Im rewatching season five to analyze Owen’s PTSD and see how well Shonda represents it. I have post-traumatic stress disorder myself, and Owen has really helped me understand my trauma and gives me hope for myself. I love him so much. I forgot about one of the first major trauma/panic attacks he has in episode fourteen. He was walking to Cristina, all in slow mo and smiling, then he sees his ex fiancé out of the corner of his eye. His face twists, and he darts away. He bursts into an on-call room, aggravated and trembling, where Cristina follows him. “What is the matter with–” Cristina begins to smile, confused, until she sees him full on panicking, unraveling like shes never seen him before. “Owen, you’re shaking!” She closes the door and watches him pace the room, where he shoos her away, stammering and begging her to leave him alone. She then decides to wrap him up in a big bear hug to ground him. He resists and pushes away, writhing in terror, but she persists, explaining why she’s hugging him so tightly. Eventually, his terror melts to exhausted tears against Cristina. In a later shot, she’s laying on a bed, reading Ellis’ journal, and Owen is laying across her sleeping. It’s the most touching moment I’ve seen from them yet. His terrified attack, the insisting that “no, she wasn’t supposed to be here, she can’t, Cristina, I was never supposed to see her again”, his empty eyes, his pleading and shaking, and the eventual collapse into someone precious to him, God, that’s identical to the PTSD attacks I have. That whole scene resonated with me so deeply it left an ache in my chest. I love this show and Owen and Kevin McKidd’s wonderful acting. He really has mastered the Dissociated Trauma Stare people with PTSD have. I hope Kevin knows he’s doin great. I love him. More updates to come.

Shoot To Thrill (Mark Sloan)

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a mark sloan x reader where the reader is shot multiple times when the shooting at the hospital is going down, and mark doesn’t know until after and he freaks out and waits for her to wake up after surgery and he’s super sweet and it’s all fluffy? Thanks!

It was stupid. Probably the stupidest thing you’d ever done. You stood in front of Gary Clarke, trying to distract him. The gun wasn’t pointed at you. Yet. In fact, it wasn’t even visible. You stood on the lobby area, talking to him. Out of your peripheral vision, you could see people frantically trying to get away. Mr. Clarke looked you in the eye and you prayed that he couldn’t see the fear in them. 

“Get out of here.” He whispered, lifting the gun. Your breath hitched and you tried to find something else to say. 

“I know-” You weren’t able to finish. The loud bang made your ears ring and pain filled your mind. You were shot in the stomach. You sank to your knees, trying to apply pressure. 

“I’m sorry.” Mr. Clarke announced and shot three more bullets into the lobby area. A nurse was hit. Everyone was running for their lives. Coincidentally, a ricochet bullet hit you again. This time in the thigh. You screamed in pain and finally someone came to help you. Mr. Clarke was gone and an intern was hovering over you. Your breathing was heavy as your hand was replaced with his. 

“Dr. Y/L/N… Dr…. You’re gonna be….” The voices were distorted and you felt yourself slipping until a voice sounded familiar. 

“Y/N. Y/N, it’s Dr. Hunt. Stay with me, okay?” You opened your eyes to see the concerned face of Owen Hunt, your colleague. “Get her to trauma 2.” He announced. You were wheeled into the room and intubated almost immediately. Owen cursed himself as he tried to stop the bleeding.

“The bullet nicked the femoral artery.” Cristina, who appeared breather suddenly, spoke up. Owen nodded, glad he had another set of hands. “Book OR two. She’ll need surgery to repair the artery and I want to check for diaphragm injury with an open peritoneal lavage and laparoscopy to repair the damages to the abdomen and extract the bullet.” Owen stared at Cristina and the two of them hurried to the OR. 


Mark continued covering Alex’s wound with lap pads, waiting for Lexie to come back. She finally did and her face was pale. 

