Sunday stuff

• Husband has suspected gout; Dr Google xray images do look like it but he has to wait until Wednesday to get the interpreted results and blood test results. Didn’t expect that, aside from being male he has no other obvious risk factors. He also reacted to the anti-inflammatories and they completely knocked him out.

• Wally has started barking to be let inside as soon as we get home. It’s not a little bark, but he’s getting old, and I think it’s probably some separation anxiety after we were away for the month. Caught between not pandering to bad habits, looking after the old man dog, and not annoying the neighbours.

• Really excited to have lavender growing in my garden. It’s been too long.

• I’m frustrated with myself in so many ways. I make so many excuses but I don’t know how to get past them. Feeling so held back and it’s all my own fault.

• Six weeks until I head back to the US, this time on a solo trip. Some of it’s for a convention, some I’ll be catching up with a friend I haven’t seen for 12 years, some of it I need to fill up for myself. I’ll be away from home for a fortnight - my longest solo trip since before I met the husband. Any tips of things to see and do in New Orleans?

• There’s drama in the bird nerd FB group and it’s hilariously twee. To share locations or not? So controversial!

• Speaking of drama, F was upset because we wouldn’t play with him this afternoon (he got a balloon when we bought plants today), the husband wasn’t up for running around and I was about to cook dinner. He sat down in a huff and proclaimed that, “I feel like my balloon is popped… no, like my HEART has popped!” ☹️