I think I should start making a comic for gonertale sometime soon because asks are too vague to explain the whole story
I’m still going to answer asks though–in fact I still have to color the one that’s been on my comp for like a month orz
Comic is canon to gonertale and asks can or won’t be 

thANKs tO @amachi-blaze foR chEEring mE oN about both mah Undertale AU’s–hopefully i can make ty art sometime soon ;^)) 
oH anD thEY alsO helpEd mE wiTH decIdING unDYnes coLOR!! <33 ;DD
she looks like butter xDD //that’s my fault orz

Introducing the Awesome Women of Power Rangers ficathon!

Open to all characters who are women (or canonically referred to by female pronouns. I think I got all the villains, but if there’s one you really want to write for, please check out the tag set and make sure she’s there. If she’s not, shoot me an ask, and I’ll add her!)

Sign ups open April 18 at 10 AM CST. Assignments go out by May 3 and are due July 6.  750 word minimum. My ask box is open if you have questions the FAQ doesn’t cover.

Many thanks to six-bomb.tumblr.com for the banner!