dr who cats

The Cat Who Shat In My Hat

Awakening to some scene from Stephen King
the furniture scratched and soiled beyond repair
my senses olfactory explained the terror to me  
as a musky malodorous fragrance filled the air

My favorite chapeau clung to the carpet below 
that son of a miscreant, that crass cagey rat
as soon quite clearly my tired eyes could see
a little present from the cat who shat in my hat 

Still reeling in horror and disheveled disbelief
I shouted no more, this is war, enough, that’s it
prepared should that felonious feline ever return
I purchased a do it yourself kitty neutering kit 

Then it happened again but a few days later 
we were under a vicious most malicious attack 
I spied a new cap desecrated and decorated  
that cat who’d shat in my hat had come back