I wanna date Bucky Barnes.
I wanna slap Chase Collins in the face then kiss him hard.
I wanna hug Blaine.
I wanna makeout with Chris Beck.
I wanna go down on Jefferson.
I wanna marry Josh.
I wanna cuddle T.J Hammond.
I wanna have a one night stand with Carter Baizen.
I wanna get drunk with Leo.
I wanna help Justin Capshaw get better.
I wanna hold hands with Jack Benjamin.
I wanna marry Sebastian Stan.
(I know I forgot some characters)




You knocked on the glass door before walking in, “Dr.House?” Your voice rung in the room of doctors, now your new colleagues. You took in the look of all them before the oldest when gave you a questioning. “I’m Dr.(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). I’m the new doctor that was assigned to your team.”

You looked back at the group of doctors sitting at the table, catching the eye of the blonde one. Your gaze turned to the whiteboard of “Cause” and “Symptoms.” You took in the symptoms and pieced together something, “Either you guys have been up all night and can’t think straight… Or you have never heard of toxin induced seizures.”

You heard the chuckle from the blonde and gave him a tempting smile, “And either you suggested the same thing or I’m just that gorgeous.”