Attention Supernatural fandom

Let’s take a moment to talk about the awesomeness of Ash

Look at that computer.

Day-um that is one fine lookin’ hunk of metal and wires and shit

Look at how sassy this motherfucker looks.

He don’t take no shit from nobody.

Damn straight.

Business up front, party in the back, bitches.

Self explanitory

All hail Dr. Badass!


Didn’t want to derail the “white girls given black dolls” video thread.

So here’s Baby, my first doll and only baby doll. She’s wearing my baby clothes which were bought as  doll clothes (preemie)… circle of life I guess!

In my childhood, there was Baby and there was Jim the plush badger, nothing else ever came close. They went everywhere with me.

When I was 3, Mum was out shopping and we stopped at the ELC toy shop so she could rest her feet while I did puzzles and played with the miniature animals and this doll caught my eye - I’d never shown any interest in dolls before so Mum cautiously asked me if I’d *really* like a doll… and she came home with us.

There were two models, white blonde and black doll. I wasn’t blonde, I’d made a black friend that summer and this one wouldn’t sunburn like I do so I went for this one, it makes perfect sense in child logic. My parents never questioned the choice or acted like it was in the slightest way unusual.

When later informed by strangers that I couldn’t make a baby that colour, Mum had to explain to a very annoyed and serious kid-me that you don’t get to choose the colours at the hospital but I might be able to have a baby that colour if I married a similar coloured man as babies are a mix of both parents.

SO MANY people felt the need to tell a child that her doll wasn’t the “right” colour over the years I carried her around - both my sister and I just became more fiercely protective of Baby. My answer didn’t change: “I don’t care, she’s mine. It doesn’t matter.” My lil sis J had no problem telling people that it was none of their business and staring them down. *grin*

I loved that Baby had brown eyes like my Mum and could suck her thumb like I did, could wear my baby clothes and was the perfect size to carry around. She has sleep eyes, this mattered a great deal to 3 y/o me: her being awake 24/7 would not be right.

Baby would later come to be very important to a little algerian girl that spent a lot of time in our family, she’d never seen a doll remotely close to her skintone. They spent a lot of time together and Baby got a second life as a baby doll.

Baby now lives in a toybox in the living room for visiting kids, we just leave the box open for the kids to explore on their own and we’ve never had a negative reaction to her from children - only from adults.

We all know that Dean has a thing for Dr. Sexy. Not only is Dr. Sexy sexy because he wears cowboy boots, Dean – like Bobby – finds guilty pleasure in watching soaps.

But Dean has also met some very attractive doctors over the years.

Some of them, Dean displayed attraction toward. He may have a thing for doctors, not just soap doctors.

But let’s not forget the hottest doctor he knows. Because whether or not Dr. Adjective had an actual doctorate from MIT, Dean’s doctor fetish may have started here. And I would like to believe that Dr. Sexy was a subtle reference to Dr. Badass, Dean’s actual Dr. Sexy. With his long hair and his cowboy boots.

Dean Winchester and naked dudes

A catalogue of the times Dean Winchester has happened upon the naked male form:

In 1.07, a half naked man offers to let Dean paint him. He declines, puts his reluctant little brother to the task and sits back to browse through a magazine called Backside. Dean steals a few looks, not that subtly. We cut from the scene to the image of half-naked Christ on a cross.

In 2.05, we get full frontal Ash. The scene is curious. Sam and Dean are heavily contrasted. Sam bangs on his door and calls his name several times, but he doesn’t answer. Dean waltzes in and knows the magic word, calling Ash by the name Dr. Badass, intuitively knowing what Ash needs. He answers the door to Dean immediately.

Stark naked.

Sam is taken aback briefly, but schools his eyes to Ash’s face and goes about his business like it’s no big deal. Not Dean.

Dean… gets a load of Ash’s goods and screws his eyes shut. His reaction is overblown. He avoids looking at the man in an extremely pronounced way. His reaction is not in proportion to what is happening in the scene. The casual viewer will read this as evidence of upstanding heterosexual Dean Winchester having a moment of gay panic. That’s not even close to what’s happening, though, when you take in the context, the framing scenes. Because just afore, he had dodged the eyes of Jo, his designated female love interest at the time, in the same way. A lot of people missed the way Jo and Ash were framed and off-set for Dean. He basically has the same reaction to Jo and to Ash, but Ash is way more naked.

