Let me introduce you to three of my friends: hallucigenia, opabinia, and wiwaxia. They’re all from the Cambrian explosion, the period of time around 500 million years ago when life was just starting and was still trying to figure out questions like “how should a mouth work?” and “legs?”

Hallucigenia was about an inch long (most life back then was tiny, they were only a few eras removed from being single celled after all) and it had sixteen clawed legs, hard spines coming out of its back, and a wicked tentacle neckbeard. 

Opabinia was between two to three inches long and it had thirty fins along the side of its body, along with five mushroom shaped eyes on top of its head. By far though, its most interesting feature was its strange proboscis. Like a Dr. Moreau style mashup of an elephant and a lobster, the long nose terminated in a large claw that it used to grab prey and bring it to its backward facing mouth.

Finally, this is wiwaxia. This danger-artichoke was a two inch long armored slug-like creature with no head. In fact, its actual body was largely just its one massive foot. 

I find these animals interesting for three main reasons. First, it’s incredibly fascinating to see all of the potential paths that life on earth could have taken. Imagine an ocean filled with elephant lobsters! Second, whenever I feel like my life is going nowhere and all my choices are the wrong ones, I like to think that I’m in in my phase where I’m still developing hallucigenias and wiwaxias, and not yet making awesome things like butterflies or velociraptors. Finally - it serves as a stark reminder that if we ever find alien life, there is a fantastic chance it will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before - it might look more like one of these creatures than a human being. 

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hey Tumblr, settle an argument I’m having with my girlfriend: were the dudes in Dr. Moreau the first furries in literature? She suggests that the Minotaur would be the first furry, but I’d say that that the Minotaur is an ANTHRO, not a furry. If there were somebody in the myths who wanted to bone the Minotaur, THEY would be a furry.

Bestiality doesn’t count. These have to be anthropomorphized animals that are textually seen in a sexual light. Mythical creatures like mermaids and centaurs also don’t count. Those aren’t anthros, they’re their own thing.

Moreau is a reference to the novel The Island of Doctor Moreau written by H. G. Wells, 1896.

In the novel, Dr. Moreau was an eminent physiologist in London who conducted gruesome experiments (on live animals) and ran away after being found out. He fled to an island where he continued his experiments and created human-like hybrid beings from animals.

Marlon Brando

Delphine Cormier and her “Clones”

There are something very interesting in how the character of Delphine Cormier it develops during the entire show. She has two faces, or in the style of Orphan, two clones of herself. One pre Cosima, and other post Cosima. We all know that her character still have a lot of secrets, one important is how she managed to get herself involved with the clones besides of have sex with Leekie. Because, we have to be honest, if she didn’t sleep with him maybe, she would never had the oportunity of meet with Cosima. I don’t know her motives though. Delphine is smart enough to not need the extra help, but she needed it.
To me, her pre Cosima Clone says it all.

Now, we all know that when she is with Cosima, Delphine becomes in the puppy, a dorky, sweet, and lovely but fierce puppy, that is more obvious than nothing

 But who is she without Cosima? The clone of Delphine with Leekie. But worse.

In this image I can see that Delphine believes that Cosima is dead. I mean, her face when she sees Cosima come with the Messenger and Charlotte to the Island of the doctor Moreau, speaks for itself again.

Delphine had not idea that her Cosima was still alive, something that I don’t understand yet, because she is in the island, she should to hear something unless no one talk to her. Her expression of surprise is so painful :(

But then this kiss, and her lovely way to look at her clone is just…

(I can not overcome this last picture yet.)

But my point is that Delphine has two clones of herself. Two faces that are part of her personality, her essence, And one, that to me is the most creepy and dangerous, is the clone without Cosima, that face of herself that is capable of do the most terrible things when she is not with her soulmate. Delphine without Cosima misses her soul,  Delphine Cormier without the  love of Cosima Niehaus can become in a monster.

And that is very… very dangerous….