“Dr. Sloan…” She spoke carefully. Truth is she seen Owen and Cristina wheeling you to the OR and she couldn’t help but ask about you. She gave him the blood that she recovered. Alex’s life was still in danger. She’d tell him later. Meanwhile, Owen and Cristina continued the operation until something took a wrong turn. 

“She tachycardic!” The monitor suddenly started beeping erratically and Cristina removed the draping over your chest and ordered the nurse to push one of adenosine. Your heart rate went back to normal and, within 20 minutes, the surgeons were finished. Owen got you to the ICU and tried to find Mark, who was currently looking for you. He successfully healed Alex at least so he wouldn’t die. 

“Sloan!” Owen called and, upon seeing the look on Mark’s face, knew that he didn’t have to say anything. Mark followed Owen to the room where Y/N all while asking thousands of questions. 

“Y/N! Oh my god.” He whispered, suddenly sad. Owen explained the procedures that were done to the plastics surgeon. Mark waited by your bedside, hoping that the anaesthesia would wear off soon. He wanted to hear your beautiful voice. He craved it. But he couldn’t hear it now. So he waited. And waited. And waited. Until finally you started choking on the tube in your throat. Mark quickly went into action and took the intubation tube out. You smiled groggy-like. “Hey, you." 

"Hi.” You blindly grabbed for Mark’s hand and he grasped it tightly. He brought it to his face and kissed it gently. Tears pooled under his eyes as he thought of losing you. “I’m not dead yet, Mark.” You chuckled. He stroked your hair gently and chuckled as well. 

“I was terrified.” He admitted. You nodded. You were too. You tapped his hand.

“Get some sleep.” He kissed you on the lips and lingered for a bit longer than usual. You smiled into it and Mark pulled away. He went to sit back in one of the chairs until you moved over a little more on the bed. You smirked at him. “I wanna cuddle.” Mark chuckled at your statement and climbed into the hospital bed with you. 

“I love you.” He pulled you close, careful not to hurt you. You kissed him again.

“And I love you." 

Soulmates - (2/?)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show. It will have a continuation. Don’t give up on it just yet, it will be a nice story.

* (Y/A) : your age


You opened your eyes and saw yourself standing in a large rock. You didn’t know what was happening. People all around you ran frantically. Rescue squads. Paramedics. Police officers. They yelled things at each other, but you couldn’t understand the words. There was a loud noise on your ears, like a whistle, and it was deafening you.

Suddenly, it all came back. Jeff. The hole on the asphalt. The truck. The whistle stopped.

“We found another one!” Someone shouted, and the paramedics rushed on that direction. It was under the car. Was that… Jeff? You heard a woman’s scream.

When your throats started to ache, you realized you were the one screaming.

Someone grabbed you. You turned around, freaking out, and saw Jeff embracing you. He looked perfectly fine. His white shirt was spotless, his cap didn’t move an inch since before the crash.

“J-Jeff? What the…?”

You looked at yourself. Your green dress was just as tidy. The arm, previously slashed apart by glass, didn’t had a single scratch.

“Something happened, I don’t know what” he tried to explain. His face didn’t look as good as the rest of him. He was pale and seemingly about to throw up. “We’re there… but we’re also here”

Your eyes widened. Your car crashed and some extracorporeal shit started going on? That was bullshit. A sick joke.

“I don’t believe in that crap!” you pushed him away and walked towards the wrecked vehicle. As soon as you looked at the body underneath it, you let out another scream, mortified.

Nobody even looked at you. You stared at them, tears running down your face, and tried to reach them. You shouted, punched them, did everything you could think of. Nothing worked. It was like you weren’t even there.

“Jeff” you cried. “What happened to us? That… thing… under the car. I don’t even know which one of us it is. It’s totally deformed”

“I know, I know” he hugged you. You sobbed so hard it hurt your back, but you couldn’t stop.

“Are we-” you started, but couldn’t bring yourself to say what you were thinking. Dead. The whole situation said it loud and clear: you were both dead. Not much left for interpretation.

