg and Keystone Motel come to mind).

It’s a far cry from Fusion Cuisine, when it appeared as though Steven’s family was more together and open than the Maheswarans.

Of course, Greg and the gems are doing a lot of things right. I think it does serve to highlight though how differently these two groups handle the youth.

He was just expressing his feelings. By the way he pushed the marbles around with his feet and looked down, it’s likely something that made him feel uncomfortable.

I liked how he framed the situation as his not having an exciting career, and how he wanted to give Connie the experience of having a cool dad. He didn’t frame it in a way that pushed responsibility on Connie, and he gave her the space to respond in a huge number of ways.

And I really liked how from the beginning, Connie’s response wasn’t contrived either. Even before he finishes speaking, Connie already has an answer. She didn’t have to think up a way of explaining away what her father felt was his inadequacy. She wasn’t going to deny that he wasn’t the same as her mother.

Connie embraces her father for whom he is. And I think in light of his becoming more supportive of the life she’s leading, it’s a lovely way to develop their characters. 

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Could I pleaaaaaase have a paperhat fic of some sort? Do whatever you want, angst, fluff, whatever! Your writing is sooooo good! Thank you!

“Hurry up, lovebirds! I don’t want to miss the sunset!”

Taking a week long vacation to the sea, was both a welcome reprieve, and torturous curse for the members of Black Hat Inc; a reprieve because it was a chance to get away from work and relax, but a curse because suddenly two members became the parents of the group, and had to make sure they kept track of the “children.”

“You two are slooooow!” Dementia shouted from several yards down the footpath leading from their private cottage to the seaside. “When you’re done gazing longingly into each others eyes, you can join me and 5.0.5 on the sand! Come on 5.0.5!” Blackhat turned a shade darker, and started to yell back,

“WE ARE NOT-” When Flugs hand on his arm stopped him.

“Let it go, Blackhat, she’s not gonna stop teasing us just because you get angry with her,” he reasoned.

“That does not mean I enjoy her being so-”

“I know, I know, Jefecito. Be rational though, she does have the right to be upset that we’re walking so slow, and so of course she just took that as an opportunity to jab at you.” Flug let out a short laugh. “You know that SHE knows that you get sensitive when she make fun of you.” Blackhat snorted, and looked away from the doctor. This only served to give Flug the opportunity to link his arm with his boyfriends.

Blackhat sputtered at the open display of affection, and for a moment, tried to shake Flug off, but he soon relented.

“You’re as insufferable as she is,” Blackhat muttered under his breath.

“I love you too, sir.”

By the time the two villains had covered the rest of the distance to the beach, Dementia was already splashing about in the water with 5.0.5. She wasn’t even wearing a swimsuit, just some cargo shorts and a tanktop, but she didn’t seem to care. 5.0.5 was having a grand old time splashing water everywhere like an oversized dog.

“Don’t go out to deep!” Flug called out to the pair.

“Yes MOM!” Dementia called back.

“Call me what you want, but I’m not saving you if you start drowning!” Flug heaved a sigh. Yep, just like parents, Flug through mournfully. Why can’t I just be the kid for once?

“Flug! I can’t get this damned umbrella set up!” Blackhat hollered. And that’s why I need to act like an adult. After helping to set up the umbrella, and laying down a blanket, Blackhat and Flug sat down to watch the sun slowly disappear beyond the horizon.

At some point, Flug leaned into his boyfriend’s side, and a grey arm held him there gently. Dementia wandered over, made some comment about “the goo-goo eyed couple,” and then sprawled out at the end of the blanket on her stomach. 5.0.5 curled up next to her, and she slung her arm around his neck as she ruffled his fur.

Yellow bled into orange, into red, pink, and finally shades of purple. A dark blue, moonless sky filled with stars hung above the crashing waves.

Then a loud whistling sound was heard, and then a boom, and a shower of sparks erupted over the turbulent water. Dementia gasped.

“Fireworks!!” she shrieked joyfully, and leapt up from the blanket to run back down to the water. Flug and Blackhat broke into peals of laughter, as the girl switched directions and took off down the beach towards what she believed was the source of the fireworks. She returned a few minutes later with an armful, obviously stolen, and a face-breaking grin. “I’m gonna set these off!”

