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Sherlock and Motherhood

Further to this conversation about gender and age in Sherlock, I started idly thinking about depictions of motherhood in Sherlock.  And I realized…  up until Sherlock’s mum shows up in series 3, there almost aren’t any.  We have a lot of women in their 30s and older, and we know nothing about their parental status, because it doesn’t matter in the context of the show. 

Can you imagine that?  A show full of women over the age of 27, and no one is defined by her status as a mother or her failure to become one.

Best of all, the one canon mother I can think of pre-series 3 is Dr Stapleton – a mad scientist who abducts her daughter’s pet to perform clandestine experiments to satisfy her own curiosity… 

and yet isn’t a villain.  And receives no narrative comeuppance. 

Not exactly the typical story arc for fictional mothers!

There is not much written about THOB that is sherlolly related, which makes sense since Molly does not appear. I think, however, that Molly’s absence from the episode actually reveals a lot about Sherlock and Molly’s relationship that carries over into TRF.

During the scene in the Baskerville lab, Sherlock is analyzing the sugar looking for the presence of a drug. He gets extremely frustrated. Dr. Stapleton and John are talking to each other and are of no help to Sherlock. He’s all on his own looking for the answer and ends up throwing the slide at the wall in frustration, something I don’t see him doing in Molly’s presence.

Sherlock is missing Molly at this point. He needs his lab partner. Like John, Molly is someone Sherlock needs to test his theories on, someone knowledgable enough to provide feedback. While John is helpful in other areas, chemistry and lab work are not his strengths. 

In TRF when he needs to analyze the footprint of the kidnapper, Sherlock immediately goes to Molly. “I’ve got a lunch date.” “Cancel it. You’re having lunch with me.” He simply won’t do the analysis without her. When they start working, they’re a team. Molly keeps him calm and focused.


Sherlock calls her John, but John is important to his work. The fact that he confuses her says a lot. In the lab, Molly is his John, his crime-solving partner. Right after this, Molly blows Sherlock’s mind by correctly deducing him, something John has never been able to. Sherlock suddenly looks at Molly in a whole new light. This woman sees right through Sherlock and knows exactly what’s going on. He doesn’t fool her. She asks him what he means when he mumbles “I owe you”. He tries to blow it off, but Molly won’t let him. She proceeds to let him know that she is aware that something is going on and that he should tell her because she can help him. From this point on Sherlock knows that Molly is the one person that matters the most to him, the person he can turn to in his darkest hour.

Mind Palace

Sherlock x reader

Note:So this is my first insert, even more, the first thing I wrote in English that wasn’t for school, so yeah, I might sound a bit weird but hey, who cares x) I just wanted to thanks @prettyxlittlexwriter for beta-reading it, like, thank you very very very much, I seriously owe you on that one, otherwise I probably would have never posted it and it would probably be exploding with mistakes, thanks :D If anyone wants some more, I could try, just ask me, I’ll see what I can do :)


“Get out. I need to go to my mind palace.”

And here he was again, kicking everyone out because of his damn mind palace. He even did it in the winter. He once expelled everyone out because they were ‘’too noisy’’. John and Mrs Hudson actually had to come down and ask me to give them asylum for the next hour or so… And I thought of moving into the third floor flat… second thoughts, good thing I stayed in the basement.

“Y/N?” asked John.

Lost in my own thoughts I hadn’t moved an inch. John was leaving the lab with Dr. Stapleton, explaining to her what was actually going on and why she was being kicked out of her own lab that she had so kindly lend us for our investigation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait for him.” I was the only one silent enough to stay when he did this. It wasn’t the first time I saw him doing it, but it still was something fascinating to witness. Standing there, his eyes still opened, blind to the world, seeing things no one else could, even going as far as moving them around his head.

If anyone walked in at this very moment, they would have seen him as a mad man (which he probably was after all…), but his every movement still seemed to have a certain precision and… grace. To me, it always appeared as if he led an orchestra. His head turning left and right, hand shifting invisible things through the air. I was hypnotized by his every moves.

Careful not to distract him, I slowly moved around the table, getting behind him and squinting, trying to figure out what he was thinking about. ‘’Liberty In’’… It had to be related to that phrase, we were just talking about it right before he kicked everyone out.

Playing the game, I started digging though all I could find related to the words Liberty In, making a list in a corner of my head.

