Helping Smokers Click for Quit Support

The American Lung Association and Pfizer have teamed up to launch Quitter’s Circle, a mobile app and online community designed to help smokers face common obstacles associated with quitting through educational, social and financial support.

“Quitting smoking is difficult, but it does not have to be an isolating experience. For those trying to quit, the support of others is often a very important component to quitting successfully,” said Dr. Albert Rizzo, Senior Medical Advisor of the American Lung Association. “Quitter’s Circle is designed so users can personalize a plan to quit smoking with a team of supporters and find resources to connect with a healthcare provider, including real-time, mobile access to board certified doctors. Supporters can be invited to join Quit Teams to follow and encourage a loved one along their journey.”

To learn more, download the Quitter’s Circle app - available on Android and Apple smartphones and the Apple Watch, visit QuittersCircle.com, and join us at Facebook.com/QuittersCircle and @QuittersCircle on Twitter.