“I’m not sure” he said, while he watched the body underneath the car be taken away to the ambulance. He turned you around so you wouldn’t see. “They already took one of us to the hospital. Let’s follow the next one there and see what we can find out, okay?”

You nodded. He gently grabbed your waist and lifted you high enough to reach the passenger seat of the ambulance.

“I’m going behind” he said. “There’s no room for both of us here”

“Don’t” you held his hand as tight as you could. “You can fit here too if we squeeze”

“Okay” he climbed up.

You remained silent all the way to the hospital. You weren’t sure if the paramedics talked to each other. If they did, you were too distracted to pay attention. The initial panic worn off and you were now completely void.

You did look at Jeff once to see how was he doing. He seemed lost in thoughts, somewhere in between serenely and sadly. A glance of concern crossed his face when he caught you looking at him, but it disappeared as fast as it came. Also, he didn’t look like he was going to throw up anymore.

Once you got to the hospital, he jumped out and picked you up. You walked through the front door, not looking behind, avoiding the bruised and crushed body.

“I think that’s you on the E.R.” Jeff pointed out. You looked away and saw yourself, dressed in emerald clothes and covered in blood. You were lying on a stretcher, lots of agitated doctors around you. You gasped.

“That means…”

“The one underneath the car is me. I figured” Jeff nodded. “Let’s do this: you stick around your body and I’ll go find mine”

“Okay” you said, unsure. “But let’s meet back here once we have news. I don’t wanna be alone”

“Deal” he said, and left to find himself on his own stretcher, paramedics pulling him out of the ambulance. You looked away and approached yourself.

Another doctor, looking a little older than the others, reached out for your stretcher too.

“What’s the chart?”

“(Y/A) year old female, car crash. Basilar skull fracture, pneumothorax, broken jaw, broken wrist, minor contusions and two open wounds on the thigh and forearm”

“Did you get an O.R.?”

“They’re all occupied, but Dr. Grey is almost done with her carotid endarterectomy in O.R. 2”

“Page Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Torres. I want only the best people on this. I know (Y/N), I am friends with her parents. Did she come in alone?”

“No sir. Male driver, allegedly Jeffrey Atkins according to the documents found on the car, but no visual confirmation” a paramedic answered.

“Meaning what?” a younger doctor asked.

“Too many injuries to be recognized”

“O.R. 2 is clear” a nurse showed up and informed.

“Coming in”


You met Jeff at the waiting room, as you agreed. He was there, asleep on a chair. You sat beside him and, even though you tried to do it silently, you ended up waking him. His blue eyes greeted you, and he let out a lazy smile.

“How are you doing?”

“I got out of surgery a few hours ago. The doctors just told my parents I’m in a coma” you rubbed your eyes. “I’m so tired”

“Yeah, me too”

“What about you? I mean, your other you” you asked, causing Jeff’s smile to widen up a little.

“Some people came by to see me. Clay and a few jocks. My parents are out of town so I guess they will take a while to get here. My grandma came, though”

“But what about you? Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine” he said simply, and saw the look in your eyes. “Do you want the full medical report? I broke a lot of bones, lost a leg and a hand, my face looks like Quasimodo’s but worst”

You held your breath.

“Oh my god, Jeff, I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah… and only thing I can think about, with all that happening, is that I’ll never play baseball again. How stupid is that?”

“It’s not stupid” you held his hand. “Look at me”

He looked up and you saw the red puffy bags under his eyes.

“I’m here for you, okay? I’m so sorry, this is all my fault” your voice broke.

“What are you talking about?”

“You wouldn’t have been anywhere near that cliff if you weren’t giving me a ride”

He shook his head.

“(Y/N), don’t do this to yourself. If we’re gonna talk about blame, there’s enough to share. If you’re gonna feel guilty about that, I should feel too. I’m the one who forgot my seatbelt, and I’m the one who wanted to take a shortcut. Zach is the one who sent me on a beer run. The truck driver is the one who didn’t see us. We could go on forever and it still wouldn’t make anything better. It would only get worse, with that poisonous feeling”

You nodded. After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke again.

