Stellar Boyfriend

Title: Stellar Boyfriend

Author: Dr. Seuss

Rating: K+

Notes: Just a really fluffy piece, NO TRIGGER WARNINGS, and lots of sci-fi talk. Disclaimer: I don’t own Interstellar nor its characters/settings and don’t take my word about the physics of it all because honestly I’m into pre-med, and I just completely bs’ed that :)

Imagine: The imagine here and a drabble request about the reader and Reid geeking out about the same stuff. Enjoy :)

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#DailySketch Cat in the Hat

One of my favorite things about being a dad is getting to fall in love with Dr. Seuss all over again as an adult. His books are so clever and beautifully illustrated and I have enjoyed getting to read them over and over since my son was born. I look forward to reading them all again and again with in August when my new son arrives. 

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Joshua Tree National Park’s iconic Joshua Trees come in many shapes and sizes. No two are the same. This one is trying to imitate the Milky Way.

Explore Joshua Tree’s unique landscape and photograph the park’s dark skies this Saturday (May 23). An all-night Instameet will give skilled and amateur photographers the chance to capture amazing pics of Joshua Tree’s starry nights. The meetup starts at 8 pm at the park’s Cap Rock. Photo courtesy of Juan Moreno.