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“Fix it” Shakarian Mass Effect Sequel concept

Hundreds (thousands? Considering Asari) of years go by after the end of ME3. Things settle down into normality. People settle down into their now new existence, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Eventually they forget how to be homesick. People become happy. Shepard goes from being a hero to being a pietist.

Then something goes wrong. Something threatens what is now the known galaxy once again. The galaxy, settled and peaceful, is struck by the sudden threat and unprepared in their almost utopia. But they fight back, and they manage to stand their ground.

However things are not going well. The known galaxy simply does not know how to handle this threat. And although they’ve managed to dig in their heels, the leaders are doubtful as to how long they can last before this threat starts pushing hard and they all get trampled. This goes on for years, each side inching back and forth against each other.

During this time, a radical idea is suggested. Although outlawed for hundreds if not almost a 1000 years by this stage, it is suggested that what the Known galaxy needs is its savior once again, and the proposal is made to clone Commander Shepard so that she may lead them against this new threat, as someone who has not only seen and defeated the reapers, a much greater threat, but as someone who by now has an almost religious connotation to her. The idea is denied.

However, not long after, a heavy blow is struck by the threat against the known galaxy. The leaders find themselves facing total destruction as a very real possibility. In desperation, the cloning idea is reconsidered, and eventually approved.

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Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean EXPO.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean ruins.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean lecture.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to my room.
Shepard: YES! SURE, Dr Tsoni NOW?