Colors filled the night sky with golds, greens, and pinks. Flug snuggled closer to Blackhat as a chilly sea wind began to cool the air. Blackhat, surprisingly, accept the affection, and actually turned to kiss the side of Flugs’s bag over his cheek. This caused Flug’s brain to short circuit as he pressed his hands to his face and made incomprehensible noises of distress.

From far down the sand they couple heard Dementia shout,

“YOU GUYS ARE GROSS!” And then burst into maniacal laughter. Neither cared to listen to her through, as they chose to ignore her in favor of staring at each other with matching sappy grins. When there was a scream of terror, and the words “on fire” Flug dropped his head onto Blackhat’s shoulder with a groan.

“Back to reality, right?” Flug grumbled.

“We still have a few days of vacation left, I’ll make it up to you.” Blackhat stated.

“You’d better, or I’m dumping you.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“You’re right, but it’s tempting.” Another scream. “Yep, gotta go save the kids.”

“I’ll help you.”


Blackhat stood and offered his hand down to Flug.

“Let’s go douse a fire”

“Sounds good to me.”

Anyone order uhhhhhh, fluffy beach fic with a side of poorly drawn art because I can’t shade or do backgrounds? I got you anon *finger guns**  Felt like conjuring up some fluff and establish relationships since I’ve been writing so many fics were they get together. I’m glad you like my writing, y’all flatter me too much ;-; and thank you for the request, my friend!!

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I'm planning a trip to miami what would you say is a must see?

South Beach (Ocean Dr., The actual beach, Lincoln Road mall, Twist, Kill Your Idol), Wynwood (Wynwood Walls, Gramps, Wood Tavern), Little Havana (La Carreta, Ball & Chain, playing Dominos), Bayside (Bayfront Park, Bayside Mall), Key Biscayne (Crandon Park), Coral Gables (scenic drive tbh, Miracle Mile), Brickell (scenic), Vizcaya (scenic) here’s some.

don’t eat cuban food at any of the touristy restaurants. they charge an arm and a leg and it’s not as good. La Carreta is authentic and you gotta try the coffee. Cafecito if you want espresso, Cafe Con Leche if you want a latte.

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I guess anon is talking about parkdatassjiminie. She seems to be troubled about Taemin x jimin (?) moments at MB. TBH taemin is a long time friend of Jimin, they never hide when they talk together. I also saw some fans freaking out about Seulgi x Jimin but I watched these moments and found nothing meaningful I mean did they already forgot ALL the Ji-Kook moments or what? We'll probably never know so let's enjoy our Ji-Kook moments.

To be quite honest with you, I think, as with everything else, all these taemin/jimin things are being totally blown out of proportion again.

People need to chill. But you know what, I get it. I get why some people are panicking. Meeting backstage in private, whispering to each other on stage–it’s all shiet that people expect Jimin and Jungkook to do yet now he’s doing it with Taemin. I get it buttttttt at the same time, after you chill….I wanna reassure you all a bit. 

The rational way to look at it, Jimin and Taemin are close. Taemin is one of Jimin’s closest friends and he has a friendly way of approaching everyone in a similar way so it comes across like that. 

But even I can look at these through shipper goggles–the way Jimin and Taemin talk and interact is completely different from the way Jimin and Jungkook interact. Yes, I’ve only seen those few photos and such, but evidently those photos were enough to make everyone flip shiet and turn tables so…let me work with them too. They’re just talking for god’s sake. They’re not getting into each other’s space, it’s reserved and casual body language, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with catching up with one another backstage to have some good bantz. 

And yeah, I agree with you. Let’s just enjoy all the moments. (especially jikook cuz im biasssed af) It’s like between all this shipping drama no one is paying attention to how jungkook was close af to jimin the whole time and fyi they still attached by the waist at airports. Also, I saw some chin prodding that everyone ignore and I’m like…ummm guys?! SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THEY BEING SO TOUCHY AND AFFECTIONATE ON STAGE THEY NVR DID THIS BEFFORREEEEE

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Good job guys, you fell for the bait. They made you forget. They successfully distracted you from the surge of jikook of the past weeks *clap*clap*clap* well-played (but I’m still here >:D) 


The only part from tonight’s episode I liked. The rest of this episode was rather disappointing, nothing really happens…

From “The Haunted Lair”


111 guys who have ruined my life (in alphabetical order) - Robert Sean Leonard (58/111)