Forget all the other Penny Dreadful season 2 stuff for a moment: I wanna know who 

this guy


Is he Ethan’s dad? He’s clearly been clawed by something. Is he Dr Moreau? They said they wanted to do The island of Dr Moreau at some point. Is he the Phantom of the Opera???

Okay, I know he probably isn’t that last one; I just like making fun of the teeny mask in the 2004 film. 


Source: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1510/S00438/horrific-genetic-engineering-of-animals-must-stop.htm

Horrific genetic engineering of animals must stop

The Green Party is calling for Agresearch to stop its programme of genetic engineering experiments on animals at its Ruakura facility after a report revealing horrific birth defects and animal suffering was released this morning.

The report ‘GE Animals in New Zealand’ outlines the appalling genetic engineering experimentation on thousands of sheep, cattle and goats in New Zealand, that has resulted in chronically ill animals, deformities, and huge rates of miscarriage and still birth.

“Successive experiments have failed at huge taxpayer and animal welfare cost,” said Green Party GE spokesperson Steffan Browning.

“They raise serious questions about ethics of methods used on these animals. Cows have been implanted with embryos that contain human genetic materials, resulting in terrible deformities, still births and suffering.

Photographs of deformities have been suppressed by AgResearch in case they jeopardise public and commercial investment in genetic modification.

“Transparency around animal welfare is being compromised for genetic engineering.

“The one existing New Zealand GE animal field trial site, at AgResearch’s Ruakura facility, has been given a further $1.2m by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in the 2015 Science Investment Round for more experiments on goats, to produce pharmaceuticals that are already made in factory vats. That programme is a partnership with Auckland University, and Transgenic Proteins NZ Ltd, a company co-owned by Federated Farmers President Dr William Rolleston.

“When I visited the Ruakura GE facility, I found that goat and cow experiments have had huge pregnancy failures (85% in goats), and in one goat herd, there was a dominance of hermaphroditic offspring, which were then hormonally induced to milking at seven months old.

“It’s safe to say most New Zealanders would be horrified to know their taxpayer money is being spent this way.

“The Royal Commission on Genetic Modification (RCGM) in 2000 was clear that animals used for food production should not be used as pharmaceutical factories.

“We believe that animals must not be used in genetic engineering experiments, or suffer in the name of research. We will work to eliminate methods that cause animals to suffer or prevent them from expressing their normal behaviour, such as the work done at Ruakura.

“The development of genetically engineered animals for research with these inherent deformities and susceptibilities must stop.

“AgResearch has important research and development strands, but the GE animal programme, undermines its reputation and that of first class primary production in New Zealand,” said Mr Browning

These images from a story in 2012 out of Thailand could be similar to the kinds of deformities that are currently happening in genetic lab across the globe:
Link: http://esotericworld.tumblr.com/post/23153319993/hemmynet-reports-this-dead-alien-like-being

Freaky Fusion Theory

Anyone else hoping and praying that Freaky Fusion is a result of something Dr. Moreau does, linking the entire movie to Jane?

Think about it. Jane would get more screen time, a huge amount of character development, and it’d make SO much sense! The original story is about genetic experimentation and the process of turning animals into humanoids! The idea that he’d experiment on fusing DNA is so easy to swallow!

I hope this to be the case, and not a Frankie experiment gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Frankie, this is NOTHING against her. I just think it’s more conceivable to think it’s Dr. Moreau! And a bit more interesting! If it were something Frankie did, she’d stop it no? I don’t see her doing it intentionally!

Avea managed to convince her parents to let her spend a week with Jane and Andy on the island, so long as she checked in regularly. James remembers how Aerial is, so he decides to send her a snapchat on Avea’s iCoffin the day they go hang out on a beach. Whether Momma Trotter was amused or not by the caption has yet to be seen.

idk why but i’m having major Moreau-Boolittle/Jungle Sisters feels suddenly

also illustrating selfie is great fun lol 

it’s also hysterical to me that mr “i don’t want kids because iw ould be a horrible parent” / “breeding naturally is messy and outdated, artificial evolution is the way to go” is the one that’s hanging out with the teenagers and taking selfies to annoy his former intern

what the doctors do while Jane’s at school for the year

John *sitting there doing scientificy stuffs in the lab*

James *casually slips a boom box into the room, presses play, The Badtouch by Bloodhound Gang starts playing*

John *looks up*: ???

James *saunters on in and proceeds to lip sync the song and does some sort of strip tease dance, even though he like doesn’t wear a shirt half the time anyways. it ends with him straddling John’s lap*

John *takes a 5 second pause*

John *perfectly straight faced*: you do realize that i’m technically a spectral sapien, thus not classified as a mammal.

*they both start cracking up*

Jane’s dads are still dorks even after like 2-3 centuries, seriously XD