[ ZE X DR : Phi X Komaeda’s green Jacket  ]

Phi is Love Phi is Live ~~ (Too many Komaedas in Zero Escape)

( after finished 55% of Zero Escape VLR ….. I only think Zero Escape too many refering DR like a rules of games and else wwww idk why …. wwww blame @kurokku-tokei for game recommendation // runs )

prefernce #61 bedroom problems *

A/N: Yes there is smut 

MICHAEL: Not even through the door and Michael was practically humping you. You could feel his hard on on your lower back as you tried to open your door. “Michael, come on,” you say hoping none of your neighbors caught sight of this. “Holy fuck, you look so hot. I’ve wanted you since this morning,” he confessed as he attached his lips to your neck. You let out a moan as you finally opened the door. He quickly pushed you up against the wall, his foot closing the door. Michael began to unzip his pants when suddenly you decided to tease him. With a giggle, you slipped away. “Where are you going?” He asked as his belt was being undone. “You have to catch me!” You yell making a dash up the stairs. You ran to your shared bedroom and jumped on the bed. Michael soon came in with a smirk. He came over to the bed and pinned you against the bed. “I’m going to fuck you senseless,” he declared. You kneeled in front of his pants and began to unbuckle them. From the moans alone you could tell Michael was aching. With an inference, you assumed his cock was oozing pre-cum. You began to rub the sensitive cock over his boxers. You could feel shaft perfectly causing a playful smile. Michael threw his head back as the moans rolled off his tongue. You gripped his cock, “Shit! Right there!” Michael squeezed his eyes tight as you noticed his boxers dampen a little. After a second he opened his eyes,and you notice his cock soften. “Did you just?” You pondered as you were still eye level. “Um look I just-” Michael tried to explain. You stood up and slowly walked away. Since there would be no sex you decided to go to bed, “No it’s fine, completely fine I mean I understand.” Michael began to pull up his pants while you pulled out pajamas. “Y/n, look I just was really excited, that’s all.” He tried to explain. “Michael, I want to go to bed. We can discuss it in the morning.” However, you woke up to an eager Michael to finish it off right. 

 LUKE: Luke’s hands began to wonder you as you two laid on your bed. You pulled away for a second, causing a needy Luke. Through the dimmed lighting you could see Luke and how he was only in his boxers. Your hand landed on his clad cock, as you began to rubbed it with a firm pressure. You leaned down to Luke’s lips, pressing a sloppy kiss to his lips. He moaned into his the kiss as he began to deepen it. After what seemed like hours, you began to notice how Luke was still not getting hard. You pulled away with a confused look, to look down and saw he was still limp. “Luke?” You asked as he notice what was happening. “Uh maybe you should……….put your mouth on it?” He offered with shrugged shoulders. You pulled the his cock from his confines and pressed a kiss to his tip. You then had your full of him. You laid your tongue flat against his shaft. Luke kept squirming but you still weren’t getting anything. After a few more minutes you pulled away clearly frustrated, “Nothing is working!” You exclaimed as Luke seemed embarrassed. He pulled up his boxers. “Look Y/n, it’s not you. Ummmm…..,” he rambled as he sat up. “Then why? Why can’t you get a boner? Am I not sexy enough? Am I not doing something right?” You kept asking. Luke leaned closer to you, to try and comfort you, “It’s not you at all,” he paused for a moment, clearly very embarrassed, “it’s just I had a wank before I got here. I was worried you might still be on your period and I was really horny so………,” he informed, he wrapped his arms around you. “Oh then, glad it’s not me.” You say. “Never in a million years would it be you,” he stated as he gave you a kiss on the cheek. “How can you still be sweet after you couldn’t get a boner?” You asked with a slight chuckle. “Because I’m a great guy!” He boasted as he gave you a fake smile. 

 CALUM: “Yeah fuck! Don’t fucking stop!” Calum yelled as he pounded into you from behind. He would pull out, only to thrust at a deep and fast pace. You enjoyed having sex with Calum to a point where you couldn’t get enough of him. However, you didn’t enjoy the posting you were in. Calum on the other hand loved it. He loved that he had easy access to your butt. He could massage it or give a firm slap to a cheek. “You feel so good wrapped around me, so warm and tight,” he described as you were impressed. “I’m close!” He shouted. That was when you realize that you were no where close. You knew Calum couldn’t hold out forever so you began to moan. Pretending to enjoy it. You then let out a loud moan and clutch the bed sheets to show that you had come. His thrusts became sloppy and slowed down. Suddenly, Calum took a sharp breath and scrunched up his face. He pulled out and laid next you. Calum wrapped an arm around you, only to pull you into his chest. “Maybe in the morning you won’t fake,” he said as his eyes closed. “I’m just going to take it as you’re tired.” It made you feel a little bad for faking it. “Aw Calum, it wasn’t you at all,” you turned around to face him. “What’s annoying is the fact that you’re suppose to talk to me when it comes to sex. If you don’t like something you should tell me,” he told. “And for that I’m sorry, I really don’t like that position.” You confess as you traced his collar bone tattoo. “See now that you communicated, I now know,” he tighten his grip as his other hand pulled the covers over the two of you. “You sound like Dr. Phi,” you compared, earning a smile a light chuckle from Calum. “He solves problems for the common people,” he reasoned. You laughed and snuggled deeper into his chest, “Don’t worry I’m make you cum for five times in the morning.” He declared, causing you to fall asleep with a smile. 

 ASHTON: Ashton enjoyed bedroom activities very much. He enjoyed every part that it had to offer. Weather it be quick and fast or slow and intimate. However, when he was on tour he became needy and whinny. With you not there, he would texting you all the time on what he would do if he was there with you. ‘”I’m calling you,’ He texted you one night. Of coarse due to timezones you hadn’t seen the text till you woke up to your ringtone. “Ashton what do you want?” You asked in a tried voice as you wiped your eyes. “I want you right now,” he stated with a lustful voice. “Well there is an ocean between us so there’s that,” you reply to him. “Y/n come on, play along,” you could hear how his breaths began to take sharp intakes. Ashton sat on the hotel bed with white bedsheets pulled up to the middle of his chest, as he had his hand wrapped around his harden cock. “Fine then,” you adjusted yourself so you were lying on your back. “So Ash what would you do if you were here with me?” You asked, your voice suddenly showing no tiredness at all. “I would eat that delicious pussy of yours, to no end,” he depicted, as your hand went down your stomach and under your underwear. “Yeah Ashton what else would you do?” You said into the phone as your fingers began rub gentle circles. “I would then fuck you, I would fuck you so good that- What the fuck are you doing?” He yelled causing you to snap out of your daydream. “More like what are you doing? But then again I think I may have already answered that,” you heard Michael say in the distance. “What the fuck man?! You can’t just barge in like that!” Ashton yelled at him. “I needed my phone charger which you stole from me.” Michael explained as he reached for the charger. “Oh and next time please keep a little down since you know there’s other people!” Michael said as he was about to walk out of the room. “Fuck you!” Ashton yelled. “Thanks for the offer but all taken care of!” Michael yelled. You heard a door slam, “So where were we?” He asked. “Goodnight Ashton, I love you.” You ended, wanting to go back to sleep.