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I would like to give thanks to my friend @angrymagick for helping me with how Dings words things when I didn’t have the energy to think. Thank you~

ID #61029

Name: Julia / Jule
Age: 15
Country: Germany

Hey :) I recently discovered penship and I love the idea!
I do speak German, English ( I try to avoid mistakes, but hey, I am still learning ) and I recently started leaning Spanish. Oh, and I understand Latin, OK bye.

I am definitely proLGBT.

My interests are..
-listening to music
(mostly metal and rock, but I’m open minded, so..)
-watching TV
(supernatural, Dr who, shameless, vikings, the strain etc… and I like YouTube [but the German YouTube-community is literally shit ok? ]
-skateboarding and longboarding
-reading (mostly on wattpad, but I love the smell of books [ old books are the best oml])
-learning about new culture

That’s it, I guess.
Oh, I love going to concerts or to festivals hehe.

Preferences: I am open minded and love meeting new people. I’d say 14-18, but if we share some interests and you’re older, I don’t care.
somebody from Europe would be easier to send packages to because I’m not working yet and shipping overseas is expensive I guess. But I’d love to meet some people from all over the world.

(stay away if you are:
-homophobic or that kind of stuff
-against an alternative lifestyle (I have coloured hair, I am PROLGBT and so on..)

I’d love to hear from you :3

anonymous asked:

ok but why do you like moffat era who at all its complete trash

i don’t think i’ve gotten dr who-related hate since 2013 this is…….. nostalgic

anyways. i don’t think my answers are going to satisfy you because everything i like about it has to do with how it makes me feel and the impact it’s had on me, and clearly we haven’t had the same experience

i don’t think this is a genuine question on your part, or that i would be able to do any convincing, so it’s probably not worth it to go into great detail – i mean, at the core i do love the characters it’s featured, their relationships, the sort of fairy-tale feel or sci-fi/fantasy blend of moods it has at times, the many callbacks it makes to the classic series, and the creativity of the stories. but i don’t think you came into to my ask box actually wanting to hear that.

i think what i should say instead is that it’s very worth considering that there are reasons certain stories might be important to someone? and that even if you don’t like those stories, it doesn’t change that. and it’s worth thinking about how you talk about them. at least directly to the people in question. that’s not to say you have to be uncritical – even i acknowledge and have problems with the era in question. but there’s a major difference between that and… well, just being insulting about it?

i’m not even asking you to like what i like, so hopefully this isn’t too challenging to consider, but shifting your mindset from “this is trash because i don’t like it, and so no one should” maybe try “i don’t like this, but other people do, and they must have reasons”

if i misinterpreted your tone and you really do want some more detailed explanations, this is something i’d be willing to talk about. but this felt weirdly antagonistic to me and i feel like that’s the message that was intended, which isn’t something i want to get wrapped up in

tl;dr just… be nice, maybe?

ID #15212

Name: Bailey
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hello everyone. My name is Bailey, and I am looking for someone to chat with, either by email or the Tumblr chat. I like tv shows such as Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock, but I am open to trying new shows. I like practically any kind of movies, the same goes for music. I am a Ravenclaw and INFJ, and books are my life. I am in my sophomore year of high school (soon to be junior), and I want to be a psych major.

Preferences: I am looking for someone to talk with, from idle chit chat to deep conversations, no hate or bigotry, and ages 15-17. Any country, any gender. LGBTQ+, open to learning new languages.


@lattepotts Okay so I’m the anon that was confused abt the nonbinary lesbian flag and after discovering what it means I had this Large emotional moment about nb lesbian Ian Chesterton so I UHHHHHHHH made this moodboard inspired by your Wonderful Work I’m a big fan thank u