so i said this on twitter and facebook but here we are again. So I need to take a day off tomorrow to finally get caught up on work. Which is nice. Because for you it means less videos and for me it means exactly the same amount of work. Basically a lose lose all around but at the end of the day I’ll FINALLY be caught up and ahead on videos. Hopefully! So thanks for listening to me and I hope you have the sweetest dreams! Love you all! Goodbyenight.

I want to see a female Doctor Who. I want to see someone with 900 years of experience of presenting as a white man, suddenly having to navigate the world as a woman. I want The Doctor to walk into an emergency situation and start taking control as always, and being dismissed out of hand, and being totally thrown by it. I want the Doctor to realise that even with psychic paper people are going to be suspicious and questioning of their expertise. I want to see The Doctor being mistaken for their assistant. I want to watch The Doctor, as they realise that people didn’t just listen to them because they were clever, or right, but because they presented as a man. And come to terms with that, and fight back against the institutionalised sexism, whilst also fighting aliens I guess? 

So yeah, I was watching some first season New-Who today and just thinking “I wonder how this scene would have played out if The Doctor were a woman.” and yeah. Food for Thought.