“I think we should get out of here”

You frowned.

“And go where?”

“Wherever we want. It might take a while until we wake up, and we should do something other than feeling sorry for ourselves until then. What do you say?”

“Well… why not?”

How many Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and people with APD can relate to this? I always mispronounce words and some people don’t care while others either get angry or mock me. However, very few take the time to help me pronounce it correctly, so I’m convinced most people actually understand me, they’re just assholes.


Hey guys- so I had a long hiatus whereby I watched PP and occupied myself with real life. But now, I’m ready to get back into the writing groove! :D

This is a continuation of the latest episode of Grey’s, 13x12. I just can’t bear to see Amelia withdrawing and distancing herself from Owen like that on the show. And it’s really painful to see Owen hurting. I hope Omelia can have a heart to heart talk and sort things out!

 Anyways, enjoy…and my apologies in advance if my writing is a little rusty- I haven’t written for quite some time after all….:P

p.s Special thanks to dear Susie @hurricaneawelia for helping me to proofread this- you’re the best! <3

Disclaimer: This is written before 13x13 airs.

 The pepperoni pizza tasted so delicious as Amelia closed her eyes to savor its taste in her mouth.

‘ He said to tell you he’s not gonna wait forever.’ her mentee Stephanie interrupted the blissful moment.

‘ What?’ Amelia mumbled in reply, her mouth still full of pizza. She didn’t realize that she was starving until she took the first bite.

‘Before he walked away, Dr Hunt told me to tell you that he’s not going to wait forever.’ Stephanie repeated in a clearer tone. ‘It seems like he’s losing his patience.’

Amelia didn’t reply, choosing to take another bite of her pizza instead. Lately her appetite had increased, and every food she took tasted heavenly.

Stephanie sighed, internally debating on whether to probe Amelia further. Amelia was her mentor and superior, she had no right to interfere with her personal business. On the other hand, watching Amelia withdraw from Owen and avoiding him at all costs was getting painful to watch. She didn’t know exactly what happened between them, but she could see that it was eating Owen up inside. She noticed that he had this sad and worried expression permanently stamped on his face since Amelia moved in to stay with her a couple of days ago.

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Okay well, obviously the relationships are a lot different for the most part and I kinda…combined??? Characters. Like. Idk how to describe it. Also I wasn’t the one who proposed the au in the first place ofc, but here’s how I imagine it:

Keith: Is Christina but with Mer’s relationships. Dating Dr. Lance McDreamyClain. Brother is Dr. Shirogane the head of Trauma and who got him the internship in the first place. Owns a trailer like Shepherd tho. Goes on to become head of Cardio after internship

Lance: A weird fusion of Shepherd and Izzy. Payed his way into med school with modelling and moved to Seattle for an internship. Met Keith without knowing he was an intern first, kissed him, then found out they were in the same internship and declared him as a rival ;) They still date :))))))))) Rooms with Pidge and Hunk. Goes on to become head of Neuro after internship

Pidge: DR. BAILEY. She’s just. 110% She’s way younger than everyone else but she’s still in charge. Once she made a kid cry so hard he ended up having a panic attack and died in their OR.

Hunk: A fusion of George and Dr. Torres (Idk. he just IS). Comes from a big family and loves Orthopedics (goes on to become head of Ortho after internship). Has done an open heart surgery by himself as an intern and lived to tell the tale.

Allura: Meredith’s character but as the chief and Addison. Her father Alfor has Alzheimer’s and was the top surgeon at the hospital. Top Neonatal surgeon in the country and then becomes the chief.