Liberty… Freedom to do what you want or to go where you want? Liberty => Freedom? Statue of Liberty? 

In… Expresses the situation of something that is or appear to be enclosed or surrounded by something else? Expresses inclusion or involvement? Inn? Inside? India? Indiana? Indonesia?

What if it was a place? The name of a company, a store, a market or a restaurant maybe? But which country would… Oh!

At this very moment, the answer hit me. Of course it was a place!

“Liberty In-” Sherlock murmured.

“-Indiana. H-O-U-N-D, it’s an abbreviation…” I cried excitedly.
“… for a scientific project!” he finished. I smiled.
“Holmes, you are a bloody genius!”

Note (again): So yeah, that was it,thanks for reading, I hope you liked it ^_^

Hello Detective Chapter 36

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“You do?” The Major asked confused.

“I’m getting a little slow on faces but Mr. Holmes here isn’t someone I expected to show up in this place.” Dr. Frankland said. Shit, shit, he was going to give you away. You knew he recognized you all.

“Oh, well…” Sherlock began.

“Good to see you again, Mycroft.” Dr. Frankland said, which surprised all of you. “I had the honour of meeting Mr. Holmes and his assistant Miss Gregson at the WHO conference in… Brussels, was it?” Dr. Frankland said, shaking Sherlock’s hand.

“Vienna.” Sherlock said, playing along.

“Vienna, that’s it. This is Mr. Mycroft Holmes, Major. There’s obviously been a mistake.” Dr. Frankland said, why would he protect us?

“On your head be it, Dr. Frankland.” Barrymore said, still displeased.

“I’ll show them out, Corporal.” Frankland said, leading us reluctantly through the door.

“Thank you.” Sherlock said when you were out of the building.

“This is about Henry Knight, isn’t it? I thought so. I knew he wanted help, but I didn’t realize he was going to contact Sherlock Holmes!” Dr. Frankland said. Sherlock smiled briefly.

“Oh, don’t worry, I know who you really are. I’m never off your website. I thought you’d be wearing the hat though.” the doctor said again.

“That wasn’t my hat.” Sherlock said. Dr. Frankland turned to you.

“Touchy subject.” You smiled.

“I love the blog too, Dr. Watson.” Frankland said.

“Oh, cheers.” John said.

“The pink thing. And the one about the aluminium crutch. Didn’t expect to see you though Sergeant Gregson, is the Yard in on this one too?” Frankland asked.

“No, I’m on holiday.” You lied, but sometimes that was easier.

“You know Henry Knight?” Sherlock asked him.

“Well, I knew his dad better. He had all sorts of mad theories about this place. Still, he was a good friend.” Frankland said, he turned his head to see Major Barrymore staring at us suspiciously. “ Listen, I can’t really talk now. Here’s my cell number. If I can help with Henry, give me a call.”

“I never did ask, Dr. Frankland, what exactly is it that you do here?” Sherlock asked.

“Ah, Mr. Holmes, I would love to tell you, but then, of course, I’d have to kill you.” Dr. Frankland laughed.

“That would be tremendously ambitious of you. Tell me about Dr. Stapleton.” Sherlock said.

“I never speak ill of a colleague.” Frankland said.

“But you’d speak well of one, which you’re clearly unable to do.” You pointed out.

“I do seem to be, don’t I?” He said with a smile.

“I’ll be in touch.” Sherlock said, holding up his business card as he walked away, you all followed.

“So? What was all that about a rabbit?” You asked, Sherlock fixed his coat and put his collar up.

“Oh, please, can we not do this, this time? John asked when he saw what Sherlock was doing.

“Do what?” He asked, confused.

“You being all mysterious with your… cheekbones, and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.” John said as he got in the car. You couldn’t help but laugh. Sherlock gave you a look.

“Aww, don’t be mad.” You said, hugging him.

“I don’t do that.” Sherlock argued.

“Yeah, you do.” You laughed as you got in the back of the car.

“So the email from Kirsty. The missing luminous rabbit.” John began.

“Kirsty Stapleton, whose mother specialises in genetic manipulation.” Sherlock said.

“She made her daughter’s rabbit glow in the dark?” you asked.

“Probably a fluorescent gene. Removed and spliced into the specimen. Simple enough, these days. So we know that Dr. Stapleton performs secret genetic experiments on animals. Question is, has she been working on something deadlier than a rabbit?” Sherlock asked.

“To be fair that is quite a wide field.” John said.

