dr baldhead


Some lil’ doodles Valentine Days Special :3

There are some of my otp. (Not in particular order) (Please, don’t judge me! Don’t kill me! I’ve some reason to ship them! T///T;;; )

F.A.N.G x M. Bison
Ermac x Kenshi
Withered Bonnie x Withered Chica
Dr. Baldhead x Faust
Sans x Toriel

I know some of them are kinda “weird” and some are “canon” (yes, I’m a Soriel supporter too ^w^; ) but it’s my otp and if you like that, awesome but if you don’t, well uh… it’s okay i guess ^^; (Oh god i feel that I gonna have some hate messages and be unfollowed and blocked after I posted this o~o.;;;
I gonna probably colored one or two of them… idk .w.;

Early happy Valentine days ^^;

Mun: Awwww… I just made a profile about Baldhead but I found not so much information about Dr. Baldhead (execpt on wikia GG but anyway ._.;;;; ), I’ll have some lil’ difficult to play with… I’ll do it in my style! (like I do with Faust .w.;;; *shoot*)

I hope nobody it’s again this… That will make me embarassed if that bother you, specially Guilty Gear Fan and Rper .x.;

Please, don’t kill me… T-T