Why 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Filming in Seattle for Season 14 | EW

While ABC is playing coy on specifics, EW hears they’re not necessarily shooting just for the season 14 premiere, which is apparently titled “Break Down the House.” The show is actually shooting multiple exteriors to be used throughout the season, which will continue production in Los Angeles next week. (Alas, the trek north isn’t tied to the upcoming firefighter-themed Grey’s Anatomy spinoff.)

So far, it appears at least Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery), Jason George (Ben Warren), and Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson) have been spotted, though more castmembers could also be on hand. Additionally, Debbie Allen, who is both an executive producer and plays Dr. Catherine Avery on the show, was seen.

Shawn's LA Q&A Breakdown
  • A fan asked him out on a date and he said if she can catch him before he leaves for San Diego, sure!
  • Q: If you could be any character from Grey's Anatomy who'd be?
  • A: Dr. Avery
  • Q: What does your DMs look like?
  • A: hundreds of groups
  • Shawn wants someone who makes him look at the better side of things
  • Shawn doesnt like when people dont understand what personal space is 🤔
  • Shawn said his favorite lyric is "What's really gonna break my heart, it's to have to tell your little brother"
  • "How much do you bench?
  • -honestly not that much"
Jackson Avery Imagine

Jackson Avery Imagine
600 Words
Suggestions: “I’m Watching You.” -Jackson Avery

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As of right now, when you returned from your honeymoon, you were no longer Dr. (Y/n) (L/n), badass single (Specialty) Surgeon who every girl wanted to be and who every guy wanted to be with. You were now Dr. (Y/n) Avery, married (Specialty) Surgeon who everyone tried to kiss up to. You hated it. You, of course, loved your mother-in-law, but you hated the kiss-ups. You were pissed, beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

“Dr. Avery, may I ask about your honey-,” An intern started to ask.

“No,” You muttered, stopping filling out paperwork and rubbing the bridge of your nose.


“Drop anything about my marriage as of today, and if anyone asks, they will get a foot shoved up their ass.”

If you went back to before you got married, people would know that if they got you angry, they knew you’d be fine later. Now, people were actually scared to make you angry. You looked like a stressed-out soccer mom who couldn’t catch a break to be honest.

“Dr. Avery?”

You turned your head to see Derek Sheppard, the Neurosurgeon that seemed to be concern with your stressed-out appearance.

“Yes? Dr. Sheppard,” You asked, taking a deep breath and tilting your head to the side.

“I have a question about one of my patients.”

“Sure! Let’s go.”

I raced off with him.

“So how was-?”

“Fine, it was fine.”

“You’re stressed.”

“I’m being kissed up to. I don’t want any mention of anything that happened unless you’re a really good friend.”

“Technically, I am a really good friend.”

“Yes, and that’s how I knew you were about to ask.”

“You’re going to explode.”

“Oh, I’m about to explode any moment.”

I checked his patient.

“Oh yeah. You need to get Torres on that. It’s a skull fracture.”


“So… Anything going on between you and Meredith?”

“Not really. How about you and Avery?”

“Nothing’s going on anymore. Before we were married, it was sex, love, sex, let’s go on a date, and sex, now it’s… ‘Hi, I’m going to sleep. Cook for me. We’ll have sex tomorrow night. I gotta postpone sex until you do something.’ He’s starting to piss me off.”


“Yes! I love him of course, but now, he doesn’t even look at me! I’m starting to get really, REALLY, pissed at him, and no one’s going to like me when I’m pissed. Do you need anything? Because I’m going to check the O.R. Board.”

“Nope, I’m good.”


You marched out and went to the O.R. Board. You stared at it with boredom, yet interest. Why? Well, let’s say, you saw Mark Sloan, Jackson’s teacher basically, on the board, but not Jackson’s name. You were confused.

“Hey Dr. Avery, since I heard your husband isn’t around, I was wondering-,” Another intern walked by.

A hand grabbed your wrist. You turned your head.

“You have something to say?”

You recognized that voice. You looked up and saw Jackson. You blinked twice.

“N-No,” The intern stuttered.

“Don’t walk to my wife again. I’m watching you.”

Jackson pulled you away and into a closet. You were surprised, at the fact that an intern was hitting on you.

“Hey are you okay?”

You nodded, looking at Jackson.

“Yeah, I’m fine… Why isn’t your name on the O.R. Board?”

“Oh, you know, just wanting to take the rest of the night off, get some time with you while I can.”

He smiled at you. You couldn’t help but let a smile creep on your face. When you both walked out of the, you were happy to go home afterwards.


Hello all! ITS TGIT GREY’S DAY! I’m so excited! I hope we get some Japril tonight, but if we don’t, this is my gift to you! I’ve been busy with school recently, and I’m very sorry, but its summer now! I am planning on continuing all my one shot series, so that’s something to look forward to during the hiatus lol. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has read every chapter and encouraged me and helped me! Enjoy!

Unconditionally - Katy Perry
Come just as you are to me
Don’t need apologies
Know that you are all worthy
I’ll take your bad days with your good
Walk through this storm I would
I’d do it all because I love you

Jackson raced through the double sliding doors into the ER with a sleepy one year old in one arm and a screaming four year old in the other. His daughter lagged behind, prancing around in her own little world, oblivious to the panic her father was filled with. Everyone in the waiting room’s attention shifted to them, mainly due to the crying little boy. Tears were streaming down his face as he squirmed in pain trying to get out of his father’s arms.