You noticed that the car pulled up to a huge house. You figured it had to belong to Henry Knight, but Jesus this place was huge. You followed the boys to the front door where Sherlock rang the bell.

“Hi. Come in, come in.” Henry said, as he opened the door.

“This is beautiful.” You told Henry.

“Are you, um, rich?” John asked.

“Yeah.” Henry said.

“Right.” John said.

Henry led you into the kitchen where he gave you coffee. John looked at his watch and slipped you a few more pills.

“You’re a lifesaver Watson.” You smiled.

You sat down at the counter while Henry began to talk.

“There’s a couple of words, it’s what I keep seeing. Liberty and In. Just that.” Henry began as John wrote down the words in his notebook. Henry turned to put something back in the fridge.

“Mean anything to you?” John asked Sherlock.

“Liberty in death? Isn’t that the expression. The only true freedom.” Sherlock whispered.

“What now then?” Henry asked.

“Sherlock’s… got a plan?” John said.

“Yes.” Sherlock said after taking a sip of his drink.

“Right.” Henry said.

“We take you back out to the moor.” Sherlock began.

“Okay…” Henry sighed.

“And see if anything attacks you.” Sherlock finished.

“What?” You and John asked at the same time.

“That should bring things to a head.” Sherlock said.

“At night?” Henry asked, nervous. “You want me to go out there at night?”

“That’s your plan? Brilliant!” John laughed.

“Got any better ideas?” Sherlock asked,

“That’s not a plan.” John argued.

“If there is a monster out there, John, there’s only one thing to do. Find out where it lives.” Sherlock said.

You were tired and needed a nap but you wanted to be a part of the investigation and help. You were feeling a little better than you were this morning with all the medication John has been giving you, but you were nowhere near 100%.

As the sun set, Henry led you, Sherlock, and John to the moor and down to Dewer’s Hollow. You each had flashlights in hand. You stayed close to Sherlock, after a little while of walked you turned around and noticed John was no longer there. He must have seen something and followed it.

“Met a friend of yours.” Sherlock said, when you were almost there.

“What?” Henry asked.

“Dr. Frankland?” Sherlock said.

“Oh, right. Bob, yeah.” Henry said, absentmindedly.

“He seems pretty concerned about you.” Sherlock noticed.

“Oh, he’s a worrier, bless him. He’s been very kind to me since I came back.” Henry told you.

“He knew your father?” You asked.

“Yeah.” Henry answered.

“But he works at Baskerville. Didn’t your dad have a problem with that?” You asked him.

“Well, mates are mates, aren’t they? I mean, look at you two. You hate police Mr. Holmes yet you’re dating one.” Henry said.

“The rest of the police force are mormons, I’ve just managed to find one that isn’t.” Sherlock said.

“Dewers Hollow.” Henry pointed once you had arrived.

The Fate of the Watson Baby has been Staring us in the Face this Whole Time

We’ve been discussing this for ages: How can the baby be John’s with everything we know about Doyle’s canon? How can the baby be both real and not real? Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Why does she have the name of a stillborn from episode 9 and the initials of a stillborn from episode 1 if she’s alive? That’s because she is stillborn. The baby doesn’t survive the birth. That doesn’t mean the family doesn’t take a baby home with them. 

Just like Dr Stapleton, Nurse Mary Watson is going to bring home a “rabbit” that isn’t the one she was supposed to have. Kirstie got ahold of the wrong rabbit after her mother accidentally brought home one of the lab specimens that glowed in the dark. Dr Stapleton exterminated it after her daughter found out something was not right about the rabbit. “Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry.” Obviously an inside job. This would be an excellent parallel to “the dog did nothing in the night time” – which we saw referenced at Setlock this summer, the original story being “The Silver Blaze”. So the baby coming home with Mary isn’t going to be hers, John is going to doubt its legitimacy and consult Sherlock – just like Kirstie Stapleton – but Mary isn’t going to know that’s being investigated behind her back. She will abduct the child – hopefully she’ll just give her away to some loving family, but we all know how mirrors work (she will exterminate her off screen) – and John will think someone broke in and took her. Sherlock will realize it was an inside job. Mary will make her escape after she (AGRA) falls overboard. She’ll swim like a shark (who eats her young). 

Wonder why Mary has been wearing turned-up jeans this whole time? Because she’s not the mother. We were right, there was a reason they gave Sherlock that line in episode 3 about deducing paternity – except it will work both ways because Mary isn’t the mother, just like John isn’t the father. 

