dr. 11

Imagine receiving your very own TARDIS key from the Doctor

“Why are you showing me all this, then?” you asked, still attempting to understand how the enormous expanse of space before you could be compressed into a box so small.

“You followed me, remember? I didn’t invite you.” The bow-tied man leaned one elbow on the console and watched you, with a look you didn’t quite understand.

“Didn’t invite me?! We were under attack by Cybermen! I was about to be disintegrated until you came back for me. Parked your box between us. I ran into this… place.” You gestured around you. “You came back for me. Why?”

He continued to stare at you quizzically. A cloud of doubt came over his face, but was quickly replaced by a small smile of excitement. He lept up. 

“I never know why. I only know… who.” He held up something in front of your eyes. A key? You stared at it and then up at the man, whose gaze was fixed intently upon you. 

His face was lit up with a smile so full of gentleness, so full of kindness, a look so purely full of… hope. Hope that renewed the life in this once hopeless man. For you to be the subject of this hope, this adoration, you felt so incredibly blessed that anyone could have ever given you such a look in your lifetime. It seemed as if it had been decades since he had ever looked at someone in this way. 

He placed the key into your palm. His fingers brushed over yours as he closed them over the key.

“What’s this?” Your eyes flicked up from your hand into his deep green ones. They were searching your soul with a look that melted your heart.

“Me. Giving in.”

Without knowing it, tears welled in your eyes. You were overjoyed, but most of all excited as to this gift you had just been given. You pressed the cool metal to you lips. You gave the man a small smile. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“I do. Remember this. This right now, remember all of it. Because this is the day. This is the day. This is the day everything begins.”

He ran back towards the console, hands hovering over a few switches, fingers itching to enter in coordinates and whisk you away into an extraordinary adventure.

“So,” he grinned, leaning over towards you with all the excitement of a child. “Will you come away with me?”

First imagine! Might do more if I feel like… Most dialogue taken from The Snowmen. Gifs not mine.


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Dating the 11th Doctor would involve…

  • Falling in love with his eccentricity 
  • Travelling all of time and space in the TARDIS with him
  • Quick kisses on the cheek wherever and whenever
  • Joining him on adventures and fighting evil aliens and monsters and saving the world
  • Becoming close friends with Amy- who loved you from the moment she met you and totally shipped you and the Doctor together from the start
  • Visiting all of your favourite people from history (and possibly going back in time to punch Hitler)
  • Hiding his bowtie
  • Surprisingly incredible sex
  • Becoming close friends with Rory- who always appreciated how you helped bring him back every time he died
  • Going on the most amazing dates to other planets