And afterwards? After Ash puts on some clothes, Dean is hovering behind him (again the scene is set with Dean between Ash and Jo), way closer than he needs to be while Sam is casual, all business, sitting at the table. A heterosexual dude that just burned his eyes with unwanted mandick would not have positioned himself like Dean did. Dean isn’t acting like a man who got an eye.full of something he didn’t want to see. Dean is acting like someone who saw something that hurt.

In 5.07, Dean checks out a naked dude and tells him he looks great.

It has been pointed out several times how needless it was for Dean to uncover the man’s nakedness with regards to the case. The thing we don’t talk about in connection with this episode is how Dean doesn’t check out the two Asian hookers, not while they’re on the bed as the boys barge into the room, and not while the girls are exiting the room. Asian hookers, which we have been lead to believe are his fetish of choice. His attention is focused on Cliff the whole time. And while he’s passing his judgement on Cliff as hey leave, he takes one last look, I’m sure wanting to make sure the birth mark is still there, through the robe.

In 5.14, Dean checks out a naked dude’s dick again.

Again, his reaction is contrasted with that of Sam. We get no reaction shot of Sam toward dick, and his level of non-comfort with being hugged by a naked man is in proportion. No one likes it, Castiel says.

This episode was about hunger, and while Dean described himself as well-fed and Famine theorized that Dean had a void inside, he looked like a hungry-hungry hippo throughout the episode with regards to men. Make of that what you will.

In 5.19 Dean gets a full frontal view of Ganesh, who tells him it’s not a peep show. The god had a very large trunk.

Dean is surprised since he thought he saw an elephant. But he does not look displeased by what he saw.

In 6.14 Dean stops to check whether the male mannequin doll is anatomically correct. It isn’t. Dean checks out the doll’s junk three times just to be sure.

In 7.16 Dean volunteers with due enthusiasm to retrieve a cursed object from a man and leaves Sam to retrieve one from a woman. The cursed object is a gentlemen’s magazine, so Dean goes in with the expectation of seeing something erotic. It is revealed that Dean caught the man in medias res, likely masturbating himself to death. Dean does not elaborate to Sam on what he witnessed. Make note that when ever they split up, Dean usually makes the first choice and picks witnesses that are sexually attractive to him.

In 7.23 Dean gets to see Castiel naked, covered in bees, which he reports to his brother. Dean’s line can be parsed in two different ways: either Castiel showed up on his car naked or that Dean swears on his car that Castiel showed up naked. The likely scenario is that it was in answer to his prayer because the line is giving in response to Sam’s suggestion that they try calling Castiel again. In either cae, Dean seems much more perturbed by the bees than the nakedness.

In 8.16 Dean sees Shane-Prometheus naked in the morgue, laid down on a table, dead. After he wakes up, he wraps a thin morgue cloth around him, which is the only thing he’s wearing when Dean hauls his ass back and slams him against an operating table. Dean attempts to keep his eyes above the guy’s neck but isn’t entirely successful. Later he checks out the man’s rear as he exits the motel room and projects on Sam his desire to perform a cavity check on Shane.

In 10.01, we’re shown that demonic Dean Winchester is comfortable with allowing another man to see his nakedness. 

In 10.12, Sam comes to Dean with a case of missing naked people. As far as Dean knows, they’re all men. The one confirmed case Sam shows him is a man, whose photo Dean enlarges.

External image

And then Dean tells his brother: “About time this gig got an R-rating“ before handing the tablet back to him. R-rating for nudity. Regarding naked men. To spell it out for you: he’s not passing judgement on the idea of naked men, he is expressing a wistful yearning to have more naked men in his life. He’s come a long way.

I hear you, Dean. I hear you, man.

We come a full circle in 10.21 where Eldon Styne bears himself to Dean, conducting himself in an aggressively sensual manner because he’s a creepy sexual predator.

He not only shows his naked midriff, he also calls attention lower on his body by mentioning the “Bunch of extra muscle, especially in the legs.“ The natural inclination for any observer, especially one conducting an investigation on weird shit, would be to see this extra muscle for himself. Dean, though?

Dean looks at neither his midriff nor at his legs. An he doesn’t convulsively screw his eyes shut like he did with Ash. He keeps his eyes on the man’s face. Professional. Only, he’s doing the opposite of what any straight dude would do in the situation. He’s keeping himself in check. If naked dudes were something that did nothing for him generally, he wouldn’t need to check himself. He wouldn’t need to not look at the dude’s weird surgical scar and his extra leg muscles. But Dean is into naked dudes. So he doesn’t check out Eldon Styne because Eldon Styne is the job.