dr. 11


-Anon request

Dating the 11th Doctor would involve…

  • Falling in love with his eccentricity 
  • Travelling all of time and space in the TARDIS with him
  • Quick kisses on the cheek wherever and whenever
  • Joining him on adventures and fighting evil aliens and monsters and saving the world
  • Becoming close friends with Amy- who loved you from the moment she met you and totally shipped you and the Doctor together from the start
  • Visiting all of your favourite people from history (and possibly going back in time to punch Hitler)
  • Hiding his bowtie
  • Surprisingly incredible sex
  • Becoming close friends with Rory- who always appreciated how you helped bring him back every time he died
  • Going on the most amazing dates to other planets

i hear your confused cries of “BUT WHY” and present you with:

“why not?”