Forget all the other Penny Dreadful season 2 stuff for a moment: I wanna know who 

this guy


Is he Ethan’s dad? He’s clearly been clawed by something. Is he Dr Moreau? They said they wanted to do The island of Dr Moreau at some point. Is he the Phantom of the Opera???

Okay, I know he probably isn’t that last one; I just like making fun of the teeny mask in the 2004 film. 

Freaky Fusion Theory

Anyone else hoping and praying that Freaky Fusion is a result of something Dr. Moreau does, linking the entire movie to Jane?

Think about it. Jane would get more screen time, a huge amount of character development, and it’d make SO much sense! The original story is about genetic experimentation and the process of turning animals into humanoids! The idea that he’d experiment on fusing DNA is so easy to swallow!

I hope this to be the case, and not a Frankie experiment gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Frankie, this is NOTHING against her. I just think it’s more conceivable to think it’s Dr. Moreau! And a bit more interesting! If it were something Frankie did, she’d stop it no? I don’t see her doing it intentionally!