#DailySketch Cat in the Hat

One of my favorite things about being a dad is getting to fall in love with Dr. Seuss all over again as an adult. His books are so clever and beautifully illustrated and I have enjoyed getting to read them over and over since my son was born. I look forward to reading them all again and again with in August when my new son arrives. 

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Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel, celebrates his birthday today on March 2, he would have been 111 years old.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thank you for sharing your worlds with us. I do not know where we would be without you, I do not even like to think about it…


Wow I imitated so many styles xwx it was fun though! It was nice to work with the different proportions and expressions ^w^

Styles, from left to right: 

1. Yoshi’s Island 2. Garfield 3. Pop N’ Music 4. kinglucario‘s style 5. Teen Titans Go! 6. Hanna Barbera 7. dandelion-head‘s style 8. chibibuizel‘s style 9. Old school Disney/Mickey Mouse Cartoons 10. Panty and Stocking 11. Kirby Super Star Ultra 12. buizilla‘s style 13. Mystery Skulls Animated 14. Dr. Seuss 15. Steven Universe