dr spoilers (chapter 6)

i like to think that if anything or anyone ever came to threaten the class from the outside- say, some kind of hypothetical other mastermind- junko would the first in line to fuck that threat’s shit straight up. mostly because you don’t try to take her prey if you know what’s good for you, but also because even after everything, all junko enoshima really wants to do is look after her beloved classmates

it’s just that she’s a little bit fuzzy on the distinction between “look after” and “force into a life of mutual killing”


Jarjammed: Maybe I’m biased but I feel like Hobbes is the best suited for taking care of a baby. There are some parts that he’d think were gross, and some parts he might need a little help with, but in the end that baby would be happy and healthy and probably grow up into a functional-ish adult.

There are other characters who would do well too, of course. Cass & Sirius, Theo/Sleip could handle babies together (although I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with giving Theo sole baby responsibilities), the Signless and his motley crew could probably handle a baby, Bertie and Ienzo could probably handle one too, assuming that Ienzo doesn’t accidentally light it on fire. I’d be a bit hesitant to give a baby to Team Friendship, but I don’t think they’d kill the baby.

But Hobbes would be the best at it, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

People I would not trust with a baby: Indigos, purple-bloods, Vriska, Shelly de Killer. 

I don’t think Shelly would be cruel to the baby on purpose, but I do think that he would drop it.

Dangan Ronpa: Ideally? None of them. They’re all either murderers or they hang out with a bunch of murderers. That is no environment to keep a baby in.

If I absolutely had to give a baby to one of them, it’d be Sakura, definitely. Aoi too, I suppose. I’m also convinced that Hagakure would be a good dad if Makoto or somebody responsible was around to check up on him every couple of hours to make sure that he didn’t lose it (Makoto doesn’t get a baby though, he’s already got his hands full babysitting everyone else).

I wouldn’t give Touko a baby but she’d probably steal one and try to raise it with Byakuya.

The last one I’d trust with a baby is definitely Junko, though, for completely obvious reasons. 

I have got far too many OCs so I’m gonna make a separate post for them.