dr. alon steinberg

That Moment in the Conrad Murray Trial when...

Dr. Steinberg outlined the deviations from standard medical care as:

–The use of the sedative propofol, when it isn’t medically indicated for insomnia

– Administering propofol in someone’s home without the proper equipment, such as an EKG monitor

– Administering propofol without the proper backup personnel in attendance.

–Administering propofol with inadequate preparation in case of emergency.

–Improper care during Jackson’s respiratory arrest. (“When he was trying to resuscitate Mr. Jackson, he didn’t follow proper protocol,” Steinberg testified, adding that performing chest compressions on a patient in respiratory arrest is “inexcusable,” as it’s not necessary in that situation)

–Failure to call 911 in a timely manner. (Noting that Murray first called Jackson’s assistant, Michael Amir Williams, when he first noticed that the singer wasn’t breathing, Steinberg said, “It’s basic knowledge, you don’t have to be a health-care professional – when you see someone down, you have to call 911.”)

–Failure to maintain proper medical records that could have been handed over to emergency-room personnel when Jackson arrived at UCLA Medical Center.

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Flannagan cross examines Dr. Steinberg

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Dr. Steinberg said: “If these deviations would not have happened Michael Jackson would be alive.”

Dr. Steinberg asked Flannagan: “Can we agree to disagree?”

Dr. Steinberg chuckled arrogantly and said: I wouldn’t administer the Propofol in the first place.

Dr. Steinberg threw the defense and Murray’s words back at them: “He said the same dose AND DRIP.”

And I’d just like to add: I WOULD SO LET DR. STEINBERG GET IT!