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The incredible @purplefangirlmommy and @hollyspacey tagged me for my top five Sebastian looks.

Here they are in no particular order…


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Faux Surprise

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Laughing ‘til He Scrunches

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Dr. Tongue

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Do you have any ideas on modern outfits for the main spring awakening character?

I went a bit crazy and thought of headcanons for everyone, hope this helps! (this is btw just how I see the characters and other headcanons are super cool too and I really wanna hear them tbh!)

-tennis skirts
-lots of flower patterns 
-loves harajuku fashion but isn’t allowed to wear it
-matching girlfriend necklace with Ilse
-only wears super old vans that’re already falling apart
-heart shaped sunglasses

-ripped jeans
-leather jackets
-wears earrings 
-always doodles on his shoes
-doesn’t own a sweater that actually fits him
-has lots of buttons and doodles on his backpack 

-button ups paired with sweaters are his brand tbh
-king of skinny jeans seriously get that boy some normal pants his legs must be numb by now

-also ripped jeans
-embroidered jackets 
-fishnet tights 
-dr. martens 
-eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man 

-mostly pastel especially lavender 
-cardigans + dresses

-many frills and lace
-only wears skirts and dresses
-loves lolita fashion but is too shy to wear it 
-flat ballet shoes 
-hair clips 

-definitely has a tongue piercing
-dr. martens 
-bomber jackets 
-doesn’t own a backpack, Ernst always has to carry all his stuff
-crop tops 

-button ups with cute animals and plants 
-wears fake glasses bcus he looks cute with them
-doesn’t own a piece of clothing without doodles on it 
-let’s Moritz draw on his clothes 

-super old converse
-eyeliner game is always on point 
-curly hair 
-septum piercing

-queen of bralettes 
-always has the prettiest nail polish 
-somehow always has flowers in her dr. martens (Martha puts them there)
-tends to steal everyones jackets 

-has an undercut 
-thin framed glasses
-actually buys normal jeans but they and up being ripped anyway 
-jeans jackets 
-always starts the vans/converse discourse 
-double helix piercing 

-only owns band shirts 
-has really cool socks and no one knows where he buys them
-rainbow bracelet 
-never wears jackets. not even when it’s december.

Say Goodbye (pt. 12)

(So, things are heating up, cutie pies! Just a quick note that this takes place in the same universe as “Alter Egos” in which Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein experiment on Chase and turn him into Jackieboy Man! Might want to keep that in mind…)

“Vhy am I heah?” Dr. Schneep asks, peering up at Wilford from where he’s “tied” to a chair. Really Wilford just wrapped the rope around him and tucked both ends into the folds.

“Yeah, um, I don’t know how well thought out this plan is…” Chase wiggles a little bit and the ropes start to fall off of him. Wilford makes a face, and Chase smiles innocently. “I mean, it’s a great plan! But Anti doesn’t really… like us that much.”

“Yes, ze Bro is right,” Schneep says with a curt nod.

Wilford runs his hands through his hair and sighs. “Yeah, I was afraid of that.” He squints at them. “Ok, pause. Why is your hair blue now? I thought blue was Ethan’s color.”

Chase rolls his eyes. “Really? You want to talk hair color right now? Anti has your friends. Let me help you get them back.”

Wilford sits into a cross-legged position on the floor with a huff. “No, that won’t work. He’s baiting me specifically, seems he wants some sort of showdown. If you were to attack him, that might put my friends at risk.”

“Anti doesn’t play by the rules,” Chase says, shaking his head. “Your friends are in danger anyway. The best thing you can do now is face Anti with all the fire power you’ve got.”

Dr. Schneep clicks his tongue, gaining both of the other Egos’ attention. “You are ignoring one crucial detail heah.”

“What’s that?” Wilford raises an eyebrow at him, skeptical about trusting anything he says.

“Anti has possessed zat Bim Trimmer’s body, has he not? Zat means you vill not be able to fight him vithout injuring your friend.” Dr. Schneeplestein shrugs. “Unless you find a vay to free your friends first, zis cannot possibly end vell.”