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Jackson Avery Imagine 3

Jackson Avery Imagine 3
1024 Words
Suggestions: This is set before Season 9. (I still miss Mark and Lexie.) Pregnancy, and some form of violence.
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It took you a long time to realize that you shouldn’t even be in the ER. You don’t know what can happen. You were pregnant, 24 weeks (6 months) to be exact. You promised your fiancé that you wouldn’t put much pressure on yourself. Your fiancé just so happened to be your best friend in the WHOLE wide world, Jackson Avery. Well let’s say that growing closer involved hard growing feelings and that involved much more… sexual feelings. One thing led to another and BOOM, pregnant.

“(Y/n), why are you in here,” April asked, holding a board in her hand.

“I thought you’d want extra hands,” You smiled.

April is another dear friend of yours. After the merge between Seattle Grace and Mercy West, you were skeptical about her, and Jackson, and well, here you are. You’re all great friends.

“No, no, we’re fine! Head home, read, watch TV,” She started dismissing you.
“But I got bored, so I came back!”

You’re a bit hard-headed. When you do something, there’s no changing your mind. Well, maybe you should’ve changed your mind. From the corner of your eye you saw a man get up.

“Sir, calm down,” The nurse attending to him told him, holding a needle in my hand.

“I’m fine!! I’m leaving,” The man shouted.

“U-Um, April?”

You looked at her as you sort of pointed.

“Sir, calm down,” April walked over.

The man pushed her and the nurse away.


‘Damnit! Why didn’t I leave when I had the chance? I should’ve left,’ You thought.

Since curiosity killed the cat (A/n: Sorry cat lovers~), you decided to stay… big mistake. The man picked up a chair and threw it… in your direction. You were knocked back to the nurse’s station, hitting your head on the counter before blacking out on the ground. Okay, that was a bit too hard. Security finally got the man down as April ran over to you.


And that’s how you ended up in one of the trauma rooms. Everyone was there, and I do mean everyone.

“She’s bleeding into her abdomen,” Bailey yelled.

“We need to crack her chest,” Cristina muttered.

“Get started on that Cristina,” Teddy nodded.

“I need to hear the baby’s heartbeat! Everyone shut up,” Arizona shouted.
Everyone shut their mouths and waited. When a fast heartbeat was heard, everyone sighed.

“April! Get Avery down here and tell him we’re doing surgery and performing an emergency C-Section on (Y/n),” Arizona rushed.

“She’s in v-tach,” Meredith yelled.


April rushed out to find Jackson. She ended up rushing into an O.R., where him and Dr. Mark Sloan, the head of Plastics, were reducing a woman’s fat.

“Jackson,” April breathed, holding a mask up to her face as she had her scrub cap on.

“Ah, Dr. Kepner, what brings you into my O.R.,” Dr. Sloan asked, looking up at her.
“Jackson, you need to sign a consent form,” April looked at Jackson.

“Is it my mother,” Jackson asked, not taking a glance at her as he was finishing up with the work he and Dr. Sloan were doing. 


Jackson looked at her.

“It’s (Y/n).”

Jackson froze.

‘What happened? …What happened, what happened, what happened,’ He thought, starting to freak out due to the sudden news.

“Avery, go ahead,” Dr. Sloan nodded to him.

“Thank you,” He murmured before placing his stuff down.

He ran out with April.

“What happened,” He muttered continuously under his breath.

“A chair was thrown at her, hard. When I saw her, her chest was getting cracked and she went into v-tach,” April heard him as they went.

By the time, they had arrived when you were already in surgery. Jackson started breathing heavily.

“Jackson,” Arizona breathed as she approached him.

He turned to her.

“Where’s the baby? Are they okay? Please-,” Jackson started to ask.

You knew the gender of the baby, however, Jackson didn’t. You teased him by not telling him. Best friend perks.

“She’s doing just fine,” Arizona smiled.

Jackson took a deep breath.

“Aw, it’s a girl,” April squealed.

“Yeah… Yeah,” Jackson nodded.

It had been hours. Jackson stared at your sweet little girl while she was in NICU.  They wanted to monitor her. Jackson watched her for as long as he could before a hand was placed on his shoulder. It was Bailey. You see, you were her intern, long before in the olden days.

“She’s doing just fine. Dr. Altman was able to stop the bleeding in her chest, we just need to watch her closely for a few nights. She also had a concussion, so she’ll have to take it easy. Alright? You can see her if you want-.”

Jackson rushed out before she said anymore. Bailey sighed.

“Damn fool doesn’t even know where her room number is,” She smiled, looking at the baby Jackson was looking at before.

“Your mama’s a strong one.”

When you woke up, you saw April, who held your hand as she finished crying.
“Hi,” You smiled.

She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I’m so sorry. I should’ve made you leave sooner,” She sighed.

“Don’t worry! I’m hard-headed,” You giggled lightly.

“Very hard-headed.”

That’s when you realized something.

“Oh, my god, my baby, is she okay? What happened?”

“She’s perfect,” You heard a new voice.

You both looked to see Jackson walk in with a smile on his face.

“I’ll leave you two be,” April whispered to you with a smile.

That’s when she got up and left. Jackson took her place, placing a hand on top of yours, squeezing tightly.

“I told you not to leave home today,” He muttered.

“And I didn’t listen,” You sighed.

“But you’re both fine, that’s what matters.”

He gave you a soft look, a look that made you melt. You giggled.

“Well, is she okay?”

“She’s in the NICU, but I think she’ll be fine. Her mom’s pretty strong too… She has your eyes.”

“Alright, don’t get mushy with me Dr. Avery! You have patients. You should go attend to them. I’ll be here, sleeping… I’ve had a… nice day.”


A/n: I hoped you liked it!