Season 1, Episode 1: '24 Hours' Sep. 19, 1994
  • John Carter: [sighs] I thought I was gonna be sick.
  • [pause]
  • John Carter: I'm sorry.
  • Dr. Mark Greene: Don't ever say you're sorry. See, there's two kinds of doctors... there's the kind that gets rid of their feelings, and the kind that keeps them. If you're gonna keep your feelings, you're gonna get sick from time to time - that's just how it works.
  • [pause]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: Keep your head down.
  • [pause]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: [squats down beside Carter] People come in here and they're sick and dying and bleeding, and they need our help. Helping them is more important than how we feel.
  • John Carter: [nods]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: But it's still a pain the ass sometimes.
  • John Carter: [laughs]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: Sometimes, I just want to quit and do somethin' else.
  • [looks at Carter and smiles]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: Yeah.
  • [pause]
  • Dr. Mark Greene: Why don't you take a few more minutes?
  • John Carter: [nods]
  • [whispers]
  • John Carter: Okay.
  • Dr. Mark Greene: By the way, I was in medical school with Benton... and he used to get sick *all the time*, so... don't let him give ya any crap. You're gonna be fine.
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I have no idea why after re-reading the end of The Dove Keeper that it reminded me of Dr. Carter’s last day at the hospital in the NBC show “ER” I grew up watching that show, from beginning to fucking end.

And I still miss it. 

Yeah, no idea why the Dove Keeper reminded me of this scene… but it did. 

and motherfucker I’m crying again…

I’m really sensitive tonight… 

30 Days of ER-Day Three:Favourite male character from the 1st 7 seasons

There cannot be any question in this for me. I love Mark Greene and Doug Ross too, but for me it absolutelyhasto be the wonderful John Carter.

When I first started watching ER it was with my parents and they were already on to series 8 or something like that… by which time Carter was the guy that many of the younger doctors looked up to. I have a feeling that even then I was in love with him, but then my mum bought the box set of all 15 seasons and watching from the beginning was what really made him amazing for me.

It’s very much like we grow up with Carter. The pilot is his first day and this is the same for us. He is the only character who you really get to see progress all the way through the entire 15 seasons. Some of my favourite and most hard-hitting episodes are of him in Africa and of course we can never forget Be Still My Heart/All in the Family. I know I’ve babbled on a bit about things in later seasons, but I think that it is so fitting that the last episode is centred very much around Carter. If he was a real man, I would want to marry him. Trying to work out if it would be acceptable to have him as my favourite male from the last 8 seasons…