Wilford crosses his arms over his chest and mulls this over. “Bim’s powerful, but he’s new at what he does, which makes his abilities unpredictable, right up Anti’s alley. But… if we were to take those abilities away…”

Chase tilts his head to the side, and his hat falls off. “How can you do that?”

Wilford snatches up Chase’s hat and puts it on his own head. “We go to my own little corner of hell, of course!”


Wilford, gun drawn, and Chase, dressed as Jackieboy Man, wait on the roof of Ego Inc. for Anti to show his—or rather, Bim’s—face. As the sun begins to set on the horizon, Bim appears at the edge of the roof dressed in Anti’s usual black shirt and knee-less pants. His glasses are missing, and his usual pristine hair has been skewed hopelessly. “So, ya decided to bring along the two-bit hero!” Anti’s giggle through Bim’s voice is disturbingly low-pitched.

Wilford, keeping his gun at waist-level, takes a few steps forward. “Anti, this can all end right here right now. Just give me Bim and the Host, and I’ll let it all blow over.”

Bim glitches to a different position, standing only inches away from Wilford. “Not likely, Bubbles. I’m in it fer the long haul this time.”

Warfstache wiggles his eyebrows. “Oh well, if you insist…” There’s a rupture in the air as the entire roof of the building is instantly pulled into Wilford’s void. Gravity shifts, and the three Egos are launched off the concrete. Bim screeches, but Wilford angles himself with ease and kicks the other Ego in the stomach, making Anti release a string of curses. “You’ll pay fer that!”

Wilford unleashes an onslaught of bubbles right at Bim. “You’ll have to get to me first.” Warfstache prances away, pirouetting through the void with ease as Bim fights against the shifting gravity, unable to keep up. “You know… You’d be able to get around better if you could glitch properly. Bim just slows you down…”

Anti screams, and Bim’s form glitches around harshly. Wilford grits his teeth, worried what the glitching will do to Bim, but then he sees Anti appear, leaving Bim to float through the void, unconscious. Wilford breathes a sigh of relief as Chase snatches Bim from the air and places him down onto the roof gently, and Warfstache transports them both out of the void.

“Alright, Anti. You wanted a fight. I’ll give you a fight. If I win, you’ll tell me where the Host is.” Wilford spins his gun around his finger and wiggles his mustache.

“And if I win,” Anti grins, angry that he’s lost his host body but still determined to win, “I get ta keep him. The Doctor needs a new test subject, after all.” Anti glitches around a bit, getting himself oriented before adding. “And ya have ta shave the mustache!”

Wilford squints at Anti and nods. “Alright, deal.”

Love Potion #9

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day!  This is a collaborative story written by @ bixisarusher, @flslp87 @hellomommanerd @snowbellewells and @whimscallyenchantedrose.  A big thanks to @duathadun for making the above graphic!

Summary:  When Cupid puts a love potion in Storybrooke’s water supply on Valentine’s Day, all kinds of chaos ensues.  Can the heroes find a way to reverse the spell and bring peace back to their overly loving community?


Valentine’s Day dawned crisp and clear, the sun shining down on the snow that had blanketed Storybrooke overnight, making it sparkle like tiny diamonds.  Emma woke slowly, enjoying the warmth of her bed and the security of Killian’s arms around her.  

