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here you go anon: some ko & ko shenanigans

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The black velvet coat, black hoodie, black jeans and big black shitkicker brogue boots is such a look that it might be the thing I will miss most about Twelve.

dang, yeah, same. it’ll go down in fandom history as That Time Dr Who Genuinely Looked Fly AF

@ everyone drawing the 12 comics, please keep this legacy alive


I had tried to start this in the summer of last year, but had a really hard time getting the chart right. I used an existing pattern for the base of the count and increase, and figured, “How hard could it be to just change the chart design?”

Turns out harder than I thought.

But I finally did the math, and worked out the chart and was able to make it through doing stranded work FLAT (which is rough on the WS).

The knit is too loose, and the colors are not high enough contrast, but I’m going to just finish this tiny sweater for a baby before making other changes. 


Have you ever wondered, What if Vincent Van Gogh visited his gallery? Okay guys this was way, waaaay back and I just saw this video awhile ago. It warmed my heart so much I have to tell. It made me tear up because he died thinking that his paintings were not appreciated, making 900 paintings and only selling one. This also applies to other artists, dead or alive, that we should all appreciate.