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Hii :) is it possible to get some modern au hc for sanji, luffy, zoro, law and usopp pwetty pwease? :D xx

Hello there! Yes, of course it is :D This is all I could think of for now, hope you like them :)

Modern AU HCs: 


  • Works at a fancy restaurant as a Station/Demi Chef. He has his eye on the title of Sous Chef! He also plans to open his own place in a few years.
  • If Ace and Sabo aren’t around, he does Luffy’s grocery shopping. This one time, he made the mistake of going over to Lu’s place while his brothers were out of town, only to be told that they were having cup noodles for dinner. He can’t let Luffy go on like that and still be able to live with himself. 
  • I can see him being a runner and even taking an interest in field hockey.
  • HE LOVES HIS BIKE! It’s probably a Kawasaki Z800 or Honda CBR250R. A graduation gift from his siblings. He hates them, but calls his bike his baby. 
  • Sanji takes care of himself (hair, skin health etc). He believes presentation is extremely important no matter what field of work you’re in and if you need suggestions for shampoos/conditioners, he’s your man (Zoro will never admit how grateful he is).


  • Luffy is a huge fan of The Undertaker. He grew up watching WWE and always ignored the warning of ‘don’t try this at home.’ Ace was always his first (easier) target. Once, he even tried the chokeslam on Garp. Which was a bad idea. 
  • He’s into martial arts and wrestling, and if pushed to a less violent option, gymnastics. 
  • He has two pets: a pet cactus called Fiona and a bearded dragon/pogona called Dragon.
  • His brothers got him an air fryer on his fourteenth birthday. It made their lives easier, for when they’re busy with work. 
  • He spends a lot of money on candy (M&Ms and gummy bears). 
  • Zoro’s his neighbour. Luffy spends most of his time in his apartment playing video games. He might join his friend at his martial arts studio till he figures out what he wants to do (SAME BOAT, LU). 


  • His sense of direction never improved, but he comes home from work with Lu and it saves him a lot of time. As mentioned above, he opened his studio as soon as he graduated. 
  • He majored in business administration. I know, I know but his mentor told him it would be a good idea if he wanted to open his own school someday. 
  • He has a Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS. 
  • He doesn’t care about what products he uses (hair and skin), and is content to let Sanji take over in that department. He does prefer natural and subtle scents, though (forest-y, rain).
  • His diet is usually high-protein. He isn’t fond of cooking but understands the importance of a balanced diet. He doesn’t indulge in junk food that often, except for the occasional pizza and when the group decides to eat out. It’s inconvenient but he’s a highly disciplined man. 


  • Law is in his fourth year of residency. He’s specialising in Neurological Surgery. (I’m sorry if i screw up medical terms, I am not familiar with them at all).
  • He tries to eat healthy, but his schedule doesn’t always allow it. He moved in with Bepo (BFF) and it’s been better since then, because the cutie makes sure there’s good food in the fridge for his sleep-deprived best friend. 
  • He likes to swim and run, but prefers to swim as being underwater makes him forget all his worries if only for a few seconds. 
  • He has quite a few tattoos on his back. 
  • Law never skips showers. Ever. He actually exfoliates quite obsessively on his days off. 
  • He lives near the hospital, walks to work and back. He met Luffy when the latter was creating a ruckus in the hospital due to his aversion to the use of injections. Law kept him occupied by talking about the latest Assassin’s Creed game and they ended up becoming friends. 


  • Engineering Science major! Also scored an internship with Dr. Vegapunk. But will most probably join Franky once it’s over.
  • He’s the proud owner of a blue Vespa Primavera 150.
  • Usopp is obsessed with Legos. 
  • He likes to play tennis! Plays with Luffy and ends up regretting it. But this is where he bonds with Nami. 
  • Always stands up to bullies! He defended a sick Luffy in school from a bunch of opportunistic idiots and didn’t back off even once. They were saved by Zoro, and the rest is history. 
  • Gardening is one of his favourite hobbies! This man has a green thumb and a beautiful little garden. He has a special section for Sanji where he grows herbs and other plants used for culinary purposes. 
OP Chapter 840

Ok, so after reading the newest One Piece chapter I have a more accurate idea of how the Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66 work.

As of now I’m not discarding any of my initial ideas unless they have already been proved wrong. So let’s see what similarities remain from when I first started writing about this subject nearly two months ago and what we’ve seen so far, shall we?

