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Michelle Gomez reads this delightful animated story about the Doctor and Missy.


I’ve finished editing a tribute to one of my favourite Doctors. This is the chase scene from Planet of the Spiders, Jon Pertwee’s regeneration story, one of the most iconic scenes in Doctor Who’s history. I have rescored the scene with a more emotional soundtrack fitting the tone.

New Justice League for 2017

The Shadow

Sherlock Holmes

Captain America



Space Ghost



The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

This is legit 100% canon FYI


This is what I do in my free time


Mario and Fafa discuss their top ten futuristic movie products that are better than, and they should make instead of, Back to the Future power lace shoes. (Even though Mario and Fafa are looking forward to the self-lacing sneakers.)


Hey everyone!  Dunno if you heard, but the BBC are making a Dr Who Animation based on some early, previously-thought-lost Dr Who episodes (the video has largely been lost, but the original audio remains).  Often in these types of situations, animation studios get asked to send pitches of how they would recreate it, but it’s not always clear if they’re allowed to show any of the unused art from failed pitches.

In unrelated news, here’s some Doctor Who art I made based on some old episodes!  I’m not particularly a big fan of Dr Who, but this was really fun to play with.  This is the second Doctor, based on the actor Patrick Troughton.  It was such a great chance to play with character design based on real people, and also to think about easy-to-animate drawing styles.  This was from a period last year where I had a lot of fun simplifying my work in general, and made a lot of digital work.  You can really see where I was getting my influences from- I was thinking about ligne claire styles of art and Tezuka in particular.  I wanted bold shapes, good expressions and a solid sense of form when I could.

These were tests to see if I could adjust some compositions of surviving footage from 4:3 to 16:9.  A lot of the original shots aren’t great, but it was really fun to adapt them.

I’ll post more soon!


Once again, I have rescored an iconic scene from the third Doctor’s era with music I thought perfectly reflected the visuals.


guess who’s back? 

goddamit tumblr, why aren’t you letting me upload the videos on your stupid site anymore? what gives!?


Geronimo - Philisntcool

My new song about the Eleventh Doctor and such. Let me know what you think!

Please watch it and love it.