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1/3 so theres a post going around again about the different types of service dogs so could you imagine how different jack's life would be after the draft if he'd gotten a choco lab doggo, like this pup helps so much just by sitting with his head in jacks lap listening to all the things jack thinks he fucked up and he just gets a nonjudgmental ear to vent to, and even after he and bitty get together he still goes to his pup to talk out how he feels about their relationship. and in the haus

2/3 all the taddies get the “he’s here to work, not play w you” speech from shitty. plz also consider doggo helping w panic attacks aka a time in which jacks not alone in his room in epikegster after kent leaves so bitty doesn’t get completely shut out? like he knows jack has someone there to support him and isn’t /intentionally/ shutting him out

3/3 and lets not forget what kinda names this dog could have, like the one post about jack having a stuffed penguin named manchie and names the pup that too (i’m a fan of naming one animal the name of another animal just go w it) but anyway jack deserves to be okay and deserves happiness to be easier

oh my goodness yes i love this au. i feel like just before he comes to samwell his therapist suggests getting an emotional support dog for the comforting presence. however when jack looks into this he realises it’d be even better to get a psychiatric service dog because his panic attacks are pretty debilitating. so his therapist provides the recommendation and jack meets fish, a chocolate labrador (i totally get the naming animals after other animals it’s my favourite thing). fish is 3 years old and jack falls in love with her instantly. he attends training sessions with her and fish loves jack back just as much if not more

so jack and fish go to samwell. he’s been permitted to keep fish in his dorm and around the rink. some of the team do initially have a problem with remembering not to pet her but after one of the d-men distracts her whilst jack’s hands are shaking shitty tears him apart and no one ever does it again

frog year is tough for jack but without fish it would have been worse, so much worse. luckily he has fish. he also has shitty. fish loves shitty, a lot. she can tell that shitty loves jack and honestly that’s all she needs to know in her opinion. so when jack is having a rough day during first semester she makes a habit of leading jack to shitty. or if she can’t find him she’ll retrieve jack’s phone and drop it in his lap so he can phone him

surprisingly or unsurprisingly depending on how you look at it, fish does not take to bitty immediately. jack’s frosty demeanour around bitty makes her distrustful of him. after a while though, jack and bitty grow closer and although it takes a little longer, fish eventually warms up to him. after bitty’s concussion jack has a lot of trouble sleeping because his anxiety and guilt over bitty keeps him up, even after bitty votes for him to be captain again. the sleep deprivation makes his hands shake too much to pack his bags so fish tries to lead him to someone for help. jack assumes she’s taking him to shitty and follows her out of his room. however fish pushes him across the hall to johnson’s door which opens to reveal bitty, dropping off his boxes. the ensuing conversation plays out pretty much exactly the same way as the canon end of bitty’s freshman year, except there’s a dog sitting by jack’s feet wagging her tail

jack’s senior year is very different in comparison to his previous ones. whenever his anxiety gets bad, be it over school or the nhl or anything else, there’s now a 50/50 chance that fish will lead him to shitty or bitty. also that iconic bitty/jack baking scene turns slightly 101 dalmatians. instead of bumping into each other, fish may ‘accidentally’ knock bitty causing him to fall into jack who grabs his hips to keep him upright. nice one fish

the aftermath of epikegster is one of the worst panic attacks jack’s had since rehab. in this au when jack shuts the door on bitty after parse leaves he accidentally shuts fish out because she followed parse out to put as much space between him and jack as possible. so instead we have bitty knocking on the door just so fish can get in to help jack. luckily shitty’s room is still unlocked so he gets fish to follow him and lets her into jack’s room through the connecting bathroom. he gives her a pat on the head and tells her to take care of jack. if a dog could roll its eyes fish would (of course she’s going to look after jack, jack is her favourite person bitty come on)

part of fish’s training is that when jack’s attacks are so bad that he can barely breathe she gently pushes him to the floor and presses against his chest to calm him down. she knows not to get anyone just yet, that having anyone around jack right now will not help (bitty also knows this, which is why he didn’t follow fish into the bedroom). so fish just presses her head against jack’s chest as he takes in gulps of air that slowly turn into shaky breathes. it’s only when jack begins to stroke her head that she noses into his pocket and pulls out his phone so he can phone shitty

also please take the time to imagine jack running across campus to kiss bitty with a happy chocolate labrador running beside him with her tongue flapping

tl;dr i love the idea of jack with a service dog. he does deserve to be happy anything to make that happen is a good thing


Art by Grimbro