dr tongue

INTERVIEWER: doctor ███████ ████
FOREWORD: SCP-1818 began speaking when a doctor and two guards entered its cell. the conversation was recorded, visually and audibly, by the surveillance camera mounted in SCP-1818′s cell. irrelevant data has been omitted. 

dr. ████ : [evidently speaking to the guards] see if you can get it to come over and sit in the chair. 
SCP-1818: you could put that request directly to me. i am not deaf. 
dr. ████ : holy shit. so, you— you can talk?
SCP-1818 : i would have thought that i had made that apparent enough by now. did you believe me incapable of speech?
dr. ████ : uh… yeah, we did. you, uh— you sound like you have an accent. 
SCP-1818 : you must pardon that; english is not my native tongue. 
dr. ████ : what is?
SCP-1818 : it is french. 
dr. ████ : jesus. you’re full of surprises. can you, uh… tell us what you are, then?
SCP-1818 : according to that file in your hands, i am SCP-1818, am i not?
dr. ████ : you’re not supposed to— you can read? 
SCP-1818 : if you did not wish me to read my own file, you should not have held it in plain view. 

[SCP-1818 seemed to be growing increasingly annoyed throughout this exchange. after a few more short replies, none of which contained any relevant information, it lapsed into silence again and refused to speak further. all subsequent communication has been either to request reading materials or to attempt to persuade the doctors to set it free. it has not offered any relevant information about itself or its origins.]

CLOSING STATEMENT: “the damned thing wasn’t inclined to cooperate after our conversation. guess it was offended that i assumed it couldn’t speak and read. it wouldn’t comply with any of my commands for the testing, and when the guards tried to make it comply with force, it brushed them off like they were made of paper. i have a feeling we’re gonna have to sweet-talk it if we wanna get any tests done.” — dr. ████