Shiro: Dr. Hunt. He just is. I don’t…really need to explain anymore…

Coran: Tbh I don’t know, I just know he’s there and IMPORTANT. maybe like the chief’s character but with… Dr. Burke’s job? Idk. If y’all got any better ideas for Coran, please lmk lol

The show better end before Owen leaves or, God forbid, die. If he left Greys I’d drop the show so fast dude. He’s a big comfort character for me and tbh with the way the show’s going he’s the only reason I’m sticking around to watch it. On that note, if shonda rhimes screws up the PTSD in Owen and Megan, especially when it’s so critical and such a major issue and plot point, i dont think I could forgive her. Kevin does a really wonderful job with Owen and representing his mental illness accurately. If shonda messes this up? y'all gonna hear from ME


A rough timeline of Lucifer 

After a bit of close watching and puzzling, this is the timeline of Lucifer this far. Episode featured between brackets. 

July 27, 2000 John Decker is killed. (207) Around the same time, Hot Tub High School, with Chloe Decker premieres.

2011, Lucifer arrives on Earth.

2016, Delilah is killed and Lucifer meets Chloe Decker. (101) and becomes a civilian consultant for the LAPD. 

March 2016, Rose Davis is found dead. (112) The church she attends, have a meeting scheduled for March 16. 

September 2, 2016, Leila Simms is kidnapped by Ray (203) and saved by Lucifer and Chloe. 

October 31, Halloween (206). 

Full Yoga Massacre 2016. (208)

Warden Perry Smith is found dead. Next to the article of his death is another one about the seismic activity in the Salton Sea “over the past several months”. The actual events took place September-October of 2016. (211)

November 27, 2016 A date on Suki’s board. Possibly the “Date from two days ago. The last time Lucifer and Jana hooked up.” (211) but possibly just a date when Lucifer and Jana had sex.

January 22, 2017,  ultimatum sent to Dr. G. Scott from Dr. Jason Carlisle. (212)

January 23, 1017, Chloe gets infected with the virus while hunting down Dr. Carlisle.  

January 24, 2017, Chloe in hospital, Lucifer goes to Hell for the antidote. Chloe is saved and Lucifer leaves. 

2 week later would be February 7, and that would mean Lucifer and Candy got married February 2, as they’ve been married for 5 days. (214)

May 4, 2017 Lucifer checks himself into the psychiatric hospital for a  72-hour hold. Chloe and Linda visits. (216)

May 15, 2017 Lucifer tries to get Chloe to investigate the death of Celeste McDougall, 92 years old. The day ends with Linda in hospital and Lucifer being abducted. (218) (As the obituaries are for May 13 and 14, the earliest day they can be in the paper is May 15.)

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Hey! I'm writing a story where the main character is a super analytical girl and has a scientific oriented brain. No matter how I write her, she always seems so stiff and emotionless. Is there any way to write a Sherlock Holmeseque character that doesn't act like, well, Sherlock Holmes?

First things first, read over the TV Trope for Super Intelligence and read through some of the links on that page. 

Often times, people who are super analytical and science oriented act no differently than those who are not. They’re normal human beings who act like human beings. In short, you would write your MC the same way you would write any other character. I’ve worked with people who fall into the category of analytical and science oriented, and very few of them are the Sherlock Holmes, completely introspective and emotionless type. And, if they do appear to be emotionless, that generally changes when they get angry or frustrated. 

Having a super analytical and scientifically orientated mind often means that a person is curious, often times to a fault. It may mean that she is quick to grasp new concepts and patterns. The way to describe someone with this mindset is to try to separate the emotional side of the character from the logical side. While the logical side would be much more prelavent in making decisions, she would still have emotional reactions to the events of her storyline and would react emotinally.

Write your character with a normal range of emotion, but have her notice detail better than her supporting characters. Your character is analytical, her most prominent trait is her unwavering attention to small detail and ability to make connections. The emotion and analysis are not mutually exclusive.  You may have be having some preconceptions that you are subconsciously holding your character to, which is why she keeps ending up stiff like Sherlock.

