dr wong sulfur soap

Thanks to all of you who answered my question about soap. Based on your answers I see a lot of:

  • Unscented Dove
  • Eucerin Calming Body Wash
  • Aveeno Body Wash
  • Johnson and Johnson Baby Products
  • Products made by Simple. 

I’ve used all but products made by Simple. I too, would recommend those products as well. BLAH, okay. The reason I asked was because I wondered if any of you used Sulfur Soap. 

Long story short, I lived in the Philippines for a year when I was 15. My skin started to get smoother and healthier once I started to use this…


I can’t base the whole change due to the soap. I’m pretty sure the whole climate change was a big factor too. 

I visited a dermatologist (which was pretty cheap) since she really didn’t ask any questions. She kinda just looked at my skin and gave me a prescription for this soap. 

on the back;

INDICATIONS: For pimples and other skin infections. Helps prevent scabies, if used regularly; aids in the healing of cuts and sores, relieves itchiness of skin. Also treats dandruff caused by fungi. 

The smell is pretty good. It’s not extravagantly good smelling, but who cares? If it works, it works. 

I use this. Every time I shower, I use it. I’m not even sure where I can get this in America, which means having to call my Dad to call family to send some over seas. 

Bottom line: Whether it’s unscented Dove or some kind of body wash that does it for you, or even a Sulfur soap, stick to it. I know the hassle of switching soaps to find the right one for you sucks, but trust me, when you do, it’ll be worth it. 

Keep your head up. X out stress. X out irritating products. X out eczema. 

Side note:
If you guys have any questions about this soap, I’ll try my best to answer them. Based on my experience, that is.