[You know you wanted some Kitty!Twelve! This is about two sessions of speed writing. Also, thank you Unwillingadventurer for explaining British school to me!]

“Clara!” came a familiar shout from the other side of the classroom door. The shout was accompanied by what sounded like frantic scratching.

She sighed. Addicted as she was to the thrill of time travel, she still had a job to worry about. “Doctor, it’s Wednesday. I’m about to start a lesson!” Clara yanked open the door. “Whatever it is, it can wait until after school.”

All she saw was empty hallway. But she could’ve sworn-

“No, it can’t!” came a voice from the floor. Clara looked down just in time to see a grey streak dart through her legs, across the room, and under her desk.


There was a long, furry tail hanging out of the bottom desk drawer she’d been rummaging through. She crouched down and pulled it all the way open. “Why are you a cat?” Good lord, somehow he still managed to have prominent eyebrows.

“Don’t let them in!”


Behind her, four year 7 girls entered the room, giggling loudly. “Miss, have you seen a cat run through here?” asked one.

“Ooo, there he is!” squealed another.

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