Recap on Dad + gofundme

A full update from my dad’s facebook. He included the link to the gofundme my sister set up last year at the bottom of it.

“Not sure where I am on updates, so here goes. Back in July I went in for what was planned as last chemo treatment for last tumor on my lung. When they came in to give me second dose I was unresponsive, and that’s when they found four tumors in my brain.

“After successful brain surgery to remove two largest tumors, I was set up for radiation (cyberknife) treatment to address two smaller tumors in left front of my brain. I noticed a pulled muscle in my right hip, but just counted it as caused by getting in bed while holding head carefully after brain surgery.

“By the time I went to cyberknife treatment, hip pain worse. Dr. ordered xray that didn’t show anything. So day after Labor Day saw my regular doc, who wanted an MRI. Went to imaging center in Annapolis, and when getting off table felt excruciating pain. Saw radiologist on way out, and he showed me MRI. Cancer had attacked top of right femur and compromised its ability to support me. He gave me screenshot that I emailed to my doctor at Hopkins, who immediately got me a bed that evening.

“After more tests, it was clear I was in danger of an uncontrolled fracture, so after a week, I had my third major surgery in about a year, this time replacing my right hip. After about a week of recovery I was moved to in hospital rehab, to begin process of learning to get in/out of bed, walking, bathing, using restroom, etc.

"I was making good progress and scheduled to be released to home and out patient PT on Monday, Sept. 26. On Friday, Sept. 23 I was taken to get a brain MRI to prep for Dr. appt, and after test my right arm seized up violently, then went limp. I was readmitted to hospital with release up in the air. I was put back on steroids and my arm quickly recovered. Drs think it was swelling in brain that controlled my arm treated by cyberknife and should improve over time. So after everyone signed off, I was sent home yesterday, Tuesday, Sept 27. I can get around in our bedroom in the basement, will begin PT soon, and have started a new chemo drug that hopefully will slow the cancer down and give us a chance to breathe.

"I don’t have the words to express the depth of my gratitude of all the love and support you have poured out on me and my family. Along with concentrating on my immediate recovery, we have a lot of hard decisions to make as we look forward. We ask for wisdom as we apply for disability. We ask for patience as we try to keep tabs on insurance (which has been glitchy as we transition to COBRA). We ask for grace as we apply for financial aid as our sources of income dry up.

"This has been a hard year plus, with no end in sight. But with your support, good thoughts, and prayers, we are moving ahead one day at time. Thanks so much!”


Rotten Rottie Rescue, nonprofit rescue for Rottweilers:

Went to east today to rescue this boy. I named him Gentry and while I was there this little girl asked me to take her too. She isn’t feeling very well and her leg hurts. I’m naming her Gypsy. The boy has a large Tumor inside of his ear. County said that they could remove it for me but they didn’t. You can see it peeking out of his ear in the picture. It looks like black cauliflower. It’s pretty gross, painful and I’m sure he can’t hear out of that ear. Looking at big vet bills between the two of them. Would really appreciate any help you can give. If you would like to donate to Gypsy or Gentry’s medical fund please click on the donate button on this page http://www.rottenrottie.com/donate.html

Thank you!!!


Took Gypsy and Gentry to Dr. Carr today. Xrays of Gypsi’s hips show that one is dislocated. She needs to see a specialist. She is only 5 months old and omg the sweetest little girl you ever would meet! Such a big cuddle bug! Gentry needs surgery to have the tumor in his ear removed, but we knew that. Good news there is it will be a pretty simple procedure.

Please donate if you have the means to help this doggy rescue provide medical care for these precious babies!
You can donate to help on their website. If you do not have the means to donate, please help the cause by sharing this post.

Thank you all so much!