dr. bartlet

tfa west wing au

  • poe dameron is obviously cj: lights up a room but can bring the thunder. charming and flirty and warm. and awkward. we all know oscar isaac lives for the awkward and erotic
  • finn as josh: he plans, he flails, he has an adolescent charm about him, he’s loyal to a fault and he can’t lie to save his life. is extremely worried about losing people, has ptsd
  • rey as toby: believes she must do the right thing come hell or high water, extremely stubborn, likes things done a certain way (her way). cares too damn much
  • leia as bartlet: the sassiest. political powerhouse, commander in chief, slightly kooky. way too combative to be a diplomat, still does it somehow. enjoys messing with her staff, is extremely scary when angry
  • luke as leo: also the sassiest. snappy dresser, veteran, bartlet’s chiller half, mom friend, has the habit of looking at people like he knows what they masturbate to. struggles with a darker side
  • han as dr. bartlet: will the sass ever stop? bartlet’s somehow even less chill half, loves his wife but finds it difficult to accept his new life in her shadow, encourages the staff to make questionable life choices, does illegal stuff but isn’t exactly sorry about it