Her emotional reactions would also depend on her age. If she is younger, she may have a more difficult time keeping her feelings in check than if she were older. This is a trait that does not have anything to do with the wiring of the brain, but rather maturity. 

Excellent examples of characters who match your character description without seeming flat are Dr. Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1), Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting), Dr. Megan Hunt (Body of Proof), and Abby Sciuto (NCIS).

xx Sarah

One sided silence - Part I

anonymous  asked:

AU: Owen’s new colleague Amelia Shepherd and her 2 year old son who just moved from LA to Seattle have a terrible car accident and get taken to the hospital. She falls into a coma. Derek is already dead and Meredith has too much to do with her 3 kids, so after treating Amelia’s son, Owen takes care of him and starts to sit by her bedside everyday as it is uncertain if she will ever wake up again. A one-sided romance develops.

Here we go @omeliafics & @amelias-universe! This is part 1 of 2 or 3 as it’s far longer than I estimated. Enjoy 💕💕💕💕💕💕

“Mommy are we there yet?” Luke’s young voice rang through the 5 door car, “No not yet little man” his mum answered sweetly, glancing in the rear view mirror for a second to check on him. She smiled as she noticed him flicking through the pages of his favourite picture book, the fact that he loved to read had always filled her with pride as it gave her 2 year old son a far more interesting personality that than of any child whose parents hand them an IPad and don’t communicate properly with their child. It was a short drive from their apartment to the hospital but the more he got to know the other kids at day-care the longer each journey felt for Luke as he became more and more eager to be reunited with his friends. Amelia could notice him getting impatient as all of his tell-tale signs were on displays: at first he would shake his little feet up and down and then he would begin to lightly drum his fingers against the arm rests of his car-seat. Such signs were unbeknown to him but se was his mother, she knew him better than anyone else. Due to there being very little traffic on the roads she allowed herself to turn around to look at her little boy and take all of his features in, from his bright blue eyes to his almost black hair; which resembled his father so much. She felt her heart ache as her mind flooded with memories of Ryan. Then as she focused her eyes back on the road ahead of her, everything went black.

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Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
2572 Words
Suggestions: Song Shot!
Song: Back to December by Taylor Swift
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own GREY’S ANATOMY, nor BACK TO DECEMBER, nor YOU!

Originally posted by ic4ntbr3ath

I’m so glad you made time to see me.
How’s life? Tell me how’s your family?
I haven’t seen them in a while.
You’ve been good, busier than ever,
We small talk, work and the weather,
Your guard is up and I know why.
Because the last time you saw me
Is still burned in the back of your mind.
You gave me roses and I left them there to die.

You left Alex over a year ago. Your heart was shattered over the death of your brother, and Alex wasn’t going to make it better. You’ve known him for a while, almost all of your life actually. You really KNEW him. When you started dating, people said it was going to happen eventually, they just waited for the right time. The moment you stepped into Seattle Grace Mercy West, you had a few thoughts on your mind, but they were little. You were an attending now, seeing as you left when you were a 5th Year Resident. Alex was in his 4th Year right now. You were 2 years above him. Seeing Dr. Webber and Dr. Hunt gave you some sort of relief, because they would make you very busy, so would Dr. Shepperd, seeing as you learned under him for quite a while. You entered the attending’s lounge and saw Dr. Bailey with her morning coffee. It was your first day at work. She looked up at you in surprise.


She got up and hugged you a bit, then let you go.

“I thought you were in San Francisco,” She gave you a worried look.

“I came back. I missed Seattle’s weather. San Francisco was nice, but here is nicer. How are you? How is everyone,” You asked.

“Everyone’s doing just fine. From What I heard, one of the best Neurosurgeons in the world is now attending our hospital with Derek Shepherd. You’re boosting our morale.”

“Please, I’m merely a new employee. Let’s just say that. I’ll see you, I have to get changed and go meet Dr. Shepherd on a case he received.”

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