dr. bale


Combining two of my favourite things - British men and tea! *.* :D

Admittedly, Christian Bale is most likely drinking coffee in the picture! But my list is just incomplete without him :D ;*

mrsrichardarmitage replied to your post: Sorry for the late responses, I had a big test…

omg Becca i have a cold too! ughfeel better soon my sweet <3

Oh no!!!! :( Colds suck!! And I’m not the type of person who can hide the fact I’m sick well.. it ain’t pretty lol. Studied in bed all yesterday, brought a big box of kleenex to my test this morning, and now I’m back in bed for my free weekend :(. Get better soon hon!!

I think it’s time to page Dr. Bale…

(I can never resist an opportunity to use a Dr. Bale gif hehehe)