Tony: Why is there a broomstick taped to my suit?

Peter: It’s almost Halloween! You need a costume!

Tony: Out of all the things my flying suit could be, you picked a witch?

Peter: It was either that or Mary Poppins!

Tony: You got an umbrella, kid?

Peter: Oh my god it’s happening

yeah to be honest, I think 13 is literally going to be the embodiment of what 12 wanted his next generation to be.

Laugh hard. 13 seems to be way more cheerful, way more friendly, way more willing to smile and laugh even in the face of danger.

Run fast. She’s all over the place, she runs right into an alien threat that she has no idea about. She has a very energetic personality.

Be kind. She’s so kind. She literally fell from space down to earth through the roof of a train with almost no idea of who she is. She had no TARDIS, she had no sonic screwdriver, no fancy gadgets, not even her vast knowledge of aliens and the galaxy. Yet her first action was to try to stun a tentacle monster that was scaring passangers. The Doctor is overly kind here, almost magically so. Like the Doctor had no obligation to help as much as she did. She had no obligation to try so hard. She also had no obligation of consoling them, listening to their issues and then giving words of encouragements at the end about hope and how to cope with loss. She didn’t need to do all that, she had bigger things to worry about but she saw people in distress and knew in her soul that she must help them.

It’s just…very poetic and I love how she reflects 12′s final wishes. I love the writing so much here.

everyone’s really worried about how the Tardis is as the whole squad seem to misplace her every ep but she’s probably bloody living the dream like “yes huns all the kids are out, gonna blast ma tunes, do the hoovering, maybe get a mani pedi, check tardis tinder…”

Fandoms right now.

Supernatural: Yes! New season,sweet!

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Dr. Who: New episodes, yay! Also, female doctor!

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Harry Potter: We’ve got a new movie coming. Still pretty hyped about the trailer..

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Marvel: Infinity war ruined our lives, but we’ll pay for Avengers 4. Also we’ve the trailers.

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Disney: One word. Aladdin. Also Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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Sherlock: Nope.

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Tony: Peter! Why did you graffiti my whole tower with webs?!

Peter: Have you even read what it says?

Tony: Yeah! It says “vote”-