Is it time to freak out yet?

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The Hounds of Baskerville appreciation post

i don’t see it being talked about much but this episode of bbc sherlock is quite possibly The Best and i’m going to tell you some of the reasons why  with some help from the wonderful emojilock, gaysherlockholmes, mistermarx, and music-medic

  • sherlock shouting “I NEED SOME, GET ME SOME” at john
  • sherlock vibrating and thrusting in his seat and just being a horny little thing (gif source)
  • john being his Most Toppy Self, scolding sherlock and telling him to apologize to mrs. hudson
  • how in sync they are with each other by this point in their relationship, knowing when there’s a client just by the way they ring the doorbell
  • sherlock’s military kink revealed
  • captain watson pulling rank and liking it (sherlock likes it too)
  • captain watson checking out corporal lyons 
  • sherlock checking out captain watson
  • gay innkeepers
  • john never denies that he and sherlock are boyfriends when it’s assumed
  • “you being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool" stop staring john
  • trash!john straight up asking henry if he’s rich the moment he walks through the door
  • “ohh, you’re a bad man”
  • sherlock…is so small…he tries apologizing to john and is so tiny i can’t even believe it…probably less than 1 inch tall at that moment
  • john the “live-in PA”
  • the heart-shaped wreath hanging between their chairs??? honestly
  • sherlock is very smoll and frightened he is always smoll but now he’s especially smoll
  • john calling sherlock “spock”
  • papa lestrade is never too far away
  • “is that why you’re calling yourself ‘greg’?”
  • sherlock chucking the petri dish at the wall when john is talking to dr. stapleton and ignoring him……like we get it sherlock but chill
  • sherlock looking at john like this:
  • and of course, a poop joke really wraps up the episode nicely, as poop jokes do

god bless you mark gatiss

Redbeard is (not?!) imaginary?

I was speaking with @waitingforgarridebs about this, how the writers are just waiting to pull the rug out from under our feet with regards to Redbeard… And we thought of a Dr Stapleton/Bluebell and Mummy Holmes/Redbeard parallel…

Say, Redbeard is an actual person, Sherlock’s first and only friend until he met John. But, what if for whatever reason (out of misguided caring or cold manipulation) Mummy Holmes convinces Sherlock that Redbeard is IMAGINARY. She asks Mycroft to keep up the lie- “Promise me, Mycroft”-and he does, hating himself.

And so, out of grief, despair and worrying that he is losing his mind, Sherlock becomes addicted to drugs in order to find Redbeard. He buries Redbeard deep inside his mind palace, far away from Mycroft’s prying reach.

And through the pain of loss and denial, Redbeard becomes a dog in Sherlock’s mind, like Henry Knight disguised the death of his father to his own mind. Mycroft watches Sherlock slip further and further away from reality, and he becomes increasingly sick with guilt.

And so, Mycroft breaks. He reveals the truth: Sherlock, your mind is not lying to you, Redbeard is real. And Sherlock loses faith in his older brother, and resents him for initially keeping the truth from him.

And, that is how Mycroft “upset Mummy.” He broke his promise.


anonymous asked:

I just wanted to tell you that I find your blog very refreshing and fun! (Especially the Mary appreciation. Can never find good blogs that like Mary instead of trying to shove her into a horrid villainous character mold that she doesn't fit into.) I was curious-- you post a bunch of ships (which is really nice, btw. I don't ship anything too vehemently in general, but it's fun to see it once in awhile, especially with some variation!), do you have a preferred one?

Thank you, nonny!  (and btw, if you’re not already following them, the-sign-of-tea and consultingpiskies are great for Mary-positive posts.)

My preferred ship…  that’s a great question.  

The short answer is basically Sherlock + Anyone and Everyone and No One and inanimate objects and abstractions and pretty much anything else you can think of.  :)

I love it all – I’m compelled by every single interpretation of Sherlock’s sexuality or lackthereof.

And the longer version…  get ready…

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Oh, that’s the problem – the final problem. Have you worked out what it is yet? What’s the final problem? I want to solve the problem – our problem; the final problem. But that wasn’t the end of Sir Boast-a-lot’s problem. No. That wasn’t the final problem.  Here we are at last – you and me, Sherlock, and
our problem – the final problem.