The title, ‘Iron Mask’, is clearly making a reference to The Man in the Iron Mask. This was all I needed to see to confirm what we saw in chapter 833 (see image above) was, in fact, referencing that real life character. What I do not know for sure is whether he’s taken what little we know of the actual historical account as a source or he’s based it on either, Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later (Le Vicomte de Bragelonne ou Dix ans plus tard) - the third and last novel of the d’Artagnan saga - or the 1998 movie starring Leo DiCaprio - seeing how he’s made a member of royalty wear the mask, I suspect the latter options are more probable, but you never know -. In the last two pages of chapter 840 is where we finally get to know why Sanji was forced into the mask.

Sanji is deemed too weak to be part of the family, he’s a failure, so Jajji decides to feign his son’s demise in front of his kingdom while still keeping him caged somewhere in the dungeons and forces a mask on him so no one will recognise him. I must admit that the first time we got to see Sanji in the mask, I thought it was probably being used as a method to punish and toughen him up instead of hiding his identity - mainly because I found, and I still find, it stupid to put that helmet on Sanji to conceal who he really is while letting him keep his clothes that just scream SANJI. Come on, Jajji! I thought you were supposed to be a genius overlord (and scientist, according to this chapter)! - as I mentioned in Part 1.

Still going back to that aforementioned first part where I wrote about the similarities between the Germa Kingdom and the Spartans, we have these sets of panels that, I think, reinforce the agoge parallel.

Children going through brutal training to become physically and mentally strong. We still see weakness is frowned upon and laughed at, just like I mentioned on the post about Ancient Sparta. So I think the parallel may still be valid. The main difference between them would have been the fact that, had the Vinsmokes been 100% based on the Spartans, they would have either killed Sanji or put him in the first line to get killed (in the worst case, most humiliating scenario, he would have been kept as a slave), but as I already mentioned, Oda chose to mix it with The Man in the Iron Mask which obviously keeps him alive and reinforces his French base (as I’ve mentioned numerous times, Sanji is a walking, talking French stereotype). We’ll see what else Oda has in store and whether I discard it later on or not. 

Part 2 and its Ancient Norsemen still remains pretty much the same, save for the religious beliefs part of it since we’ve already been told that the Germa soldier clones are programmed to obey and not to fear death; some sort of technological Agoge 2.0 if you will.

As for WWII Germany in Part 3, it’s been clearly established as the main base of the Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66. Cloning, genetic engineering, Jajji being a researcher, scientist and creator of new weaponry along with Dr. Vegapunk (which I had already said he’d probably be mentioned at some point  in regard to the Germa 66), the very own decoration inside the castle, etc. they all have some kind of relation to Nazi Germany. Honestly, last time I said I suspected the source of inspiration for Caesar Clown was German physician and SS officer Josef Mengele; now I think he might have influenced both, Vinsmoke Jajji and Dr. Vegapunk, as well.

As for the non-historical references - The Man in the Iron Mask was based on a real prisoner who was surrounded by mystery - I see clear Cinderella references - the tale’s most popular version was coincidentally first published by French author Charles Perrault and later by the Brothers Grimm, who were German -; well, more like some kind of reverse Cinderella in some ways.

The way I see it, whereas Cinderella was forced to serve her step-mother and step-sisters when she didn’t want to, Sanji wants to do those chores but they prohibit him from doing so because he’s royalty and it’s beneath him. Apart from that, both are cruelly abused by their siblings and parental figures and at least in the Disney version of the tale, Cinderella befriends animals and feeds them too.

Aside from Cinderella, I also got some kind of Captain America-like vibe and the physician’s comment about exoskeletons made me think of cockroaches and scarabs.

I’ll just finish this saying that the Vinsmokes are not nice people, but I find them incredibly intriguing. If life has taught me one thing, it’s that you always have to try to understand the other side’s point of view; try to learn more about the way they think, the way they live and what they believe in. If you just judge someone without at least trying to do any of that, no matter how much of an asshole they may be, you’ll just end up being as much of an ignorant swine as they are. I may not agree with their proceedings, but I’m starting to understand where the Vinsmokes come from. I’m honestly thrilled with this arc.

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418-421: “The Friends' Whereabouts – The Science of Weather and the Mechanical Island”; “An Island of Giant Birds and a Pink Paradise!”; “Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations!” and “A Princess Negativity and the King of Demons!”

The Hype Intensifies…

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sakamichi no apollon <3

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One Piece: Episode 377

Zoro saves Luffy from Kuma

Full episode below:


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