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"Keith, this is heavy can you hold it for me." Drops whole weight on Keith without a second warning.

Keith doesn’t have much of a chance to process what’s happening before Lance pretty much throws himself down onto the sofa. More specifically onto him. Looking down at Lance sprawled across him, Keith can’t help but laugh. Exasperated fondness resonates between them. 

“Sure- woah!” Playfully, he feigns dropping Lance, pushing his legs up to unbalance them on purpose. “I don’t - I don’t know if I can take this weight it’s just - I think I might-”

Slinging an arm around the other’s shoulder, he grins.

“-There. That’s better. Got it.”

I’ve got you. And it’s true. Because Keith will do whatever he can to look out for Lance, to be there for him. There’s every chance this whole thing is disguising something. But right now, clearly Lance needs this. He brings a hand to Lance’s hair, reaching for the spot just behind the ear he knows renders the other pretty much into a puddle of endearing mush. 

“Even if you are ridiculous.

“You’re not skinny enough, you’re not pretty enough” all these crazy things. I was just like, “Fuck that!” I’m going to continue to work hard. I didn’t wait around for jobs. I produced things, I directed shorts, I wrote shorts, I was always doing something creative in the art field and it 360’d and the universe rewarded me, which really nice.