There has been a lot of talk about problems lately. Final problems. So, who has been talking about problems before?  I have excluded the quotes where the speaker says ”Problem?” (to challenge someone or as a prompt to get someone to speak up) or ”no problem” (as a response to a question or an excuse).

Some are just regular, everyday problems. Some are criminal problems. Some are final, some are in the past, some are in the future, and some are real-life problems. Like @may-shepard  has mentioned and @inevitably-johnlocked and @the-blue-carbuncle discussed in this post, the fact that they seem to be using an original title for the first time, might mean that they will give us a new solution to an original problem.

All I ask is that they under no circumstances let the solution to the “it’s never twins!”-problem be human cloning. I know that Dr Stapleton said that “Size isn’t a problem, not at all.“ but come on …

As always, thank you to @callie-ariane for your transcripts.

“Bluebell or Cluedo”: Ghosts, Garridebs, and the Watson Family History

Hello everyone! This meta is pure speculation based on the subtext and time discrepancy within series 2.  I wrote about the wibbly-wobbly timeline of series 2 here, claiming parts of A Scandal in Belgravia happened between scenes in The Hounds of Baskerville.  Regardless of whether or not the discrepancy is intentional, for the sake of this argument please suspend disbelief momentarily and treat this misleading timeline as fact.  Therefore, the four chunks of time rearranged into correct chronological order are as follows: The opening montage of cases in ASIB, the opening morning/afternoon in Baker Street in THOB (harpoon, lack of cases, need for nicotine, Mrs Hudson’s new man), the rest of ASIB starting with Irene touching the newspaper, the rest of THOB starting with the morning Henry Knight comes to London.  

This analysis focuses on the subtextual answer to the question in THOB - “Do we Investigate what happened to Bluebell or do we play Cluedo instead?” Sherlock is fed up from not having any cases to solve and it’s getting on his last nerve.  Bluebell is the only thing on his website and he’ll be damned if he’ll go out of his way to investigate a glow-in-the-dark missing rabbit.  But we all know what happens later - he solves Bluebell’s case! Obviously, finding Bluebell is the answer to the ultimatum Sherlock gives John earlier in the episode.  Wrong.  Sherlock solves Bluebell’s case on accident because John picks Cluedo again.  These two men play Cluedo twice - the first time being when Sherlock deduces the victim to be the murderer (even though it’s not in the rules) and the second time being when Sherlock stabs the board over the mantle (presuming our boys had another row while playing).  If the time discrepancy is to be believed, that means complaining about the idiotic Cluedo game happens BEFORE we see the board stabbed into the mantle, therefore Cluedo was played twice.  So what does that mean? What’s the big deal about playing Cluedo twice?  Choosing to play Cluedo a second time instead of finding Bluebell shows that when given a subtextual choice, the characters picked Sherlock’s fall over the 3 Garridebs moment, foreshadowing both in the process. 

~Are you guys ready to follow me down the rabbit hole?

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so weird how Dr. Stapleton was super tight-lipped and “Official Secrets Act” about her work until Sherlock confronted her about killing her bunny daughter daughter’s bunny then suddenly she was blabbing to John about secret twins secret cloning projects

Based on one of my favorite HCs for The Hounds of Baskerville.

Molly, I’m going to Dartmoor for a few days. Don’t throw out those bacterial specimens you were saving for me! I’ll need them when I get back. -SH

Dartmoor? It’s beautiful there! I went camping there with some friends in uni. Is it for a case? -MH

And don’t worry your bacteria is (are?) safe with me. -MH

Yes, it’s for a case. Have to find a big dog with glowing eyes. - SH

Does this have to do with Baskerville? I saw something about that on the news. Sounds spooky. Keep me updated. - MH

Don’t tell me you believe in this foolishness too, Molly! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. Getting on the train now but I’ll e-mail you the details when we arrive. Might need your assistance later. - SH

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Not only do i ship Johnlock, i ship certain Sherlock’s with other John’s throughout time in their universe. Like the Sherlock who interrogates Dr Stapleton would be perfect for the John who assaults Wiggins. Mmm what a pair. How about sulking Sherlock at the window in TGG and a nervous John on new years eve in ASIB? Agitated Sherlock from the beginning of THOB with John from the first night at Angelo’s. The Sherlock who meets Irene Adler and the John who met Jim from I.T. The Sherlock that folds napkins and the John who counts texts. The list could go on forever.