This is some artwork I did for this year’s SPN Reversebang. I had originally planned to do something angsty in charcoal on toned paper featuring Demon!Castiel and Dean. But then the muse said, “Nah, let’s do a Dr. Seuss parody instead.”

To read the story and see the rest of the artwork (including a Seussian crossroads demon), go here: One Road, Two Roads, Strange Roads, Crossroads

Reflection Canyon is one of the unique wonders in the Southwest. Located in a remote section of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Reflection Canyon offers unparalleled views of the Colorado River twisting and winding through colorful sandstone cliffs. After the tough hike to reach Reflection Canyon, photographer Wan Shi was rewarded with this spectacular shot. “This has to be the most colorful and surreal scene I have ever seen in American Southwest.” Photo by Wan Shi (www.sharetheexperience.org).