dr who season 4

Ok so because Tumblr is 10 today and my blog is coming up to 5 years old I thought I’d do a little run through of my Tumblr life because I’ve also had a few new followers recently.

I first got Tumblr when I was 16 and in my last year of school and I had a rather embarrassing wholock blog. I’d recently got back into Dr Who because they used to show reruns of seasons 1-4 when I got back from school, and they’d stopped showing Adam West Batman so I had nothing else to watch, and Sherlock was in its prime (season 2), so I can’t blame myself.

I took a punt at Ace Attorney sometime when I was in college, possibly first year, because there was a new game and I remembered all the old memes of it (boot to the head haha), and that’s when I evolved into an Ace Attorney blog, and I changed my url to what it is now. I think this is probably where most of my followers came from so I do apologise for the divergence I’ve made since then (oops).

I started to use Tumblr less frequently, and I don’t think I moved away from this phase until I bought Dragon Age: Origins in a Steam sale because i was looking for more rpgs, I had absolutely no idea what it was but it was really cheap. The first time I played it I did not get on with it at all but after playing a bit of KOTOR I went back and plunged into DA hell and thus I reentered Tumblr on a regular basis.

I didn’t bother changing my blog theme until recently purely because I started writing fic and I wanted to make my theme match the content. Although I’ve had loads of obsessions and fandoms throughout the years this has been the only one that I’ve wanted to write for, probably because it allowed me to create my own OC but also because the characters are just so much fun to write. Although it can be a stressful thing to like, I have found it so much fun to be able to engage creatively in the source material, and I even started art around it, which I haven’t done since I dropped art class at 14.

I’m now a second year History student at Uni but I’m devoting more and more time to this hellhole because I’ve found something I really enjoy and care about, namely my fic writing, which is probably terrible for my grades but I’m still doing fairly well. (Also History students have practically no contact hours so its allowed). 

Anyway I thought this would be a bit of fun, mainly so I could see the weird changes I’ve gone through since I was 16 but also because I know some of you are new to following me and probably deserve an intro. Thanks to everyone that has followed me throughout the 4-5 years even if you only started following last week, I love you all (probably). :)


“There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought.”

Doctor Who: Season 4.


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 047 | season 6 [4/7]
↳ The Krotons

“If this machine does run down, there will be the most colossal release of energy. Enough to destroy us, the Krotons and most of the planet. If you want us to help you, you must explain what you want us to do.”


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 063 | season 9 [4/5]
↳ The Mutants

“Yes, of course. The Solonians are meant to mutate. The mutation is part of it. A part of an evolution. They’re meant to change as their environment changes every five hundred years. A life cycle unique in the history of the universe. And now, thanks to the Marshal, threatened with extinction.”